Strength Of Steel. by saoigreen
Strength Of Steel.by saoigreen
Book One of the Forged Series. Darkness crosses over from the furthest reaches of the Empire, silent and deadly until it strikes at the remote keep of the inhospitable...
  • hero
  • magic
  • loss
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For a Nightmare, He's not that Scary by RevoltingNightmares
For a Nightmare, He's not that Sca...by .Mahrynn.
When a reformed Nightmare Sans crosses paths with an old enemy... Will they stay rivals, or become more...? ((In progress))
  • crossans
  • dream
  • cross
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Descent of Darkness [Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 2] by ImperialSun
Descent of Darkness [Immortal Sun...by Jesus Follower
One of the 'pillars' of Xeleria has shattered. Now, darkness threatens to consume all that is in its path. As the umber forces advance, Lei and co. are busy taking their...
  • mages
  • despair
  • redemption
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RWBY: Abyss Eyes by Zairrif
RWBY: Abyss Eyesby Zairrif
There is said to be a curse that gives a child soulless eyes, that the child will grow to kill everyone. After the first one nearly killed his tribe it became an accepte...
  • abyss
  • cursed
  • rwby
Infinites by parselmouth123
Infinitesby TheBingeReader
I N F I N I T E S Wanderlust (n). the irresistible, incurable desire to travel or wander. No artists tolerate reality, right? So Dream. Feel the unbearable burning to ex...
  • soul
  • anxiety
  • bookworm
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The Abyss by GB_Storyteller99
The Abyssby a guy named Gabe
"The Abyss" is about the hole I kept falling in until I crashed and I felt like giving up, but I found the strength to keep on going. Hello everyone! My name...
  • nonfiction
  • teenagers
  • visuals
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The Wolf, The Abyss, and The Universe by UniversalWolves
The Wolf, The Abyss, and The Unive...by UniversalWolves
There are Gods for everything. Just some, matter more. The Living. The Darkness. The Universe.
  • abyss
  • fantasy
  • humans
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Divine Steel by Nadine9186
Divine Steelby Nadine9186
She's a kind of human whom no one understands. A human that hate affection. A human who don't like things for no reason. A human that will protect her love ones no matte...
  • our
  • fued
  • demons
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The Embrace of Darkness - A Dark Percy Fanfiction by NOBODY9181
The Embrace of Darkness - A Dark P...by NOBODY9181
I was betrayed. By those I trusted. They thought they could cast us into the pit. They thought they could break us. But damn, they're in for a deathly surprise... When t...
  • evilpercy
  • percyxpiper
  • chaos
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Strife Battles by NarcianDarkmoon
Strife Battlesby NetherSpirit
Story mainly based around the classes from Strife! [Alpha] Names and Locations will mostly be named after things from Greek, Roman, and Old Norse mythology. Classes from...
  • tempus
  • omega
  • nether
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Zeo x Toby (Beyblade Fanfic) by Zoura32
Zeo x Toby (Beyblade Fanfic)by Dynamis' daughter Iris
Zeo and Toby are a gay couple who live together along with Masamune, and now King. One Day Toby doesn't feel so good, believing that he might have a cold or fever sinc...
  • beyblade
  • abyss
  • mfb
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Lost Forever (A Pandora Hearts Fan fiction) by kitkat29
Lost Forever (A Pandora Hearts Fan...by kitkatx
It's so confusing. I made a contract with a chain called March Hare, and now i'm being sent to the Abyss. I need to find my place. But the main question is how?
  • abyss
  • memories
  • gil
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The Return: Pandora Hearts by Panda_chan12
The Return: Pandora Heartsby Night Angel XP
Everyone is in despair that the lovable cheery boy is gone. For god knows how long. Alice, Gil, and Sharon are depressed as after everything they've been through, it fee...
  • lacie
  • alyss
  • pandorahearts
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The Abyss by GermanBuckets
The Abyssby Pants Hat
Read it if you want to. Basically, the story is about a very nonchalant guy who happens to be a part of some prophecy. He doesn't know much about himself (it might be am...
  • anime
  • somebl
  • hiddenfeelings
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The truth that was found(Ibiki love story) by white-legna
The truth that was found(Ibiki lov...by white-legna
When you are not a human, but a spirit. When you are not normal, but a monster. When you are spirit of chaos and child of abyss. When you are all alone in this dar...
  • ibiki
  • truelove
  • sasuke
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Xerxes Break x reader (pandora hearts fanfiction) by neverland_dork
Xerxes Break x reader (pandora hea...by xx• Tiger Lily •xx
This is about you the reader falling in love with Break. Read the story. This fanfic starts out with you living in modern times but eventually gets teleported to the wor...
  • alice
  • gil
  • xreader
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Abyss  by jordy5501
Abyss by jordy5501
I don't think positive. Instead I think of everything bad and I go into that place where it's nearly mission impossible to get out. Just thinking about going there scare...
  • truth
  • relatable
  • life
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Abyss's Story by IvyKid
Abyss's Storyby IvyKid
Abyss the Seawing was hatched on a island on the outskirts of the Kingdom of the Sea. Her mother has been sentenced to death but escaped the Queen before Abyss was born...
  • abyss
  • seawing
  • wofoc
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HUSH HUSH by sunnymilanin_
HUSH HUSHby - ̗̀ milan ̖́-
speak quietly, think loudly
  • love
  • abyss
  • mind
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Pedro the class clown by PeppaMyLove
Pedro the class clownby PeppaMyLove
Nobody likes Pedro.
  • peppa
  • pig
  • pony
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