You're The Boss. by mrblueskies
You're The Boss. by Erica Romance
"I want you to accept it, Gabriella. I want you to accept that it's me, not Jason, not anyone else, it has always been me." He sighed. "You think I haven'...
Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing) by kater1n
Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing) by Katerin ChickLit
I was forced into a marriage of my parent's choosing. Strapped down and saddled to a man who only cared about himself. I couldn't force myself out of the marriage becaus...
Back To The Streets by SincerelyLee2063
Back To The Streets by Lee 👑 ChickLit
*Book 2 of Streets* In a world of sex, lies, deception, and drugs, these four adults try to escape what has once again become their biggest enemy-- the streets. With eac...
Love Happens (COMPLETED) by choco_brownies_lover
Love Happens (COMPLETED) by BTS TRASH zoey Teen Fiction
COMPLETED! REACHED No. 1 in Teen Fiction's WHAT'S HOT LIST ON 28TH NOVEMBER! AND #2 IN TEEN FICTION (highest yet) on 20th may, 2016. *** "Damn it Haley! Don't you...
Defenders by MP13Girl
Defenders by McKenna Romance
The Defensive Affairs Unit is a top-secret, super-powered society that protects the planet from threatening villains. After being recruited, the new recruits are split i...
★·.·'¯'·.·★ тнe oғғιce  (Noт In Eғғecт-cloѕed) ★·.·'¯'·.·★ by Kris00017
★·.·'¯'·.·★ тнe oғғιce (Noт In Eғ... by Kris00017 Romance
Okay, here's what. I think it is super annoying to start or be a part of a roleplay and for whatever reason you may not want to be in it, tell the person you are spammin...
Married to my Cassanova Bestfriend |ON-HOLD| by jellieipbyun
Married to my Cassanova Bestfriend... by baeknon on HIATUS Teen Fiction
Once upon a time, I fell in love with my bestfriend. But he left me. Then in a twist, I got married to my another bestfriend. Tell me, is it wrong to fell two times with...
The Mistress by lesisaunicorn
The Mistress by lesisaunicorn Romance
Megan Chandler is the most beautiful and most seductive person ever- and always get what she wants. men. Until one evening, she met the guy she thought would be the one...
Broken by xkaydotx
Broken by Kay Teen Fiction
There's a difference between being alone and being lonely. Everyone loves being alone sometimes, but no one likes being lonely. And often, that is what you feel when you...
The New Butler 2  by Aimee21x
The New Butler 2 by ムɪᴍᴇᴇ ᴘᴀᴜʟɪɴᴇ General Fiction
Second book to The New Butler Cover by: Sweetblast #18 in General
Assistant of Mr. CEO by badbish34
Assistant of Mr. CEO by badbish34 Romance
"What are you thinking about mia cara" he asks me causing my thoughts to drift back to me kissing his jawline. "N-nothing" I stutter cursing myself...
The Deal by AmeliaThornhill
The Deal by Amelia Thornhill ChickLit
Catherine McAdams and Damien Richards begin a deal where she takes his name for a year and a half but what happens when one begins to fall for the other and doesn't want...
To Love A Gangster by rachel2k22
To Love A Gangster by Rachel Romance
When rising Gangster Danny Capardi takes over the family business, his first job is to collect a debt from Joey O’Connor anyway he sees fit, but things are about to beco...
Secrets, Lies and Forbidden Love (Editing) by rachel2k22
Secrets, Lies and Forbidden Love (... by Rachel General Fiction
Abbey Bell is mentally and physically abused by her husband she takes every day as it comes, every punch as it comes, until she meets her husband’s new protégé and spark...
Thug  Love❤ by Love_Melanin
Mafia Affair (Under abit of reconstruction) by dandan101
Mafia Affair (Under abit of recons... by Danielle Romance
It started out as a simple dream that would get Kaitlyn out on her home and away from her parents. But what happens when something smashes that dream and slaps her furro...
Arranged Marriage by got_to_love_me_
Arranged Marriage by april the doll Romance
Hope a 19 year old girl and the celebrate Justin Bieber get married but they didn't plan it them self's it was arranged married by their parents. Lots of drama, love, an...
In Your Dreams by taneiartxo
In Your Dreams by Neia 💋 Romance
Gisselle Aleeyah Colonè As beautiful as she was, at nineteen, she was such a simple girl. Parties, clubbing, wilding out, that wasn't her thing. She loved her own space...
You're Busy Drawing Hearts // Tony Perry by ChloeLouiseT__
You're Busy Drawing Hearts // Tony... by Chloe Louise Random
((Sequel to This Love Was Out Of Control)) "We're about to have a baby!" I scream at him, obviously frustrated. "You know what, I'm going to call the guys...
You, Me & Love [ A #NaNoWriMo Book ] #Unedited by XxGigglingGeekxX
You, Me & Love [ A #NaNoWriMo Book... by н α z ë l ∞ ChickLit
It's a NaNoWriMo competition winner book. Highest ranking: #2 in chicklit UNEDITED! WRITTEN IN A HIGHLY IMMATURE WAY. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.