Summer boy ~ Tal Fishman by mosaicbrokenheartts
Summer boy ~ Tal Fishman by Imka Fanfiction
Julia never expects to even socialize during the stupid event. But when some cute guy with the prettiest eyes starts talking to her, she'll have to. Not that she minds b...
If You Didn't Come In My Life by paarri
If You Didn't Come In My Life by paarri General Fiction
Gauri Sharma is an ordinary girl with an ordinary job and ordinary lifestyle. Though her parents left her some wealth, She can't do anything about it till she turns 25...
relationSLEEP by adeeperkasa
relationSLEEP by Muhammad Iman Adi Perkasa Teen Fiction
Oh readers, puh-lease.. This relationSLEEP story was finish about a year ago, and Hervan DO moving on. So, close this site and move to Hervan new love experience on Forg...
romeo ; adi fishman by madis2n
romeo ; adi fishman by madison Fanfiction
"what if you were my juliet but i wasn't your romeo?" {plot credit; @minstrual} {cover credit; @normaulani}
Standing∥Adi Fishman by grethanxgrethan
Standing∥Adi Fishman by CeCe♡ Fanfiction
»Just for once I want someone to be afraid of losing me.« x Adi Fishman is my one and only. But will I change my feelings for my dear boyfriend when HE comes back? I hop...
How I Seduced My Bestfriend's Boyfriend by unbreakablefighter
How I Seduced My Bestfriend's Boyf... by Annie Romance
Addison "Adi" has had a crush on Greg , the cutest, sweetest boy in East High School since like forever.He's straight and she's not. He's a virgin and she's no...
Ishita and Raman love story  by Nisaabdul
Ishita and Raman love story by Nisa abdul Fanfiction
ishita and raman love story ghost track more romance
Exchange Student by dunkinterin
Exchange Student by Danielle :) Fanfiction
"Are you sure you want to stay with 2 guys?" "No, but do I have a choice?"
How I Met Mr. Reaction Bro by ChestnutKody
How I Met Mr. Reaction Bro by Jadzia Beagley Fanfiction
Emily Moore is forced to live with her once loving boyfriend after her parents die. At first she was all up for it, but then he started abusing her. One night she ran a...
Meri Maa: IshAdi TS by maanvir
Meri Maa: IshAdi TS by maanvir General Fiction
29th April 2016 The episode just stole my heart and within seconds after watching the episode I am here beginning to write something on this special bond Adi shares with...
An Unique Bond ArShi SS (Completed) by liana409
An Unique Bond ArShi SS (Completed) by lamia409 Fanfiction
This is my first ArShi story ever got this idea when I saw a cute edit of mamu vanja & khushi made by my dear friend "Kashmira " ☺️ I owe her for Tht this stor...
Tal Fishman //our love ❥  by tal_is_open
Tal Fishman //our love ❥ by Zoe's Reaction Fanfiction
This is a sexual story between you and your dream YouTube bf Tal Fishman
Ye Hai Mohabbatein by firefly_freed
Ye Hai Mohabbatein by firefly_freed Fanfiction
Indian telly soap yai hai mohabbatein on starplus It is a short story atfer the leap when ruhi has finally returned and ishita have to leave What happens is the questi...
Amethyst's Lifeline by _amaramore
Amethyst's Lifeline by Amara Amore Mystery / Thriller
Amethyst Diana or Adi grew up being abused by her mother. She always keep in mind that her mother will someday learn to love her and stop hurting her physically and emot...
My boyfriend  by BalieyRoselet
My boyfriend by BalieyRoselet Fanfiction
You and Adi go to the same school and your name is Bailey and you live in a 3 room douplex the other side Spanish people live in. It's just you and your dad because you...
The Fishman Brothers by TheFishmanLover
The Fishman Brothers by Abigail Barkett Fanfiction
You come home from your two month trip in Barbados, and return to your regular life with your life-long best friend. But is everything going to be the same as it always...
Heart by dadsangel57
Heart by sid@ritifan Romance
Cover -rubabasif ♥Story of 4 friends. Their fate changed their life. If you wanted know more then read story ♥ ♥ My 1st story try to write something good. Not good in En...
Baatain Reh Jaati Hain ... Yaadain yaad aati hain by ishra_soul
Baatain Reh Jaati Hain ... Yaadain... by ishrasoul Fanfiction
One shot based of adi fight with ishra.. my purely different from actual show
Wanting You(An Adi Fishman Fan Fiction) by mann1717
Wanting You(An Adi Fishman Fan Fic... by mann1717 Fanfiction
This story is about a girl named Alissa Jones who is 18 years old and has just started watching YouTube and started falling in love with the YouTuber Adi FishmanFishman...
The one who spoke  by Crazyweirdyadi
The one who spoke by Lil Yadi Romance
just read its my 1st so ....... yeah​