Abused (L.S) (Punk!Harry) by Purplepizzapopper
Abused (L.S) (Punk!Harry) by Jessie Fanfiction
Harry's stepfather doesn't approve of his newly acquired son's choices. Not the way he dresses Not the way he does his hair Not his piercings Not his tattoos And he...
My evil playboy husband (Jungkook ff) by jiahArmyQueens
My evil playboy husband (Jungkook... by jiahArmyQueens Fanfiction
Everything was alright between Y/n and her husband Jungkook. After some 1 year of marriage, Jungkook started behaving cold towards her. He started bringing girls at home...
Violated  by LycanAmyOctober
Violated by Lola101 Werewolf
When Bailey's alpha sold her to the Blood stone pack in exchange for young warriors with the hope that they could save the little pack members they had left. All hell b...
Know Your Worth  by jayla__love
Know Your Worth by jayla|Youngboy Teen Fiction
Meet Brianna Nicole, and her messed up family/life and how she has a newfound boyfriend and loses her self-esteem she finds the need to KNOW HER WORTH again and to LOSE...
Irrevocably his wife by EyoItsMeSam
Irrevocably his wife by S.M.D.A Romance
I wish I didn't take advantage of her love I wish I didn't love him. I wish I took better care of her I wish turned my back on him the moment he hit me I wish I treated...
Painful Pleasure | JiminxYou by Le_Mochi
Painful Pleasure | JiminxYou by Nalyse's Son Fanfiction
Lee Seungli, You're a typical girl who's just wanted a normal life and someone to love, but nope... It just had to come crashing down, instead of having a nice job your...
Sweetest Sin || Kellic  ✔ by lxshtonmxlum
Sweetest Sin || Kellic ✔ by meow Fanfiction
In which Kellin loves Vic a little too much and somehow sees past the first punch.
abusive husband H.S by NyrissaDandridge
abusive husband H.S by Nyrissa Dandridge Fanfiction
Harry can't live without nyrissa, nyrissa wants harry to stay away. Even though they are married and Harry's abusive, nobody knows except there kids. Everyone thinks the...
- Safe Haven - by _Eli_Mack
- Safe Haven - by Elizabeth✨🌈 Fanfiction
- I'm not what you want. I'm not good enough for you. - After a year of living with abuse and pain, Alex Row is finally set free. -Your wrong Alex. Your everything I wa...
Her Freedom (book1)(bwwm)(completed) by MikaylaaaNNN
Her Freedom (book1)(bwwm)(complete... by Kaylaaa General Fiction
Book 1: Lahlani escapes from two years of torture and meets the man that grants her love&freedom and a better life after changing her whole identity to hide from the m...
This Ain't Love•Complete by ChimsGotJams47
This Ain't Love•Complete by 김 지원 Fanfiction
•Jimin is in an abusive relationship with Jungkook. Yoongi; Jimin's best friend is attempting to save him before he gets damaged beyond repair•
My Lost Bad Boy by U-annoyme
My Lost Bad Boy by U-annoyme Romance
"We were written in the stars, my love, all that separated us, was time, the time it took to read the map which was placed within our hearts, to find our way back t...
~Kik?~A Septiplier Story (Currently Under Editing) by SapphireGemixo
~Kik?~A Septiplier Story (Currentl... by ☪Aurora☪ Fanfiction
~~~~~~~~~~~~ The wrong message leads to something more ~~~~~~~~~~~~ -⚠WARNING⚠ - This book contains hurtful thoughts, slight depression and abusive relationships. ~~~~...
He loves me, I think.  by coldxheartedbabe
He loves me, I think. by the one and only Fantasy
Jasmine is a very quiet girl. She has some friends here and there. She's very smart. Senior in high school and ready to graduate. She had her life plans ready. Not until...
jealous | pjm by jiminiums
jealous | pjm by t Fanfiction
"i don't like the way he's looking at you, i'm starting to think you want him too." in which jung ahra can't take her abusive boyfriend's possessiveness anymor...
Crime boss's baby  (interracial) by gottahidemyidenity
Crime boss's baby (interracial) by gottahidemyidenity Romance
"What do you think I should do now?, you lost all of my money" he said stroking my hair tenderly. "I-I'm sorry." I was shaking knowing there was a gu...
Mine  by bella_biola
Mine by bella_biola Teen Fiction
"What are you doing?" I asked as Liam pushes me against the wall. "Something I should've done a long time ago." He licked his lips and grabbed my wr...
Burning Ember by Ann_Grove
Burning Ember by Ann Mystery / Thriller
* Highest Rank On Wattpad #54 in Thriller/Mystery * Autumn Falls, is an influential and prestigious college town thriving with outrageously wealthy citizens. Polished...
Misunderstood|Adopted By Logan Paul|Fanfic by torixreadzz
Misunderstood|Adopted By Logan Pau... by torixreadzz Fanfiction
A girl name (Victoria) Tori Westbrook has the worst past ever! She hides it and acts up and tries to help the other kids who go through things. She lives in absolute hel...
Rough Soul by KvngIvyy
Rough Soul by Ivony 🌹 General Fiction
"Another man's trash, is another man's treasure,"