The Bad boy and The Bad girl by piercingbiersack
The Bad boy and The Bad girl by piercingbiersack Teen Fiction
Kyle Adams is what most people would call a total badass. He is the most feared, reckless, and is also known as a player. Alex Riley is a wild child. She doesn't care wh...
Gang Type by babygcaat
Gang Type by cat Romance
"You don't know what I want to do to you angel," He grunted, slamming me against the wall forcefully as I took a intake of breath from the force, he was rough...
If I Stay by ohmylawley
If I Stay by paycence!!!! Fanfiction
When Courtney moves to California, she didnt expect her older brother, Ricky, to be friends with a very cute texas boy, Jc. As she begins to know Jc alittle more, she fi...
I Hate You, Louis Tomlinson. by lovebitelukey
I Hate You, Louis Tomlinson. by :-) Fanfiction
Cassie Brooks. A normal teenage girl. She gets bullied. By the most popular boy in school, Louis Tomlinson. He has a crew. Their names are, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Za...
Abusive(JustinBieber) by escapingrealitysince
Abusive(JustinBieber) by Books Fanfiction
When She meets a Justin, Her world turns upside down. This isn't just your average love story. This is something beyond your imagination. Carry on reading To find out wh...
Jealous 2 (luke korns fanfic) by creative_emily__
Jealous 2 (luke korns fanfic) by emily Fanfiction
This is a Sequal to "jealous"
Stalker  by qtjustin
Stalker by too swaggy Fanfiction
Maddison Montgomery has been stalking Jacob Sartorius for years, ever since he made his first vine. When her parents split and her mom moves her to Virginia, it's the pe...
A new beginning? by JustaBelieber1994
A new beginning? by Chelsea Bieber Fanfiction
Hey, my name is Aurora Sky Espinosa and ive been thru hell of life since i was born. My both parents died when i was younger. I've been in a adopted by the family Espino...
Instagram//R.J.S by magconxxgnixx
Instagram//R.J.S by Caroline💞 Fanfiction
Caroline is a girl with a deep backstory, she meets alot of people and finds her real family, her whole life changes for a boy..
The Stepbrother by bandssavedmeSS
The Stepbrother by Malia._ Romance
Caia Valentine. Ah, the oh so sweet girl studying in high school. Sure, she has a perfect life, great friends, a loving mother, straight A's. She's just a norma...
Friends With Benefits by katerusk
Friends With Benefits by Katelyn Fanfiction
Brenna Dallas moves to LA with her dad and her new friendships will change her life forever.
The Magcon Makeover by lexii_drumm
The Magcon Makeover by Lexi Fanfiction
Two twins with a horrible life having their parents die when they were 15. They get bullied by 5 guys every day. They finally step up and move from Nebraska to Californi...
Acacia Brinley Clark's Story by missionweird
Acacia Brinley Clark's Story by Batman Fanfiction
From pink to black - Here is Acacias real story. I'm a kitty, but I will write the truth! You can ask me everything about Acacia in the comments or private message and s...
How We Met The Men Of Our Dreams...At Warped Tour by crescentiic
How We Met The Men Of Our Dreams... by faye :) Fanfiction
Ever since I heard his name, I have been obsessed with him, Andrew Dennis Biersack. This was the man I knew I wanted to marry, the only problems are he is a famous singe...
cliffs edge [a. rosende] by cosmicreaIm
cliffs edge [a. rosende] by a Fanfiction
"YOUR EYES HOLD THE HORIZON, YOUR SMILE OUTSHINES THE SUN." in which two celebrities meet over social media. [alberto rosende x oc] [previously called cuties] ...
Make A Wish (Sam Pottorff ) by bluv4eva
Make A Wish (Sam Pottorff ) by Bea Fanfiction
Jade Riley has always had the perfect life, she never expected her life to turn upside down so quickly and all just because of one boy. But he wasn't just a boy to her...
kik| hemmings by saharblak
kik| hemmings by malutkie pieski Fanfiction
#4 in Losowo [ 16.11.2015 ] pierwsza część • KIK druga część • POWRÓT trzecia część • NADAL ® okładka mojego autorstwa ®
A "second life" adopted by one direction. Part 2 sequal by Heyioo
A "second life" adopted by one dir... by Hiyea Fanfiction
Grace is now a teenager!!! Woah!!! But there are ups and downs. There will be some conflict with people. You will figure it out in the story. Grace (Acacia bailey Clarke...
Just A Game • j.g by tamizzzle
Just A Game • j.g by tami Fanfiction
in which a girl gets humiliated by her bully and plays with his feelings for revenge.
Wonderful || Newsies AU with all OCs by cheeky_nudge
Wonderful || Newsies AU with all O... by Lack of Volume Teen Fiction
{OCs are totally not based on the real people **wink wink**} Anika loves living in the moment. What will happen when a guys she begins to fall for causes her past to cat...