Hayes Grier Bestfriend? by kenneeddyy
Hayes Grier Bestfriend? by Kennedy Teen Fiction
Hayes and Kaitlin have been bestfriends for years, They like each other but what happeneds when Matthew does. Jeffrey Miller comes along too. Does that ruin friendships...
The Bad boy and The Bad girl by piercingbiersack
The Bad boy and The Bad girl by piercingbiersack Teen Fiction
Kyle Adams is what most people would call a total badass. He is the most feared, reckless, and is also known as a player. Alex Riley is a wild child. She doesn't care wh...
Cal's Gal [ editing ] by savagehood
Cal's Gal [ editing ] by savagehood Fanfiction
"I think I may be in love with my bestfriend."
Instagram Jack Johnson  by thatboyshawnm
Stay ✿ Matt Espinosa by jaisfab
Stay ✿ Matt Espinosa by sk8 Fanfiction
❝ Kiss me like the world is gonna disappear ❞ [druga część Unbreakable] © 2015/2016 jaisfab
The Werewolf and the Vampire by Supernatural_girl101
The Werewolf and the Vampire by Supernatural_girl101 Vampire
Note: this story is not BWWM Love and war, two completely different things just like Aria and Ben. Vampire and Werewolf, they are soulmates how will they be together wit...
INSTAGRAM ||CE|| (terminada). by txrxsm
INSTAGRAM ||CE|| (terminada). by ✨ Fanfiction
-❝Vamos Danah habla con Chris, que no ha dejado de hablar de ti toda la semana❞ 28/Agosto/2016-25/Septiembre/2016.
How We Met The Men Of Our Dreams...At Warped Tour by crescentiic
How We Met The Men Of Our Dreams... by faye :) Fanfiction
Ever since I heard his name, I have been obsessed with him, Andrew Dennis Biersack. This was the man I knew I wanted to marry, the only problems are he is a famous singe...
Friends With Benefits by katerusk
Friends With Benefits by Katelyn Fanfiction
Brenna Dallas moves to LA with her dad and her new friendships will change her life forever.
Life as a Grier by Basic_Starbucks
Life as a Grier by SmilingNash Teen Fiction
Brielle Renee Grier doesn't have a normal life. She is a 16 year old and she is also the twin sister to Nash Grier. Her life is like a never ending roller coaster. She l...
I Hate You, Louis Tomlinson. by lovebitelukey
I Hate You, Louis Tomlinson. by :-) Fanfiction
Cassie Brooks. A normal teenage girl. She gets bullied. By the most popular boy in school, Louis Tomlinson. He has a crew. Their names are, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Za...
The Stepbrother by MaliaIglesias
The Stepbrother by Malia._ Romance
Caia Valentine. Ah, the oh so sweet girl studying in high school. Sure, she has a perfect life, great friends, a loving mother, straight A's. She's just a norma...
Instagram // t.h. by amerianteen
Instagram // t.h. by RACHEL Fanfiction
@tomholland2013 followed you @tomholland2013 liked your post • { short chapters }
Sono solo un casino 2 by DenySe003
Sono solo un casino 2 by Bansheealfa🐺🌹 Random
Sequel di "Sono solo un casino". Anche per Layla è ora di lasciare il liceo e proseguire per il college. Sarà pronta a lasciare tutti? Sarà pronta per questa n...
Magcon Sister by thedallasgrier99
Magcon Sister by thedallasgrier99 Fanfiction
Hunter Gilinsky is 14 years old. I guess you could say she's a rebal. What happens when Jack comes home for a week with the rest of the guys and sees what Hunter has tur...
La BadGirl si innamora by _LeSueFossette_
La BadGirl si innamora by Una ragazza Romance
Cloe è una bad girl, odia tutti, fa a modo suo e non si fa mettere i piedi in testa. Ha una migliore amica di nome Jade a cui vuole un bene indescrivibile e un migliore...
adopted by julian jara ; H.G by sluttymulti
adopted by julian jara ; H.G by T E A M 2 1 Fanfiction
"no I'm not even a real jara I'm just your charity project" - Copyright to sluttymulti© Started: 9/16/17
A "second life" adopted by one direction. Part 2 sequal by Heyioo
A "second life" adopted by one dir... by Hiyea Fanfiction
Grace is now a teenager!!! Woah!!! But there are ups and downs. There will be some conflict with people. You will figure it out in the story. Grace (Acacia bailey Clarke...
KIK//Dylan sprayberry. by queenxshahd
KIK//Dylan sprayberry. by boobear Fanfiction
Dy : what's your name? pineapple : pineapple. Dy : lmao,no for real. pineapple : I'm being honest.. Dy : oh..
Dear chase, by alekbachman
Dear chase, by Alek B. Teen Fiction
If your boyfriend was no longer here.. would you write him?