The Beach House by Reekles
The Beach House by Beth Reeks Teen Fiction
**This is a novella to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Rochelle and her best frie...
spilled paint by daysofgold
spilled paint by tee Poetry
in which i tip out the thoughts bottled up in my head
You (Ku tak pernah paham siapakah dirimu) by nata_decoco
You (Ku tak pernah paham siapakah... by MasQodd' Yosh Teen Fiction
************ Dear, you.. Makasih banyak loh, malam ini udah berhasil mecahin dan ngebanting hati ini sampai hancur kaya piring yang dibanting emak-emak lagi PMS. ...
Enlenia, the Painted Woman by ExodusTribute
Enlenia, the Painted Woman by ExodusTribute Paranormal
Within a desolate prison was a painter wrought with guilt. Everything would begin with a depiction of a woman without a face-no identity to call her own. Without sight...
There's No Point Crying Over Spilt Ink by eve_mcintosh7
There's No Point Crying Over Spilt... by Eve McIntosh Poetry
//did I make these poems, or did these poems make me?//
My Artwork by TheLastKnightWalker
My Artwork by Sora Incendium Random
Im not a bad artist, I just lack the coloring knowledge. But I get by on what I know, I hope you enjoy these drawings. Some will be better than others, but the differenc...
Angela's Graphic Shop | Open  by yamazure
Angela's Graphic Shop | Open by • dory • Random
||OPEN|| Graphics, Graphics and pikachu!!! Where in I make graphics for you, do my utter best to make your covers attractive and make sure it captures your story! xoxo...
The Ones Who Live Inbetween by StarDancer1701
The Ones Who Live Inbetween by StarDancer1701 Fantasy
Our hammers are glass and our glasses are stone. We live on an ocean of smiles and bone. Breathe. Breathe. The ticking of a clock. In. Out. Tick and tock. Buzzing in che...
Bandage // Sequel to Abstract // Zayn Malik by simplyhann
Bandage // Sequel to Abstract // Z... by Hannah. Fanfiction
*UNEDITED STORY* Life was supposed to get better for Stella Stevenson. She woke up in the hospital and thought the end was there. No more drama, fights, and stress. Life...
My ,,masterpieces'' by AdeninUracilGuanin
My ,,masterpieces'' by Culex Pipiens ja Guovssahasat Random
Tervetuloa...I mean...Welcome! This is my art book that contains my paintings drawings and some edited photos....I hope you'll like it
cartoon by -slightlybitter
cartoon by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Humor
Every thing she drew come to life. Too bad she sucks at drawing. "What the fuck?! Why do I look like this?" "Uhhh... I made you abstract??" "I'L...
WALLPAPERS & RANTS by oldxmagfamxforeva
WALLPAPERS & RANTS by bored Random
so basically this is just wallpapers well not any wallpapers but like ones from Zedge just in case you can't get to it or some reason. types of wallpapers it will have:...
Short stories. by Iridescent_writer
Short stories. by Hana. Short Story
Náhodné myšlienky, pospájané do krátkych príbehov. Príbehy, vyvíjajúce sa roky. Roky, popretkávané náhodnými myšlienkami. A tie starostlivo vpísa...
Colors ❤Complete❤ by NevaehHM
Colors ❤Complete❤ by OnBreakBackIn 62 Short Story
First book in the Intangible Saga: I loved you since you were Red.
«Fragments» by deathbyfreckles
«Fragments» by ⇸jenna⇸ Poetry
ordinary/invincible/alive - a work in progress.
iver by sa1tskin
iver by 7 Poetry
consummatum est.
Simple Covershop (Closed) by robertpokedme
unspoken words by emptysink
unspoken words by lissa Poetry
have you seen that boy? he brings the sun to its knees every night. [#227 in Poetry 2/17/17] ©2017, emptysink. #teawards
 Art Book by Epiclight
Art Book by Epiclight Random
My art, anime drawings, poetry, quotes, and other random things
The Mystical Mundane by Crazy_to_the_End
The Mystical Mundane by Fanatical Scribe Poetry
A collection of songs and poems dedicated to the 'insignificant' stuff of life which we easily tend to forget. Do in the end it's those trivial things that matter most...