Rejected By Everyone by wolfgirl183818
Rejected By Everyoneby 📖Wolfgirl📖
"A worthless bitch is my mate!" Cody growled, he stomped on my stomach, and sent a deep glare at me, he came down to my ear, "What happened earlier, wasn'...
  • rejected
  • accused
  • abuse
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Fallen Protector [Percy Jackson Fanfiction] by Mychocolate_love
Fallen Protector [Percy Jackson Little A.
Once known as the greatest half blood to ever lived, now mark as a traitor for a sin he did not commit. Perseus Achilles Jackson was once known for his kindness and unyi...
  • hero
  • wattys2017
  • beggingforforgiveness
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Through the Glass + [HYYH pt.1] by -haikutae
Through the Glass + [HYYH ♡甲斐の妻♡
Kim Taehyung has been classified certifiably insane. He isn't, he knows he isn't, he just likes to make everyone happy. Why would anyone ever think he was crazy? But the...
  • crazy
  • parkjimin
  • jeonjungkook
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His ex-wife by QueenOfDramaQueenz
His ex-wifeby QueenOfDramaQueenz
"GET OUT! YOU LYING, WORTHLESS GOLD DIGGER! GET OUT !" My husband yelled at me, fire burning in his eyes. "w-why? Please tell me what I did!" I sobbe...
  • romance
  • divorce
  • jelouse
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The Shy Beta by TumblingIntoDarkness
The Shy Betaby Wait.. What?
"Well, you see, I am a werewolf," he said hesitantly. She rolled her eyes. "Is that supposed to be news to me?" "And, well, you're my mate,&quo...
  • human
  • rogues
  • alpha
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You Never Know {Book 1} by diamondlovesbooks123
You Never Know {Book 1}by diamondlovesbooks123
Goddess Dior Jackson is a 17 year old Stripper/ School student. Her mother is an aspiring person but is Ill and her conniving stepdad is making it worse. Bills , Moms Tr...
  • stripper
  • streetlit
  • accused
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But I Couldn't |Villain/Suicidal AU| (Book 2) by KuroKoala
But I Couldn't |Villain/Suicidal KuroKoala
Sequel to My Realization. You should read it before you read this one! Warning: Contains suicidal thoughts, depression, gore, and profanity. If you aren't comfortable wi...
  • accused
  • bnha
  • bokunoheroacademia
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The Case Files by Kid_Katt
The Case Filesby Kiddo + Katty
#5 IN MYSTERY/THRILLER (19th January 2018) Arnav Singh Raizada is accused of murder and jailed. But why? Khushi Kumari Gupta, a lawyer by profession, is devastated to he...
  • arhi
  • jail
  • lawyer
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Purple Swag 2 ||A$AP Rocky by bigkidzay
Purple Swag 2 ||A$AP Rockyby the after party.
2015©| The sequel to Purple Swag. A single mother? I can't do this alone? I'm so tired of this bullshit. Show me you love me more than her. Tell her to leave us alone a...
  • york
  • couple
  • california
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More Than Meets The Eye by RimUranium
More Than Meets The Eyeby Rim
When a renown fashion designer and critically acclaimed movie producer fall in love, the result is Autumn Pearce. Autumn has just about everything a person could want; f...
  • shock
  • cousins
  • diner
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Rock My World #Rockstar Series 1  by MonicTony
Rock My World #Rockstar Series 1 by KhivaBahnks
Taylor Myles, a college freshman who falls for Dylan Jack, a guy who probably doesn't know she exists, until they finally get a chance to talk. Dylan falls hard for Tayl...
  • kisses
  • badboy
  • theflowers2018
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Accused (One Direction Fanfiction) by KalinWolflinson
Accused (One Direction Fanfiction)by ♛кᴀʟɪɴ♛
Accused: After a big argument between two boys Niall is hospitalized. Louis is blamed. Originally by @endlessdaydreaming
  • higgins
  • betrayal
  • onedirection
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Mafia's Ex-Wife's BETRAYAL  by rosehearted_
Mafia's Ex-Wife's BETRAYAL by rosehearted_
His hold on my hands tightened a bit,the air around us intensified... "What is your problem?"I questioned shiver from his ice cold touch,There was anger gleam...
  • punishment
  • betrayal
  • hurt
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Unbelievable: Maze [On Hold] by xTheAquariusx
Unbelievable: Maze [On Hold]by Aquarius
"I curse you to a dark, painful, slow, lonely, excruciating, and agonizing death!" He hissed in my face as tears fell down continuously. His voice was terrifyi...
  • badboy
  • left
  • try
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Accused  by Ladiikeiii
Accused by Slim
Story about a girl name Faith. My name is Faith Rentals, and I'm a 26 year old girl. Yes I stay, with my mother for now. And I'm also in college to become a Forensic Ps...
  • nonfiction
  • faith
  • storyofagirl
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The innocent luna by n1aana2
The innocent lunaby n1aana2
Veronica and Danial two loving mates they are the aplha and luna of the light moon pack. Danial is a great alpha and a loving mate while veronica is a caring person who...
  • rejection
  • werewolf
  • complete
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Thy Brother's Keeper by MonicTony
Thy Brother's Keeperby KhivaBahnks
When she finds out the truth, who will she keep? Lorena Williams is a nineteen year old who meets Benjamin Harrison at the club. There's a connection between both of the...
  • thenewyearawards
  • billionaire
  • theflowers2018
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Wrongly Accused by Dredge116
Wrongly Accusedby Dredge
Sophia Miller is arrested for a crime she didn't commit. Her brother is a cop and he can't help her out of this. Evidence piles against her and she can't figure out who...
  • lies
  • corrupt
  • love
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Hearts Can Judge (SLOW UPDATES) by EmptyMinds5
Hearts Can Judge (SLOW UPDATES)by Empty Minds
Blinded by his rage, Xavier Daniel, the CEO of the Daniels series of hotels and the famous billionaire, throws his wife out of their once called "home" without...
  • reunion
  • tears
  • family
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Alone  (Frequently Updated) by ArrowKnight13
Alone (Frequently Updated)by R. Brekker
Meet Al, the gang leader of the biggest, baddest, most dangerous gang in Vylonm. This leader is cold, ruthless, merciless, cold blooded, and vicious. Everything you nee...
  • hopeless
  • lonely
  • lostlove
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