The Nonbinary Notebook by secret_agen_t
The Nonbinary Notebook by Michael Non-Fiction
This is basically a diary of my transition. I explain a bit better in the first chapter ^.^ TRIGGER WARNINGS: dysphoria & profanity. Individual chapters with other trigg...
JITTERS by rossmacdonaId
JITTERS by papa Fanfiction
─ how to stop time: kiss. how to travel in time: read. how to escape time: music. how to feel time: write. how to release time: breathe. 【anger i...
Gay Things by Im_MARVELous
Gay Things by On Hiatus (sorta) Random
WARNING: GAYNESS. MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO THE IGNORANT PEOPLE KNOWN AS HOMOPHOBES. I can't show my family the funny posts on Instagram about the LGBT community, so I'll put...
Transman Problems and Other Things by dannntm
Transman Problems and Other Things by Dan Random
Hi! I'm Dan. I'm a female-to-male teen who has a lot of struggles in life, just like many other people do. I'm here to voice my opinion and share my feelings and give re...
What Am I? by AsexualMemeTrash
What Am I? by Ky Rowan Non-Fiction
This is a journal about me, being asexual, and finding myself. Highest non-fiction ranking: 19
The struggle of being apart of the LGBTQIA+ community  by Henrietta_snow
The struggle of being apart of the... by Snow Random
You don't physically beat me, but you do it mentally and it hurts just as much
Lesbian Advice  by lgbtSaz
Lesbian Advice by Saz Non-Fiction
LGBT Advice book for all the peeps who like girls. Also a little bit about the non-binary community. Funny stories, advice and general chit chat! Enjoy *No Hate*
Rvb inserts and pairings [RvB Awards 2015] by rosesarewhat
Rvb inserts and pairings [RvB Awar... by Sass Master Fanfiction
Red vs Blue x readers and pairings. I love them so much that they deserved their own book. [RvB Awards 2015]
LGBT pictures by Alex_is_my_Daddy
LGBT pictures by Amber/Kitten Random
Basically pictures I have of the LGBT Community Some pictures might come with songs and might have rants connected to them. Most of them might be trans(FtM) ,bisexual,p...
Weird *Muke* by LovelyLanden
Weird *Muke* by Landen Fanfiction
"You're the only one who uses my correct pronouns," "And you're the only one who gave me a chance. I think that's why we work out so well," Where tw...
LGBT+ 101 by floralfeminist
LGBT+ 101 by - Non-Fiction
All you need to know about LGBT terminology, definitions, and society's basic reactions.
So Many Spectrums! by I_caRnT_SpeL
So Many Spectrums! by Anderson Non-Fiction
I have a fascination with learning about sexual/romantic orientations and gender identities. I do interpretations and I take requests! :)
Daily Struggles Of A Non Binary Person by RylandJosephSwan
Agender by Animelove1200
Agender by Tobi Fanfiction
Yoongi is what you would call agender. a·gen·der āˈjendər/ adjective denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a particular gender.
The Last of Me by OnionFan
The Last of Me by Avery Vampire
The infected, the vampire, and the ghoul, each with a past, and looking to the future. They travel around taking odd-jobs and killing escaped prey. As for Alex, their in...
They Weren't Kidding by voltagefreakk
They Weren't Kidding by voltagefreakk Romance
Alex Shane thought they could by pass by in life without ever worrying about falling in love due to their aromanticism. That's not the case. Read this story about how tw...
Roomates// GxG by muke_as_fvck
Roomates// GxG by 🖤 Teen Fiction
Kai moves in an apartment with five other girls to go to an all girls school. She's not thrilled about it at all until she meets a special girl at her school. */* shitt...
Asexual and LGBTQIA+ Problems by Osomatsu-Khonjin
Asexual and LGBTQIA+ Problems by AWL MOI LOIFE™ Non-Fiction
I've been reading a lot of these and wanted to make my own. Feel free to send in your own, as I need help and input! - NF
PEACE//LOVE//BIRTH//WAR COMPLETED by Fishbait Fanfiction
This is another steven universe fanfiction! I'm going to insert le reader as a crystal gem! I'll be using completely non-binary pronouns and descriptions!! So any gender...
LGBTQ+ Problems and Struggles by flowerlovinggayboy
LGBTQ+ Problems and Struggles by Jake The Flower Loving Gay Random
All the struggles that LGBTQ+ people must deal with.