Faithful Betrayal by lilian131
Faithful Betrayal by Benita Kevin
having been betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, Ciara tried her best to move on though she believes it might be a difficult task as she always is reminded of her...
  • romance
  • wattys2016
  • forgiveness
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Watching the Musical by quotey-poet
Watching the Musical by quotey-poet
The Founding Fathers are pulled into a room to watch hamilton .... there is no other way to explain this. I don't own the cover art
  • watchthemusical
  • eliza
  • itakepropts
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Best Wattpad Books by alivoom
Best Wattpad Books by Ally<3
A book filled with good book suggestions, reviews, book statuses and their authors, and maybe even some interviews! Keep reading if you want some book suggestions or ran...
  • reviews
  • opinionated
  • suggestions
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Caramel Advertising!  by Caramelapple99
Caramel Advertising! by Carrie Caramel
Free advertisement for your books! This is to expand a library of active books for readers and authors! Any books welcome!
  • advertising
  • wattpad
  • advertisement
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A List of Appropriate Islamic Fiction by striving_muslimah
A List of Appropriate Islamic Fict... by شريفة زيد
This is a compilation I am making of the Islamic fiction available on Wattpad of which I find mostly appropriate. There is a large variety of fiction on Wattpad claiming...
  • islamicfiction
  • fiction
  • advertisement
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Best Books on Wattpad by glendeveron
Best Books on Wattpad by hafsakabeer
!!LINKS OF BOOKS INCLUDED AT THE END OF EACH REVIEW!! *Only completed books will be featured in this collection* Tired of scrolling through dozens of books on here that...
  • billionaire
  • wattpad
  • romance
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Free Book Promotions (Open) by shivastrife
Free Book Promotions (Open) by Dazzling Embers
For those who don't want to do a read for read or have a profile promotion.
  • authors
  • free
  • advertisements
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Book Fantasia by Amanda-Mae
Book Fantasia by Amanda Mae Mercer
Can't get enough of fantasy novels? Looking for your next book to read? Well look no further. This is *the* catalogue for fantasy novels, organized by setting, sub-genre...
  • advertisement
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  • fantasy
Advertisement  by bunnylove4u
Advertisement by Tandika🎈
Welcome fellow creators, here you can advertise as many books as you want!! Have Fun!!
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The Best At Wattpad by lovemusics7
The Best At Wattpad by love
This is mostly about books I've read that I think are good. This is mostly about giving some books some popularity, so it's fine if you suggest/advertise a book you've r...
  • discussion-place
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dumb craigslist ads by ughaussie
dumb craigslist ads by ✵p͙e͙a͙c͙h͙y͙ b͙a͙b͙y͙✵
I find some dumb, peculiar, or funny craigslist ads that I feel worthy of your laughs, post 'em here, you read them and (hopefully) have some lols
  • ughaussie
  • peculiar
  • ấd
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Just Desi Things by nightstroller
Just Desi Things by Anisha
By an Indian; Of the Indians; For the Indians. India is a peculiar country. From the colorful festivals to clothes. From the cuisine to different travel destination. Fro...
  • hypocrisy
  • india
  • justdesithings
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Advertise Your Book by ProjectTerraskund
Advertise Your Book by Project Terraskund
Here is a place you can advertise your book.
  • readforread
  • voteforvote
  • read
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Aesthetic Covers (OPEN) by Slaesthetic
Aesthetic Covers (OPEN) by Multi Admin Account
A One Stop Shop for writers who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to present their stories.
  • advertisement
  • story
  • covershop
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Self Advertise by TheSilverThief
Self Advertise by TheFallen
Want to advertise your story shamelessly but don't know how? Well here you go
  • science
  • nonfiction
  • chicklit
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Read for Read, Covers and Awards Advertisements by Cholocolate
Read for Read, Covers and Awards A... by Cholocolate
Advertise your Stories here for VOTE FOR VOTE, READ FOR READ, COMMENT FOR COMMENT. Book Advertisements, Cover/Graphic Shops, and Awards Competition are free to Advertise...
  • book
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[CLOSED] Advertise Your Undiscovered Work (AYUW) - 2014 by xXPersevereXx
[CLOSED] Advertise Your Undiscover... by Megan
To help fellow wattpaders' get their story out in the community and fell like their story is truly being read. This is not just filling out a form but a competition. Not...
  • contestants
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~Promote Your Story~ by -StoryPromoter-
~Promote Your Story~ by Juliet Ren
Here I can help spread the word about your stories!
  • promote
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Book club  by Yato_five_yen_please
Book club by Yato_five_yen_please
Join my book club Read to find out more
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Custom Reccomended Reads by Story-Promotion
Custom Reccomended Reads by Story-Promotion
Here, I promote stories of all genres! look here for a story that fits you!
  • story
  • romance
  • teen
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