Strength Of Steel. by saoigreen
Strength Of Steel. by saoigreen Fantasy
Book One of the Forged Series. Darkness crosses over from the furthest reaches of the Empire, silent and deadly until it strikes at the remote keep of the inhospitable...
Key To The Endless Abyss || Poetry by Abyss-of-Crazy
Key To The Endless Abyss || Poetry by Semi-Hiatus Poetry
(Highest Ranking #511 in Poetry on 16th June 2015) Poetry that I have written over the years c: Some poems are poems that I wrote in the past and I found while dig...
[Legend of the Five Knights 2]- The Shadow of Justice by ImperialSun
[Legend of the Five Knights 2]- Th... by Anime Lover Mystery / Thriller
The realms start to recuperate following the attacks from the shadows. The war itself however won't be an easy one to win as the remaining rulers pull out all the stops...
For a Nightmare, He's not that Scary by RevoltingNightmares
For a Nightmare, He's not that Sca... by .Mahrynn. Fanfiction
When a reformed Nightmare Sans crosses paths with an old enemy... Will they stay rivals, or become more...? ((In progress))
straight outta abyss → yoonmin  by Hekatee
straight outta abyss → yoonmin by •pup° Fanfiction
Min Yoongi, only son of the devil needs to go up to earth to find himself a suitable fiance in order to inherit his father's business. There await him two hands full of...
The Final Truth by bookmusiclover13
Angel to Demon(Percy Jackson Fan fiction) by iamamazhang2
Angel to Demon(Percy Jackson Fan f... by Angel Fanfiction
Abyss sets Percy down and walks in front of him. "This!" Abyss yells, spreading out his arms. "Is the whipping room!" He finishes grinning madly. &q...
Into The Abyss by Wordsmith-Rain
Into The Abyss by K. Rain Michael Fanfiction
The End of The Dorian Saga.
No Goodbyes (Tales of the Abyss Fanfic) by AnM_1922
No Goodbyes (Tales of the Abyss Fa... by AnM_1922 Fanfiction
Wakes up in a bed. Becoming a bodyguard. Protecting her master. What else could happen? Many things I tell you. Especially when I have to protect this 'Young Master' of...
Bladers Spirit Zeo/Oc by pigless9
Bladers Spirit Zeo/Oc by Fezzy Fanfiction
Emma Steel, Coach Steels niece, is best friends with Zeo, Masamune, and Toby. When she gets captured and convinced she has no friends, that she has nobody, will Zeo be a...
MADNESS 💫💫 by MaryEllenCampbell
MADNESS 💫💫 by Mary Ellen Campbell Poetry
IF YOU LACK MADNESS, YOU LACK LIFE! Cover: With great appreciation, @ruthxanado https://my.w.tt/UiNb/pjFRUyl0eH
Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising by DracoWyrm
Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising by Blake Price Fantasy
This book is co written by Blake D. Price (Me) and Kamari (On booksie). Around ten years ago, war ravaged the blessed world Aladoria. Fairys and Dragonlings engaged in a...
Abyss (#1) by dawolfwhoeatspizza
Abyss (#1) by Da Wolf General Fiction
In a world where everyone fit in, Abyss didn't. She was already different, because of her name, her looks, and basically everything about her was strange. And to make it...
It's Not Like I Like You(Abyss!Sans X AU!Tsundere!Protector Reader) by Popularmosfan
It's Not Like I Like You(Abyss!San... by xXxDJGirlxXx Fanfiction
NONE OF THE ARTWORK IS MINE....Soo....I wanted the make a fanfic about this cuz there isn't much fanfics about AbyssTale....And I WILL be wrong aboyt his personality,the...
Angel in Black by iDrinkNitrogen
Angel in Black by Emo music trash Fantasy
A war ended. But in it a colony is lost, simply left to die as part of the deal. Abyss Breakers fight back and Kate is a talented Abyss Breaker, but she is still young...
Obsessed by Azairis
Obsessed by Ashley Adderley Poetry
These are poems for any person that is obsessed. Feel each word and choose the meanings that fit you perfectly. You are obsessed and that is okay.
HUSH HUSH by empressgold-
HUSH HUSH by - ̗̀ milan ̖́- Poetry
speak quietly, think loudly
Nightmares by Midnight_Star
Nightmares by Citlali Horror
Your skin will have goose bumps. Your breath shorten. You won't want to stop reading this book no matter how much it makes your heart race. These short stories are like...
In Medias Res (KH | FF | OTHER CYOA) by pastellisse
In Medias Res (KH | FF | OTHER CYO... by Elise Adventure
You are [name] [last name]. Uninteresting. Average. Dispensable...or so you thought. One chance meeting (-or should I say, many of them) changes your whole life into a m...
FOREVER❤️| August Alsina by teammmBREEZY
FOREVER❤️| August Alsina by Ky ❤️ Fanfiction
You deserve better sequel . without reading you deserve better , you could understand this book❤️