After by imaginator1D
Afterby Anna Todd
Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she mee...
  • after
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  • fiction
Kinks by fromemma
Kinksby Emma Lawrence
"I will enter you from behind." Cecilia Hawthorne has a very dull and boring sex life; at least that's what she thinks. Her days are filled with the lame desk...
  • afterdarkcommunity
  • afterdark
  • bdsm
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Shelter [Harry Styles] by september199six
Shelter [Harry Styles]by Liv
Come se fossero fuoco e pioggia, faccia a faccia ma senza riuscire a guardarsi davvero, come Venere e Marte, come stelle diverse. Così diversi da scontrarsi, eppure così...
  • harrystyles
  • onedirection
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After Midnight by jenalee28
After Midnightby Jenna Cole
A con-artist witch joins forces with a royal detective to solve a series of murders plaguing their kingdom. When the clock strikes twelve, you die. Tessa Daniels has eno...
  • historical
  • serialkiller
  • witch
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The Prince's Mute Mate by mhwaldrop
The Prince's Mute Mateby Maddi
He took another step forward and her breathing stopped all together. Inches apart, her eyes closed. He smelled of the woods and aftershave. He smelled like a man. She je...
  • alpha
  • mate
  • werewolf
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after 3 ➶ vkook by KWONJlYONG
after 3 ➶ vkookby hellene
⎯ The passionate story of Jungkook and Taehyung continues, as family secrets, deep betrayals, and career opportunities threaten to tear them apart...
  • jimin
  • vkook
  • romance
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The Rejected Returned by V3Music
The Rejected Returnedby Ellie or Ells
My name is Skylar, I'm 17, I am abused by my pack, they thought i killed my parents. I didn't, i was just there. I cook, I clean, I do their homework and get used as the...
  • mate
  • love
  • ever
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BAD GIRL by RobertaCanu0
BAD GIRLby Roberta Canu
Debora è una ragazza senza freni inibitori, se ne frega di tutto e tutti e passa da un ragazzo all'altro definendosi una vera stronza. Qualcuno riuscirà a cambiare il co...
  • eros
  • love
  • newadult
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Player vs. Player (in current edit) by ChiChi123
Player vs. Player (in current edit)by Please, call me Bobert
At age 16, Alex's heart was broken severely by the only boy she felt loved her. Now she's back and he left an everlasting change. She's dropped the glasses and books and...
  • beach
  • broken
  • start
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аfтεr ყου 更『таекоок.』 by -wangjackson
аfтεr ყου 更『таекоок.』by 「ℳεαиιε」
Taehyung avait une vie parfaite, un avenir tout tracé. Jusqu'à ce qu'il fasse la rencontre de Jungkook. Celui ci lui montrera que tout n'est pas comme il l'a toujours cr...
  • lemon
  • got7
  • taehyung
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The Mafia Loves me... OMG! - (Completed) - Slowly Editing by Justme_Ai
The Mafia Loves me... OMG! - ( Yui Ismutomo
Meet Eowyn, an ordinary 17 year old girl who works as a waitress in a cafe. Meet Aiden, a 26 year old guy who is also the leader of The Genesees Mafia in Italy. The peo...
  • werewolf
  • prince
  • story
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After Quotes by harrystessa
After Quotesby #hessa
This book's includes After quotes and quotes I think that are perfect for After. They may come from song lyrics or other books/movie. The After series and Anna Todd are...
  • onedirection
  • annatodd
  • romance
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After Spellbound by jenalee28
After Spellboundby Jenna Cole
A deadly invitation. All Tessa Daniels wants is a little rest and relaxation, so when Derrick invites her home for the holidays to meet his family, she thinks she's foun...
  • justwriteit
  • snowwhite
  • paranormalromance
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Treacherous  by singlefaced
Treacherous by Singlefaced
"I know he is the man who never talks to girls but sorry! You can't get him. He is too silent and is always in a serious mood! There's dark past of his" "...
  • onedirection
  • sceret
  • afterbook
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Yes, Sir [ Arabic Translation ]  by Doselena
Yes, Sir [ Arabic Translation ] by Donia
ليا إڨانز المعني الحقيقي لسيدة الأعمال: قوية،ذكية و بطريقتها لتصبح اكبر مديرة تنفيذية لواحدة من أفضل شركات نيويورك و لكن ، عندما تحل الكارثة ، تُطرد و تُترك لتجد نفسها ف...
  • fanfiction
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The Assistant ➵ h.s by WeTukAChonce_
The Assistant ➵ h.sby M
Jade Collins is a 19 years old teenager. She has just completed her degree for Media Makeup at the College of Fashion, in London. Just as she is done her last day at col...
  • romance
  • liampayne
  • conquer
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Contemplation (Anime fanfiction: Sasusaku) by Kikaraaa
Contemplation (Anime fanfiction: кเкคгค
When the war had come to an end, rumors spread that Uchiha Sasuke was dead. Three years had passed since the war was ceased, Tsunade received a letter from the Fourth Ra...
  • love
  • contemplation
  • narutofanfiction
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To Trust Again by winnie96201
To Trust Againby wm<3
Book 2 of the badboy series. Can be read as a stand alone. Valerie used to believe in happily ever afters until a certain event turned her life as she new it upside down...
  • ever
  • wattys2017
  • after
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No Foundations  by Mephobiac
No Foundations by Mephobiac
Remington Cartwright is a student from Minnesota heading to London for the internship opportunity of a lifetime. For the next 8 months she will be working at SYCO Music...
  • fanfic
  • direction
  • one
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Adopted for Love© (Louis fanfic) COMPLETED by bellebug23
Adopted for Love© (Louis fanfic) Belle Horan
What would you do living in a society where they split the girls into categories to be sold? What would you do if bad boys ruled the world? How would you live your life...
  • fanfic
  • darklouis
  • mate
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