To Illuminate a Raven Heart by spidygal123
To Illuminate a Raven Heartby spidygal123
(AcnologiaxReader) With your teleportation and rare memoir magic that enables you to see the past, you embark on a life-changing and threatening journey to find Acnolog...
  • lime
  • acnologia
  • swearing
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Lucy's Lost Magic by BlazingSunn
Lucy's Lost Magicby ThatOnePerson
Lucy Heartfilia, the proud member of Team Natsu. Little did she know, one day would change everything. Having little doubt of being able to protect her teammates, she qu...
  • romance
  • mavis
  • shipping
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Acnologia, my Childhood Friend by Line464d
Acnologia, my Childhood Friendby Line464d
Lucy runs away from the guild to begin her training to get stronger when she runs into an old childhood friend, Acnologia. But... Why is he a Dragon? Why is SHE a Dragon...
  • finished
  • aclu
  • teamnatsu
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Blueberries and Oranges (Acnologia x reader) (Lemon) by ReganMann
Blueberries and Oranges ( BadassBro
You are the only person without magic who can go on jobs in Fairy Tail. However, Master Mackerel has sent you on a job due to your wicked badassness (And not because eve...
  • fighting
  • badassness
  • lemon
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Acnologia's Child. by Megan22998
Acnologia's AnimeFreak!!!
Wondering alone in the middle of the forest Luna was five when she met her father. Acnologia. The dark dragon looked down on her and for once in his dark life, took pity...
  • fanfiction
  • fairytail
  • straussfamily
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Another Kiss by ghoekman
Another Kissby ghoekman
Lucy is the dragon princess along with her brother Jake what will happen when she leaves fairytail who are her parents
  • acnologia
  • lucyxoc
  • sabertooth
Acnologia Lucy by xxinsanelydeadxx008
Acnologia Lucyby Jakela Gamble
She was just an ordinary girl who wondered about what life would be like outside of the woods. A day like no other. Acnologia found her. She became his daughter and grew...
  • lucy
  • completed
  • action
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Betrayal Of The Dragon King by Shadow_Dragon97
Betrayal Of The Dragon Kingby La_Quica
Natsu has been hurt. Not physically but mentally as well as emotionally. Fairy Tail is at war with Tartaros and in the middle of the war Igneel finally returns, but also...
  • hisui
  • nami
  • natsudragneel
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Lucy's Revenge [Fairy Tail] by SoHai_MoMo
Lucy's Revenge [Fairy Tail]by MoMoi__
Lucy Heartfilia, a member of Fairy Tail, doesn't know why her guild mates always hurt and ignored her for no particular reason. Even their guild master, Makarov, is igno...
  • tartaros
  • love
  • lucy
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Searching For Him ( Acnologia x Reader ) by SakatsuraYumi
Searching For Him ( Acnologia x SakatsuraYumi
Sequel to A Story From 400 years ago Waking up in a field of (F/F), (Y/F/N) found herself 300 years into the future?! Hoping to return home, (Y/F/N) joins Fairy Tail... ...
  • yuri
  • dragons
  • acnologia
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You Brought Me To Fairy Tail; I Leave With You by FairyLucyNamiPiece
You Brought Me To Fairy Tail; I Phoenix & Dragon
This isn't one of your cliche Lucy leaves Fairy Tail for revenge and ends up becoming the Dragon Queen. No, this is far better. Instead of Lucy getting kicked out, It's...
  • happy
  • lucyheartfilia
  • natsustrong
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Between light and darkness (Black Clover x Reader) by XiaoQiaoShirosaki
Between light and darkness ( Xiao Qiao ⛧ Qi Xhieng
(Y/N) was left in front of a church when she was barely one year old by a woman on the brink of death. Without any clue about her home or parents, she was only left with...
  • yuno
  • yamisukehiro
  • acnologia
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No I Don't! by Musadragoneel
No I Don't!by MusaDragoneel
I love those Fanfics where Acnologia and Lucy are together, more like there is or the fanfic is about them. Anyways..... So here it IS! Well this is my fir...
  • friendship
  • newkeys
  • teamnatsu
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Fairy Tail: Black Blood [Book 2 Of The Fairy's Blood Trilogy] by BookwormSid1015
Fairy Tail: Black Blood [Book 2 Bookworm
(Most of the characters in this book belong to Hiro Mashima, please support the official release)(Beware of excessive cussing) --------- Life is full of...
  • gale
  • zeref
  • fighting
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Beauty and the Beast- Acnologia x Reader by CoffeeNeededThx
Beauty and the Beast- Acnologia Lea-chan
(y/n)(l/n) lives in a peaceful village, somewhere deep in Fiore. She has a soothing mother, a strong father, and an adorable boyfriend. Nothing was out of place, n...
  • xreader
  • dragons
  • fiore
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Sabertooth's Angel by DevAngel13
Sabertooth's Angelby crtolz
[HIATUS] In the original anime, Lucy's mom passed away and her father was violent. After that, Lucy ran away and join Fairy Tail. But not in this story. Lucy's mother we...
  • frosch
  • dragon
  • past
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Lucy, Acnologia's Daughter (A Fairy Tail Fanfic) by Silveny
Lucy, Acnologia's Daughter (A Silveny
Lucy is lost and is found by Acnologia. She becomes a dragon slayer and joins Sabertooth, but there is one problem, she is blind. In this story, Sting, Rogue, Gray, and...
  • immortal
  • lalu
  • rulu
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The NEW Dragon Queen (Acnologia x Reader) by MarkieKookieBaekkie
The NEW Dragon Queen (Acnologia BTS 🎶 ~Kookie_Got7🎶~_Mark_E...
You are a dragon slayer, more specifically, you are a ELEMENT dragon slayer. You have never lost a battle even with Erza or Gildarts. Of course, you wish to not be as po...
  • fairytail
  • sabertooth
  • reader
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A Story From 400 years ago ( Acnologia x reader ) by SakatsuraYumi
A Story From 400 years ago ( SakatsuraYumi
What fueled his determination to destroy all dragons? This story is about (Y/F/N) and her relationship with Acnologia before the fall of the Dragons. Please do not steal...
  • dragons
  • romance
  • mavisvermillion
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Fairy tail's Black Star Dragon | by give-me-cookies
Fairy tail's Black Star Dragon |by give-me-cookies
Fairy tail is getting a new Mage! will her power of the stars help get Fairy Tail a better reputation for themselves or will her secret be their downfall? I do not own...
  • anime
  • wattys2017
  • natsudragneel
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