Best Wattpad Books by alivoom
Best Wattpad Books by Ally<3 Random
A book filled with good book suggestions, reviews, book statuses and their authors, and maybe even some interviews! Keep reading if you want some book suggestions or ran...
Random Rants by ClaytonTheGreat
Random Rants by ClaytonTheGreat Humor
Just random rants about anything in every day life. please leave rant ideas in the comments
Book Fantasia by Amanda-Mae
Book Fantasia by Amanda Mae Mercer Fantasy
Can't get enough of fantasy novels? Looking for your next book to read? Well look no further. This is *the* catalogue for fantasy novels, organized by setting, sub-genre...
BOOK REVIEWS by laceyskirted
BOOK REVIEWS by ⊳Effie N. ☾ Random
'come on dude, let's review some good shit.' effie nagashi ©
WATTPAD PROMOTION by AmeliaRosewall Random
You got a masterpiece and want to share it? Come in... To promote please check out at least the last 3 promoted books. That means vote for the newest 3 chapters of...
Read for Read by TheCrystalCommunity
Read for Read by Crystal Community Random
cover by @Sweetishlove The title says it all
Advertise Your Story Here  by LeeaMcDonald
Advertise Your Story Here by Brendon Urie Random
Come on! Everyone wants to know what another ones story is about! Read the pick your genre chapter first!
My Randomness Book // My Everyday Life by Jeth_____16
My Randomness Book // My Everyday... by James Ethan A. Sobida Random
Hi there! This is my randomness book where you can monitor what I do everyday. I update daily!!! You can know my personality,hobbies and attitude. And ummmm... Go ahead...
Fanfiction Advertising by AlrenArt
Fanfiction Advertising by Alren Fanfiction
Here is great place to advertise your fanfics!
Beautiful Books & Reviews by DarlingDisgrace
Beautiful Books & Reviews by DarlingDisgrace Random
[Book advertising] If you comment on the comment page with the format, you can get a rating out of ten, a review, and an even better if/improvements list. You can also a...
Self Advertise by TheSilverThief
Self Advertise by TheFallen Random
Want to advertise your story shamelessly but don't know how? Well here you go
Advertise Your Book by ProjectTerraskund
Advertise Your Book by Project Terraskund Random
Here is a place you can advertise your book.
[CLOSED] Advertise Your Undiscovered Work (AYUW) - 2014 by xXPersevereXx
[CLOSED] Advertise Your Undiscover... by Megan Short Story
To help fellow wattpaders' get their story out in the community and fell like their story is truly being read. This is not just filling out a form but a competition. Not...
Advertisement: BattleBlock Theater: Hatty's Return by Hatty_Hattington
Advertisement: BattleBlock Theater... by Hatty Hattington Adventure
HEY! BATTLEBLOCK THEATER! yes, you heard me right! las vegas and friendship and a guy in a hat who used to be an utter and complete vegetable! If you've played battleblo...
Hall Of Fame by WritersAssistance
Hall Of Fame by Writer's Assistance Non-Fiction
Scroll through the works of WAProgram contest winners, get to know about the potent authors and cover makers and the next time you visit, don't forget to submit your nam...
My Messed Up Routine by BunnyFanatic
My Messed Up Routine by _TheRabbitYouShotAt_ Humor
Welcome to the oh, so page turning novel enjoyed around the nation. -No one ever In this trusty little journal I will wright about pretty much anything that I n...