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I'm a mom of 3 boys (Derrick, Brendam & Grayson). I'm married to my best friend, Travis (we've known each other since high school and dated once when we were sophomores, broke up, married other...
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Stubborn. Villain. Wicked.
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I'm not afraid to die, I've done it already. ☠💀
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Ako: Tao Lalaki 14 Binangon, Rizal Clementian Otaku Author Biker Robloxer Nerd with everything but do not know much as everything Sakristan Mataba-taba Basketball Player pero hindi magaling May musi...
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Hello! *Waves First things first, please, if you're kind enough, follow me on my other account. It would be wise to do so; I don't do follow backs on this account. Lot's of things inspire me to write...
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Hey there...I make stories sometimes. My stories are more well explained in words then comics but I like making comics soooo...whatever. MAYBE...I'll make x reader fanfics because I'm...y'know...scum...
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