Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist Action
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
War Rp by BladedPsycho
War Rp by Grim Reaper Random
Come and step back in time to the 40's. This is a parallel universe where things don't turn out quite the same way, make a difference in the war, you could join the Airf...
Dirty Imagines of mine. by MistressOfPleasure
Dirty Imagines of mine. by Smut Romance
Very dirty. just read if you want pleasure.
Fighting Spirits (Zoethian) by ShinigamiWulf
Fighting Spirits (Zoethian) by Ashton Fanfiction
AU. We've all read those stories were Zoeya is the princess, and Rythian is of a lower class. But if it was flipped? Prince Rythian meets a red-headed peasant in the tim...
 the love between a werewolf and human by wolfy1000
Agent of the Ages Trilogy (Avengers Fanfic) by RainaMandrake
Agent of the Ages Trilogy (Avenger... by RainaMandrake Fanfiction
Agent 8 Prologue; Agent 8 is just an 8 year old little girl who became silent because she lost her parents, they were killed right in front of her. She doesn't talk, s...
The Viking's Hold II: Emma by JVernis
The Viking's Hold II: Emma by Jany Vernis Historical Fiction
Abducted by the Vikings, Emma, a young servant with a troubled past, is mistaken for a noble woman and held for ransom. But what will become of her when they discover th...
Information On Your Favorite Actors by Wholocked_Forever
Information On Your Favorite Actors by Jess Random
*Currently editing the chapters I have up. Adding in more information*. Do you have a favorite actor and wa...
The Northumbrian Saga by AHGray
The Northumbrian Saga by A H Gray Historical Fiction
Aethelwin is a Peaceweaver. Niece to the King of Northumbria, she is married at the age of 13 in order to strengthen support against Aelle, the would be usurper of King...
January by NyDropp
People To Cast When You're Writing by xVioletMayx
People To Cast When You're Writing by ❁Vɪᴏʟᴇᴛ Mᴀʏ❁ Random
Ever Get Stuck On Who You Want To Cast For Your Book When All Of The Actors And Actresses You Know Off Of The Top Of Your Head Just Don't Fill The Role? Look No Furth...
The Plague by SprinkleOfAttitude
The Plague by • Friendship • Historical Fiction
Princess Adelina is the next in line to rule over Etoidia. But she doesn't even know the first thing about being queen. But when a enemy kingdom, Kederadith, attacks her...
Along the cripple's reign| Ivar the boneless story by SirennaX
Along the cripple's reign| Ivar th... by SirennaX Historical Fiction
He was reigning and she, she was just,nobody. They met, she feared him. He screamed. She hid away, he wouldn't even care. And then, he took her. He took her to raid, to...
Relatable Posts by unicorn1o7
Relatable Posts by Unicorn1o7 Humor
You must except the truth.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot by bluemoonwolfwarrior
High School rp by Hollyfrost_1
High School rp by Hi Random
Exactly what the title is. But better.
MILA by countlesspromisses
MILA by ANIA Short Story
Everything changed around her. This was a short story I wrote for a school competition with the theme "Human Roots of Environmental Crisis" and to my surprise...
Misunderstood by ThatGirlZombie
Misunderstood by ~TheyCallMeZombie~ Teen Fiction
"I'm not like you! I've never been like you! Dad you can't change me!" Samuel stormed off to his room anger filling him. "Samuel Garris Matthews, get back...
From Jester to Princess by A15h4616
For When We Meet Before Seventeen [Temporarily On Hold] by Nancy123Vuu
For When We Meet Before Seventeen... by T. A. Vuu Adventure
We have lived many lives...and we remember each and every one of them. This time, we've finally been given the chance to live out the rest of our years... Ever since 175...