Strength Of Steel. by saoigreen
Strength Of Steel. by saoigreen
Book One of the Forged Series. Darkness crosses over from the furthest reaches of the Empire, silent and deadly until it strikes at the remote keep of the inhospitable...
  • abyss
  • romance
  • seeker
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Angel to Demon(Percy Jackson Fan fiction) by iamamazhang2
Angel to Demon(Percy Jackson Fan f... by Angel
Abyss sets Percy down and walks in front of him. "This!" Abyss yells, spreading out his arms. "Is the whipping room!" He finishes grinning madly. &q...
  • annabethchase
  • percyjackson
  • banished
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The Embrace of Darkness - A Dark Percy Fanfiction by NOBODY9181
The Embrace of Darkness - A Dark P... by NOBODY9181
I was betrayed. By those I trusted. They thought they could cast us into the pit. They thought they could break us. But damn, they're in for a deathly surprise... When t...
  • abyss
  • primordials
  • evilpiper
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[Legend of the Five Knights 2]- The Shadow of Justice by ImperialSun
[Legend of the Five Knights 2]- Th... by Anime Lover
The realms start to recuperate following the attacks from the shadows. The war itself however won't be an easy one to win as the remaining rulers pull out all the stops...
  • hero
  • wattys2017
  • action
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Lost in a Frozen World (Vampire Knight love story) Watty Awards 2012 by MrsZeroKiryu
Lost in a Frozen World (Vampire Kn... by Vanessa
Sammy Hughs is a young girl often mistaken for a man when her name is heard, but she's getting used to it at Cross Acadamy. She hates having a lot of fun, but when she m...
  • angel
  • kiryu
  • samantha
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Descent of Darkness [Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 2] by ImperialSun
Descent of Darkness [Immortal Sun... by Anime Lover
One of the 'pillars' of Xeleria has shattered. Now, darkness threatens to consume all that is in its path. As the umber forces advance, Lei and co. are busy taking their...
  • despair
  • mystery
  • fantasy
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Into The Abyss by XxJust_ZeigerxX
Into The Abyss by Thaat One Dude
Similar to Hypixel's Bedwars, players have to build, fight, and conquer other teams while somehow staying up and not falling into the endless void. It's hard, but can Is...
  • skywars
  • adventure
  • action
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FOREVER❤️| August Alsina by teammmBREEZY
FOREVER❤️| August Alsina by Ky ❤️
You deserve better sequel . without reading you deserve better , you could understand this book❤️
  • abyss
  • baby
  • abuse
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Key To The Endless Abyss || Poetry by Abyss-of-Crazy
Key To The Endless Abyss || Poetry by Semi-Hiatus
Highest Ranking #392 in Poetry on 26th October 2017 Poetry that I have written over the years c: Some poems are poems that I wrote in the past and I found while di...
  • heart
  • heartandsoul
  • poems
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Xerxes Break x reader (pandora hearts fanfiction) by neverland_dork
Xerxes Break x reader (pandora hea... by xx• Tiger Lily •xx
This is about you the reader falling in love with Break. Read the story. This fanfic starts out with you living in modern times but eventually gets teleported to the wor...
  • fanfiction
  • abyss
  • gil
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The Christmas Pickle,  Two! 1600 words for #WattFest #winteranthologycontest  by MaryEllenCampbell
The Christmas Pickle, Two! 1600 w... by Mary Ellen Campbell
Two boys walk home for Christmas and are caught by an evil man who put them both inside a pickle barrel for them to be eaten at some point in their life time. But Saint...
  • evil
  • picklingspices
  • wonderland
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Pedro the class clown by PeppaMyLove
Pedro the class clown by PeppaMyLove
Nobody likes Pedro.
  • peppa
  • abyss
  • pig
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Infinites by parselmouth123
Infinites by TheBingeReader
I N F I N I T E S A collection of thoughts muddled into unravelled poetry. Highest rank in Poetry: *#420 in Poetry (13/01/18) Vote•Comment•Share
  • bookofpoems
  • abyss
  • heartbreak
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The Abyss by GermanBuckets
The Abyss by Pants Hat
Read it if you want to. Basically, the story is about a very nonchalant guy who happens to be a part of some prophecy. He doesn't know much about himself (it might be am...
  • non-realistic
  • dark
  • fiction
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Dark Abyss by bitterblackdusk
Dark Abyss by Dark Anonymous
A series of poems that I wrote as when I felt stuck in a deep dark abyss
  • poem
  • alone
  • suicideprevention
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Zeo x Toby (Beyblade Fanfic) by Zoura32
Zeo x Toby (Beyblade Fanfic) by Dynamis' daughter Iris
Zeo and Toby are a gay couple who live together along with Masamune, and now King. One Day Toby doesn't feel so good, believing that he might have a cold or fever sinc...
  • yaoi
  • king
  • abyss
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Lost Forever (A Pandora Hearts Fan fiction) by kitkat29
Lost Forever (A Pandora Hearts Fan... by kitkatx
It's so confusing. I made a contract with a chain called March Hare, and now i'm being sent to the Abyss. I need to find my place. But the main question is how?
  • thao
  • memories
  • fiction
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HUSH HUSH by sunnymilanin_
HUSH HUSH by - ̗̀ milan ̖́-
speak quietly, think loudly
  • idk
  • whispers
  • pain
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Scared To Turn On The Light. by CraigDee
Scared To Turn On The Light. by Craig Dee
It's one thing to be afraid of the dark, quite another to be scared to turn on the light!
  • reflection
  • poetry
  • dark
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Angelique's Forgotten Kin (Neo Angelique Abyss Fan-Fiction) by Victoria_Carver
Angelique's Forgotten Kin (Neo Ang... by Victoria Carver
The Thanatos were scattered among the helpless village where people Oni had known had been drained of their life source by Erebos's vile greed. The Thanatos came in mult...
  • fantasy
  • ocs
  • excitement
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