Chronicles of the primodial wars (I) by codegeasslelouch
Chronicles of the primodial wars ( codegeasslelouch
Type Web Novel (CN) Genre Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Mystery Slice of Life Supernatural Tags [ ] Age Regression Ancient Times Appearance Different from...
  • slice
  • age
  • ancient
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Destino: Berlín by ClaudiaGalvezB
Destino: Berlínby ClaudiaGalvezB
Cuando Clarke tiene la oportunidad de irse de Erasmus a Berlín no lo duda ni un segundo. Ver mundo, vivir nuevas experiencias, alejarse de su madre... Pero lo que no se...
  • âu
  • cerveza
  • lexawald
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Thomas Brodie Sangster (Shorts and more!) Vol. 2 by WriterONerdyShit
Thomas Brodie Sangster (Shorts Emma
Just another place to dump all the Thomas Brodie Sangster goodness! Requests are welcome (either comment or inbox me) Warnings stated at the beginning of each part! Hope...
  • thomas
  • maze
  • runner
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Talk Etc #3 by -Freshcicle
Talk Etc #3by N00R00
  • joking
  • jk
  • actually
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~•Andromeda•~ by clearcanvas
~•Andromeda•~by MaybeImUnhappy
Updates and such
  • actually
  • happy
  • loner
Beside You; Wanna One by ctrIdaehwis
Beside You; Wanna Oneby brinth
collection of drabbles for my fave wanna one ship
  • chamhwi
  • chamwink
  • everyone
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Letras de canciones by DreamRo
Letras de cancionesby Rocío Mosquera
Aqui puedes encontrar las letras de las canciones más famosas del momento, de artistas como Sia, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Dani Martín, Katy Perry, Co...
  • rock
  • coldplay
  • alesso
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Itazura na Kiss♡ by roseliahernandez
Itazura na Kiss♡by Rosie Hernandez-Muniz
The day begins a nice and beautiful one to be honest. Nothing will go wrong and everything will go my way... I hope... Today is the day I get to ask my crush Irie-Kun...
  • vote
  • anime
  • line
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The Mermaid Diaries (True story) by MarisaSunman
The Mermaid Diaries (True story)by Marisa
So imagine you're carrying coffee, rushing to your next class. And then, being the klutz you are, you trip over your own feet, and spill your coffee all over yourself.. ...
  • diary
  • actually
  • girl
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Memorias de Luna Roja by PlumadeTintaRelatos
Memorias de Luna Rojaby Pluma de Tinta
Una chica aparece en la reserva de la manada de Mutables Iron Fang herida y sin memoria, por lo que Nalu, el beta, tendrá el deber de averiguar quién es y, sobretodo, s...
  • cambiante
  • tigre
  • fantasia
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Entre flores (Levihan) by tenevil
Entre flores (Levihan)by tenevil
Habían pasado de ser soldados de la legión de reconocimiento, esos que peleaban contra seres enormes y aterradores que mataban a los humanos por montones, a ser simples...
  • no
  • armin
  • kiojin
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Jess and Gabriel- First day by Bekah4444
Jess and Gabriel- First dayby Bilinski4444
This is about the day Jess Bauer and Gabriel Conte met in person for the first time.
  • sweet
  • actual
  • gabriel
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The Special Way by StickyCarpet
The Special Wayby Sharkyyyyy
Emily loves to read. She goes on a field trip and disappears through a vortex in a new dimension. She comes back. The next day, something similar happens. How can she st...
  • time
  • history
  • story
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Donald Trump Smut SEQUEL SEQUEL by aquateens
Donald Trump Smut SEQUEL SEQUELby crack baby
  • fursona
  • gay
  • sexiness
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Mitch just lost his mother and his father well read the title. HOPE YALL ENJOY :) Short story
  • short
  • story
  • made
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Attraction turned into Actual feelings by SahilSiNgh142
Attraction turned into Actual Sahil SiNgh
Its life, we keep meeting many people and fall in love with that one whom we feel special. We dream of them, grin when they look at us and imagine them around us. We kno...
  • feelings
  • life
  • suicideattempt
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Body Gold by SmollRose
Body Goldby TheSmolestRose
-A note from your narrator- Life sucks. Life really fucking sucks. And if it hasn't yet, it will soon. Let it go. We all go through hardships, including me, but I'm not...
  • lgbt
  • angst
  • lesbians
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iPsycho by jossisalive
iPsychoby Joseph W. D.
"!", I horrifically yelled, grabbing one of the kitchen knifes on the dinning table.
  • intelligence
  • life
  • actuality
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Prove You Wrong by that-one-anti-social
Prove You Wrongby that-one-anti-social
Alfred's aways been a happy boy, despite the rude comments he gets usually on a regular basis. Some on his intelligence, personality, voice, and most of all, his weight...
  • alfred
  • added
  • nospecificshipping
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TMNT: Boyfriend Scenarios by DarkBlueSkul
TMNT: Boyfriend Scenariosby DarkBlueSkul
What if you could be part of the ninja turtles world? its what we all want, but what if you could become his girlfriend, it'd be an adventure.
  • actually
  • ninja
  • tmntfanfiction
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