Dazai x Reader story by Saracegern
Dazai x Reader story by Saracegern Fanfiction
A Dazai x Female Reader story
Utandın Mı? -ElBar  by prisneylandsfish
Utandın Mı? -ElBar by AdMer❤ Fanfiction
Rol yaptığınızı düşünün. Yapmak zorunda olduğunuzu... Peki kime aşık olursunuz? Karşınızdakinin canlandırdığı role mi, yoksa kendisine mi? Aşk ne zaman gelir? İstediğimi...
Infinite Shadows by storiesmm
Infinite Shadows by m.m. Fanfiction
Fanfiction based upon the television series Peaky Blinders.
❝ Sentap ke ? ❞ by CHILLUHAN
❝ Sentap ke ? ❞ by A. Random
status; on going + Kenapa kau nak sentap sedangkan kau tak buat pun 😃 Start; 250317 End; entahla
Forbidden Bond by 23EKS23
Forbidden Bond by Xee Ekson Romance
Ada has had it tough her entire life. Her dad walked out when she wasn't even old enough to talk, her mother struggled to make enough money for the two of them to live o...
Nin Chronicles: My Lord by Jaya-Avendel
Nin Chronicles: My Lord by Jaya Avendel Fanfiction
When Asmeril shows up abused on Thranduil's doorstep, Thranduil is not sure he wants another son after the one he gave up. Can he learn to love Asmeril, who is desperate...
Ada Rafeal Barba Love Story by klausmikealson2001
Ada Rafeal Barba Love Story by klausmikealson2001 Fanfiction
Nikki and rafeal barba are married
JUSTICE by Chicago_PD_
JUSTICE by Chicago P.D. Fanfiction
For as long as she could remember Alexandria Voight wanted to be a detective like her father, in the end she is one of the best detectives in Chicago. Getting tired of t...
HEARTSTRINGS | bungo stray dogs drabbles  by sociopathxcs
HEARTSTRINGS | bungo stray dogs dr... by 断片 Fanfiction
| started : 6/20/16 「my heart is still lookin for you」 [A/N : i don't own bsd, they belong to their rightful owner.] [ lowercase intended ] achievements : #413 in fanf...
Peaky blinders imagines and preferences  by onedirection12344321
Peaky blinders imagines and prefer... by onedirection12344321 Fanfiction
This is peaky blinders imagines and preferences. Requests are open.
Tommy Shelby Imagines by sspencersgirl
Tommy Shelby Imagines by l Fanfiction
This is a collection of tommy x reader imagine prompts also posted on my tumblr blog (if you have ideas/requests, please message me!)
↑↓ The Strength in You ↑↓ Albert Wesker by HatterReloaded
↑↓ The Strength in You ↑↓ Albert W... by Hatter Fanfiction
Alex is the first human to be tested with the Wonderland virus. Now she's to be tested in the Arklay Mansion alongside S.T.A.R.S. being led into the trap.
✓|Princess of the Woodland Realm: A Book of Memories by Pinkars
✓|Princess of the Woodland Realm:... by Dallas C. Fanfiction
[BOOK ONE] This is a story about the Princess of the Woodland Realm, sister of Prince Legolas and Daughter of King Thranduil. Read and find that they are your average fa...
Pandora Hearts Oneshots by HatterReloaded
Pandora Hearts Oneshots by Hatter Fanfiction
All oneshots featuring Pandora Hearts found inside! Various pairings and ideas~
Letters from a brave soldier (Piers x reader) by Sword_Cyber
Letters from a brave soldier (Pier... by Sword_Cyber Fanfiction
"We need to find him!! I know he's still breathing out there, Chris!!" Chris looked down and so as the two agents beside him. "I'm sorry" that's al...
Whispers in the Shadows by KatieJVelez
Whispers in the Shadows by Katie Velez Fantasy
Helia Laxamana thought her life was perfect. They weren't rich but her parents love her and her sister. Their simple home was filled with laughter and happy chatter. Unt...
Life's Not A Trial by Alexis_Inthavong
Life's Not A Trial by Alexis Inthavong Fanfiction
Your life is not to be put on a trial. No matter what, even if it is their job to be a lawyer or, in Mr. Rafael Barba's case, a New York City's ADA.
Beyond the barrier  by milkypotato
Beyond the barrier by I was once a potato Fanfiction
"Don't you believe there's something beyond that barrier?" He said with enthusiasm in his voice "Who knows" Ango sighed "we're dead after all&q...
Baby- SnowBaz by PurpleTortoiseReal
Baby- SnowBaz by Purple Tortoise Fanfiction
It had been 3 months now and Simon's swelling belly continued to grow. "Baz?" Simon called "I have something to tell you...." Maybe the wings and ta...
Peaky blinders, really? by MayaKrunic
Peaky blinders, really? by Maya Krunic Fanfiction
"Peaky blinders, really?" "What are you doing shut up, don't say that name at loud" " No, but peaky blinders" Mischa do not laugh, DO NOT l...