Gay Things by Im_MARVELous
Gay Things by A Human
WARNING: GAYNESS. MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO THE IGNORANT PEOPLE KNOWN AS HOMOPHOBES. I can't show my family the funny posts on Instagram about the LGBT community, so I'll put...
  • pansexual
  • aromantic
  • bisexual
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LGBTQ+ Advice  by lgbtSkye
LGBTQ+ Advice by Saz
LGBT Advice book for all the peeps who like girls. Also a little bit about the non-binary community. Funny stories, advice and general chit chat! Enjoy *No Hate*
  • lesbian
  • pansexual
  • lgbt
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Random Weirdness!!! ||3|| by candyloverpup
Random Weirdness!!! ||3|| by Riley
I need to stop.
  • ferret
  • lgbt
  • candyloverpup
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Rvb inserts and pairings [RvB Awards 2015] by rosesarewhat
Rvb inserts and pairings [RvB Awar... by Sass Master
Red vs Blue x readers and pairings. I love them so much that they deserved their own book. [RvB Awards 2015]
  • xreader
  • boyxboy
  • allgenders
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Unidentified Freaky Object (UFO) by SKYARMYHOMIESNOBS
Unidentified Freaky Object (UFO) by SKYARMYHOMIESNOBS
This book follows the story of a young high school student who is out of this world. Target of bullying and leader of the outcast's, Aspen Zarkon is just trying to find...
  • acceptance
  • agender
  • help
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Roomates// GxG by muke_as_fvck
Roomates// GxG by 🖤
Kai moves in an apartment with five other girls to go to an all girls school. She's not thrilled about it at all until she meets a special girl at her school. */* shitt...
  • nerd
  • gay
  • agender
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The Nonbinary Notebook by secret_agen_t
The Nonbinary Notebook by Michael
This is basically a diary of my transition. I explain a bit better in the first chapter ^.^ TRIGGER WARNINGS: dysphoria & profanity. Individual chapters with other trigg...
  • lgbt
  • agender
  • gay
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Just some Cool Gay Stuff by Wyatt_Hikikomori
Just some Cool Gay Stuff by Wyatt
pretty self explanatory....if you're homophobic please don't read 😅
  • swag
  • genderfluid
  • facts
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Who knows? [A girlxgirl story] by Vanessa_Parent
Who knows? [A girlxgirl story] by Vanessa Parent
Olivia Jones is your typical 16 year old teenage girl. Well, except for one small detail... she's gay. But she hasn't come out of the closet... yet. No one knows. And sh...
  • girlxgirl
  • teen
  • asexual
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LGBTQ+ Problemos by Violet-skies
LGBTQ+ Problemos by Violet-skies
I believe the title describes this book quite well. No hate-All hate will be blocked Don't open this book just to give hate
  • aromantic
  • romantic
  • ace
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Oh god! I'm gonna die alone. |Shitpost| by Ploffot
Oh god! I'm gonna die alone. |Shit... by pink boi
I'm so basic. This is where I'll make Oneshots, by requests from all of you, and I might do other shit.
  • feminism
  • agender
  • gay
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This is another steven universe fanfiction! I'm going to insert le reader as a crystal gem! I'll be using completely non-binary pronouns and descriptions!! So any gender...
  • readerinsert
  • fanfictionstevenuniverse
  • nonbinary
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SAINTS ━ prsnl. by lil uzi sam
  • aromatic
  • rants
  • agender
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LGBT+ 101 by floralfeminist
LGBT+ 101 by -
All you need to know about LGBT terminology, definitions, and society's basic reactions.
  • lesbian
  • gay
  • bisexual
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Five [Normila] by BandLxver
Five [Normila] by shania
The four times she tried to tell her she loves her and the one time she did.
  • normanikordei
  • lgbt
  • normila
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LGBT pictures by Alex_is_my_Daddy
LGBT pictures by Amber/Kitten
Basically pictures I have of the LGBT Community Some pictures might come with songs and might have rants connected to them. Most of them might be trans(FtM) ,bisexual,p...
  • bisexual
  • lesbian
  • pride
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A Guide To Gay by SheCanDream
A Guide To Gay by Rosaline Monroe
For all of you shits that don't understand homosexuality fuck idrk I'm just done
  • agender
  • rainbow
  • raindbows
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Broken Bones (shidge) by George_Benji
Broken Bones (shidge) by George_Benji
--=Completed=-- A teen's family members go missing on a mission to Kerberos, while looking for their family the teen finds a different type of family. **as per usual th...
  • pidge
  • shiro
  • voltron
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Rather Be [DISCONTINUED] by godlovesklance
Rather Be [DISCONTINUED] by a trash can
Juniper has always wanted to find her mate. But Zach had other plans. (this is basically the first draft of this book. when i finish it i will re-write some of it if nec...
  • mate
  • werewolf
  • jake
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LGBT+ For Dummies by kaidoesthings
LGBT+ For Dummies by Boy Princess
A book packed with facts and stories about the queer community for those who are as confused as everyone else.
  • love
  • asexual
  • caitlyn
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