MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series #1) by Beenish Shaheen
DARK ROMANCE (Private story) "Don't please," she sobbed, shaking badly. The fear of her situation was slowly sinking in. "Please let me go, I want t...
  • abusive
  • doctor
  • politics
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Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason McCann) by jerry_imagines
Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason M... by jerry_imagines
"YOU DON'T OWN ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, pushing him away. He violent pinned me back against the wall, and whispered in my ear, "If I can't...
  • bieber
  • abuse
  • drunk
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Rejecting His Special Mate by MysteryWriter61
Rejecting His Special Mate by MysteryWriter61
Highest Rank in Werewolf: 18 "I, Axel Stark, Alpha of the Ice Moon pack, reject you Nyx as my mate and luna," he said, looking me straight in the eyes. I just...
  • rejection
  • powerful
  • mates
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Abuse || Yoonmin by KookieMonsterx1
Abuse || Yoonmin by Amelia~Chan
"Everytime you hurt me Yoongi, I apologized because I was never good enough for you." ♤Every chapter is not proof-read♤ Started: 9/14/17 1k readers: 12/2/17 2k...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • mpreg
  • angst
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Alexander by Greenlion421
Alexander by Queen D
He watched her every move. He knew what time she woke up. He knew what time she went to bed. He promised himself thet he would have her no matter what he had to do to g...
  • mature
  • gangleader
  • wattys2017
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toxic (#wattys 2017) by swagonyoushawty
toxic (#wattys 2017) by m.s
when love and false comfort blinded the hazy truth. "he loves me. It's just the toxic, it fucked up his sanity. I know he loves me, and that's why I need to stay. P...
  • jbau
  • wattys2017
  • justinbieberfanfiction
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Bruised (Harry styles) by littleximperfection
Bruised (Harry styles) by Cassandra
"I'm not scared of you." "Babe, you're terrified."
  • styles
  • zaynmalik
  • possessive
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A Way Out (Chris Brown Love Story) by Jasmenex3
A Way Out (Chris Brown Love Story) by Snap: jasmenex3
  • abusive
  • crazy
  • abusiverelationship
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abuse | nate maloley  by explicitmaloski
abuse | nate maloley by leah
(Book 1) she covered up the truth like she covered up her bruises
  • ogoc
  • nate
  • johnson
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The Billionaires Dark Love by 3Apricity
The Billionaires Dark Love by S
"P-please d-dont do this, I don't want it. P-please." I plead with him but it's no use. He walks over to me and slams his hand on the wall next to my head maki...
  • billionaire
  • taken
  • money
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For The Love Of A Bad Boy by KSapphire
For The Love Of A Bad Boy by KSapphire
"You can't like me...I'm me." "That's why I like you." "Okay....I guess I feel the same way about you." "That is more than enou...
  • hurt
  • boyxboy
  • shy
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Abused And Unloved. (Editing) by MyaDennis
Abused And Unloved. (Editing) by Mya Dennis
This young girl abused by her mother and father. On the verge of suicide, the only thing keeping her alive is her little sister. She meets a cliche boy with predictable...
  • hurt
  • boys
  • abusive
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Secret Torture (Student/Teacher) - COMPLETED by lolyta
Secret Torture (Student/Teacher)... by Lolyta
They were not meant to be together. But when James Halter and young, vulnerable Allison Rousseau meet one night, on a balcony underneath a starlit sky, that's exactly wh...
  • binge
  • threat
  • new
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The Stalker #wattys2016 by sexy_beast12
The Stalker #wattys2016 by Exoticwalrus
"M-Michael?" I stuttered He smirked then chuckled at me. "You didn't think I would find you? Did you?" He smirked. "I-I..." I was shocked...
  • fiction
  • naughty
  • mature
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Sex lessons n.g by mimi1578
Sex lessons n.g by Melanie ♥️
"Have you ever been touched before?" Nash asked "No."
  • love
  • nash
  • lessons
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"It's Not Rape If You Like It" //5sos by DumpsterDiving101
"It's Not Rape If You Like It" //5... by DumpsterDiving101
The phrase "It's Not Rape If You Like It" is a lie. ***************************************** Annie wasn't supposed to jump through the elevator doors into...
  • stockholm
  • calum
  • abusive
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Falling for Mr Mafia by GwendalynOng
Falling for Mr Mafia by Queen
"You don't want me I'm broken. Unfixable." "Broken or not your still my princess." Soon his lips are on mine and sparks flew all my worries for once...
  • lies
  • school
  • maturecontent
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How It Started... *Corbyn Besson* by SimaBesson123
How It Started... *Corbyn Besson* by BitchyBesson ♡
Shes just a girl and he's just a boy. So why does he treat her like that? "Why do you do this to me?" She asks quietly. "Because I like seeing you in pai...
  • abusive
  • corbyn
  • besson
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The Bad Boy's Dance (AVAILABLE HERE FOR A LIMITED TIME)  by MissVeraVi
The Bad Boy's Dance (AVAILABLE HER... by Vera Calloway
"Don't pretend that you don't feel this, Ivy. Because if you don't... I'll just have to keep trying until you do." After a nightmare of a past relationship, yo...
  • boy
  • romance
  • love
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Secrets (Yoongi X Reader) by 16Anime_Lover16
Secrets (Yoongi X Reader) by 16Anime_Lover16
Y/N has a horrible and secretive life.. abused at home and picked on by the popular kids of the school. ⚠️there is alot of self harm in this story (there aint no way in...
  • yoongixreader
  • romance
  • highschool
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