She'll Bring Honor To Us All (BWWM) ✓ by wambuimuiruriii
She'll Bring Honor To Us All ( Wambui Muiruri
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." -Mulan ••••••••••••...
  • wmbw
  • bwwm
  • love
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'Babysitting' The Prince by Shady_D
'Babysitting' The Princeby Shady_D
Aria Torrez has grown up leading a not-so-normal life being raised in an agency of spies and assassins. She is one of the best agents for her age and cannot wait until s...
  • maximilian
  • guilt
  • edgar
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Guy, Lies and Deadly Spies. by blue698
Guy, Lies and Deadly _ta_mia_
Humor/Action. For the first time ever, agent B92 is exposed to teenage life. Read how she adapts to it, especially at an all boys school. == By the time you mastered...
  • girl
  • murder
  • danger
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British Exchange Agent by JoannaNGrace
British Exchange Agentby JoannaNGrace
Kayla is an expert at finding globally wanted criminals. She knows everything about being an agent. High school? Not so much. When given an assignment to track down Cyr...
  • clean
  • badboys
  • teenfiction
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Espion | Book One by janmwhite
Espion | Book Oneby jmwhite
No emotions. No fears. Fulfill the mission. That is the code Annabelle lives by. She has no life, no friends, no family. What she does have is the ability to defuse a bo...
  • rbls
  • anna
  • badass
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Percy Jackson: Agent Of SHIELD, Part Time Avenger by JustAFandomLover
Percy Jackson: Agent Of SHIELD, Unoriginal Writer
Percy Jackson, after the war with Gaea, Percy has decided that he wanted a break from quests and wars. He leaves for the mortal world not wanting to come back until he f...
  • captainamerica
  • avengers
  • hulk
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First Daughter by wingandaprayer
First Daughterby wingandaprayer
Heath is the country's top secret service agent and has seen just about everything. His latest case though may just be his last. When he's asked to "babysit" t...
  • president
  • terrorist
  • romance
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My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent by neico96
My Girlfriend is a Secret Agentby neico96
I'm Kleyton Cartson, 20 years old, known as the genius, gorgeous, billionaire, and playboy philanthropist. I'm the only son of Jack Cartson, the most famous weapon scien...
  • chicklit
  • agent
  • scientist
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Duby's Doctor by IrisChacon2
Duby's Doctorby Iris Chacon
Winner The Crystal Awards 2016, Best Multimedia Story (3d Place). A spinster doctor rents her spare room to a brain-damaged patient who doesn't know he is a former...
  • agent
  • litcrusaders
  • projectwd
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Assassin From Hell  by leeny1201
Assassin From Hell by L E E N A
Completed story! And please excuse the grammatical errors to my book. I just finished it and I'm in the process of editing everything. ************************ She was...
  • nofeelings
  • death
  • badass
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Escapade [h.s au] by melodrxma
Escapade [h.s au]by ellie
❛Escapade - an act or incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure.❜
  • liam
  • direction
  • styles
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FBI AGENT by sakz15
[Number 1 in Action! 19/09/2017] Hunter Ashley. The homeless girl on the streets. No-one notices if she goes missing, which makes her the perfect FBI agent. ***** &qu...
  • femalespy
  • highschool
  • action
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❝Octavia Snow, you're going to have to come with me,❞ the stranger said with an amused look. ❝No thanks, I'm really not a big fan of kidnapping.❞ ❝Sorry Cupcake. You d...
  • fighting
  • agent
  • mafia
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The Model's Bodyguard (Romantic Suspense) [COMPLETED] by JasmineDahlia
The Model's Bodyguard (Romantic Jasmine Greene
Supermodel Mila Belvedere never expected her predictable life of fame, photo shoots, and flashing lights to take such drastic turns. Never would she have guessed that he...
  • love
  • bodyguard
  • nyc
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Mr. and Mrs. Black by thedarkling
Mr. and Mrs. Blackby Mia Nicole
In order to take down the gang lord that plagued a thriving city one of the government's finest agents is paired with a mercenary who is only doing the job to keep out o...
  • agent
  • undercover
  • druglord
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The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 ) by RDHayes
The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 )by R.D. Hayes
After years of pulling heist, the Great Bandit is caught. The judge discovers something different about her, and gives her an opportunity that most criminals would only...
  • youngadult
  • hero
  • army
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Bodyguard by LilianeGrouse
Bodyguardby AJ
Madison Jones used to be a regular college student. One roommate, one Senator and one night gone horribly wrong later, she's a material witness in an upcoming trial jus...
  • fakerelationship
  • attraction
  • agent
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Remember Me? (Captain America love story) by eleutheromania99
Remember Me? (Captain America eleutheromania99
"I watched as the world turned. Life went on, of course...but I'm not sure how much of it I lived through. I had nothing left to live for anyway." (Book one)...
  • marvel
  • america
  • agentsofshield
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rosemary ≫ spencer reid [criminal minds] by thebookmaven
rosemary ≫ spencer reid [ « J »
[book 1] While rescuing a victim from the home of a serial killer, the team is surprised to find a mysterious woman who has no idea about her past or how she got there...
  • morgan
  • hotch
  • criminalminds
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The K2 [Jensoo & Chaelisa] by Adeptarmy11
The K2 [Jensoo & Chaelisa]by L. Seng
Loosely based off of the drama called the K2, like really loosely. Kim Jisoo. Agent and action body guard sent to save the abducted daughter, Kim Jennie, of wealthy bus...
  • lisamonoban
  • jensoo
  • kimnamjoon
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