We R who we R (Uchiha ♥ fanfic) by thamisunderstood
We R who we R (Uchiha ♥ fanfic) by Stood Fanfiction
I have the Rinnegan, you know, the purple ringed kekki genkai that allows you to call 6 paths? Yeah, that one. I used to live in a military base type thing until I was b...
Il peggior nemico del mondo by MarcelloDeidda
Il peggior nemico del mondo by Marcello Deidda Fanfiction
Cinque anni prima della lotta per salvare il mondo. Sephiroth è convocato a Nibelheim per la sua ultima missione da SOLDIER, ma non può immaginare che cosa il destino ab...
 (Genesis x Reader) Loveless by Animebae12343
(Genesis x Reader) Loveless by Animebae12343 Fantasy
You took the name Aerith after running away from home. After your gruesome 'death' you awoke to new faces. All from soldier... that you can tell. And little did you know...
You're Not Alone by Anya0901
You're Not Alone by SIT BOY! Fantasy
I couldn't explain this feeling I've been experiencing these last couple of days. I mean he looks like him, but they have two different personalities. Roxas sometimes...
Final Fantasy VII: Random Adventures by CaptinChikin
Final Fantasy VII: Random Adventur... by John Lennon Fantasy
A neverending series of comedic adventures that happened after Sephiroth was defeated.
The key to my heart (KH/FF) by Joellennane
The key to my heart (KH/FF) by Joellennane Fantasy
"Why do you keep fighting young girl?" "Because if I give up now then there's no point in going on." Maria was taken for her parents when she was a b...
Arrhenphobia }{Kingdom Hearts + Final Fantasy }{ by ChesireCatXIII
Arrhenphobia }{Kingdom Hearts + Fi... by Scary Girl Fanfiction
[Name]. One of the most popular girls at school along with Kairi, Rinoa, and Xion. Though to others they're considered the bitches, acting superior to everyone else. Yet...
Sephiroth Interview by EmoNekuSakuraba08
Sephiroth Interview by SephirothVCloud1 Fanfiction
Sephiroth has had NO education, except for being attacked by Cloud's omnislash, embarrassed and major power in the series-which isn't exactly clear. So! This is an inter...
A Second Chance by Naruki
A Second Chance by Naruki Fanfiction
Everybody deserves a second chance.. ;)
When Darkness Turns to Light by Akizakura202
When Darkness Turns to Light by Aki Fanfiction
A Naruto/Shippuuden and Kingdom Hearts crossover. Three years ago, Hikari Uzumaki's world was consumed by darkness. She arrived at Disney Castle, but something was missi...
Final Fantasy VII: The Origins! (A Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction) by CarloFTW
Final Fantasy VII: The Origins! (A... by Carlo Nassar Adventure
Behold!! A fanfiction about the origins of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. As well as his pals!
Once a Dreamer by dyxxtopia_
Once a Dreamer by former; myungpossible Romance
Terra Lockhart had always been a dreamer, she always believed in fairy tales and love stories as such she waited for someone to love her and accept her for who she truly...