School for Babies? by UltimateCookieGirl
School for Babies? by UltimateCookieGirl Fanfiction
Harry Styles wasn't expecting to be sent to boarding school at the age of 13. Although his family had been acting strange since he turned 12. They treated him like a bab...
Mute Angel by lisasofly213
Mute Angel by Renee baby Romance
Angel is a little she hasn't had the perfect life being abandon by her parents at the age of 3 because her mother didnt want her she thought she was weird because she di...
The Bully's Baby by stuffiesandstories
The Bully's Baby by Jen Fanfiction
In which Calum bullies Luke and finds out about his secret // warning: this book is ageplay //
Why Don't We imagines (ageplay, boyxboy,cheating) by tdaw18
Why Don't We imagines (ageplay, bo... by Tory Seavery Fanfiction
This is just an Imagines book for me to write and publish ships and other things with different plot lines and it will get very interesting so yea im also discontinuing...
Just Hold On-A Louis Tomlinson Ageplay Story by hopelessdirectioner9
Just Hold On-A Louis Tomlinson Age... by hopelessdirectioner9 Fanfiction
After his mother's death, Louis begins to fall apart. Between his grief, the pressure to stay strong for his siblings and the stress of debuting his solo career, it all...
Hatchling by MeredithAdams8
Hatchling by Meredith Adams Teen Fiction
credit: SailorChibi . Before God left, He gave instructions for a new method of creating angels: one that allows an angel to take a consenting adult human as their chil...
His weakness by sassybaby1
His weakness by Amaya Robert Romance
She's the light, he's the night He's the cure, when she's in pain She's the only thing He wanna touch Never knew that it could mean so much, so much He's a bad boy bu...
Why Dont We ageplay by quakingbesson
Why Dont We ageplay by woah Fanfiction
Cute baby Daniel fluff ah
The Alpha's Baby (Complete) by Mel_Riddle
The Alpha's Baby (Complete) by Melissa Riddle Werewolf
"I'm not yours!" I hiss and try to walk away but instead he traps me against the wall and whispers in my ear "Oh but you are babygirl."
Stepbrother|| C.H by Lovely_Lashton69
Stepbrother|| C.H by Muke_Malum Fanfiction
"We can't do this, your my stepbrother" A story where a 16 year old girl becomes very interested in her stepbrother. Will she hide her love, or let her feelin...
Niall's Little Miracle by laxlover345
Niall's Little Miracle by Directioner Family Fanfiction
When I told my mom I was a little I didn't expect for her to sell me to a ddlg auction house. I also didn't expect the auction house to be filled with fake little's and...
The Tiny Machine 3 by WriterofDDLG
The Tiny Machine 3 by WriterofDDLG Fantasy
Y/N finds a small device that can change reality on the way home from work. What will you do with it? Will all of your dreams become a reality?
My Baby  (Lauren/You) by camren156
My Baby (Lauren/You) by camren156 Random
y/n was walking late at night worst mistake she did. She gets taken by 4 girls but one wanted her to be her age play baby.
Boss's Princess by tatterzz
Boss's Princess by ~Tatterzz~ Fanfiction
Lauren Jauregui is one of the most notorious gang leaders in the country. She has no heart, and shows no mercy. But can a certain little girl change all that? ⚠️ WARNING...
Little 5H (ageplay) by Apppejuice
Little 5H (ageplay) by Alex N Kornegay Fanfiction
Camren are littles that get stuck in their headspace. (P.S. THIS IS MY FIRST STORY SO...YEAH 😙✌😌
Princess//l.h by Lovely_Lashton69
Princess//l.h by Muke_Malum Fanfiction
"What do you say Princess?" "Thank you daddy" A story where a girl doesn't know how to cope with her feelings about her father.
Our Little Family  by HarryStylesGrl4Ever
Our Little Family by HarryStylesGrl4Ever Fanfiction
Liam and Zayn Malik decide to start a family with three young boys they find in an adoption center. This family will have there up and downs but at the end of the day th...
Taken and abused by the Monster by Donut_Dog
Taken and abused by the Monster by Donut_Dog Teen Fiction
Dylan is a 16 year old boy who just wanted to go to the park. Chris is a 26 year old man whose been watching and waiting. Chris wanted a little boy to pamper and fuck wh...
BabyGirl (5H ageplay) by Little-Nugget-
BabyGirl (5H ageplay) by CoCaptain of TNP Fanfiction
When Lauren notices something changing in Dinah. What will happen when she brings it up to the other girls? I decided to change it up a bit and instead of Camren, its L...
Daddies » OT4✔️ by flathairedcalum
Daddies » OT4✔️ by • 🖤 👸🏻 🖤 • Fanfiction
Babyboy Calum Hood lives alone with his three daddies; Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin. ••• Age play // Dom!Sub // age gap