fangs / matt champion by acciomoon
fangs / matt championby acciomoon
Cat meets Brockhampton's Matt Champion and realizes they have an unlikely connection. Will it be enough to lead to something more? Find out in "fangs".
  • ontenient
  • merlyn
  • brockhampton
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LOST IN LOVE by daiqurie
LOST IN LOVEby ˗ˏˋ rose ˎˊ˗
a BROCKHAMPTON fic you've all been waiting for (probably not, but give it a shot).
  • saturation
  • kevinabstract
  • matt
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please don't die by gitanjaIi
please don't dieby ankita
after dark beautiful things grow and fester, kissing your mouth, eviscerating your insides.
  • experimental
  • abstract
  • aesthetic
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My Art Book 2 by Dragon_Princess2
My Art Book 2by Dragon Princess
The earth without art is just eh. Cover contest entries. They say 'don't judge a book by it's cover' but here I am making covers to be judged. My first art book is on my...
  • graphics
  • youngwritersgraphicscontests
  • editing
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From My Heart To Yours by LadyMeringue
From My Heart To Yoursby LadyMeringue
#2 in Poetry - 06.03.2018 "To feel is only but to know what lies within, Flowing through the depths of your heart and soul, For who knows what holds the beating hea...
  • romance
  • pain
  • hardship
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Heart Of The Abstract. [UNEDITED] by Cant-see-straight
Heart Of The Abstract. [UNEDITED]by Pietro MaxiPads
Ramsey knew that Maya wasn't the fairest girl of the land, yet; he found his inspiration within her smile. He saw art in her; intangible arrangements of sounds, colors...
  • mariage
  • flirtationship
  • youngwritersshortstory
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Art by Icannotbehere
Artby Nevermore
Just a bunch of my art. Nothing special.
  • notgreat
  • color
  • random
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Steph's Photo Journal by paralyzedfeelings
Steph's Photo Journalby ☾ Steph White
This will basically be a book of my photography, explaining of how I took it, where it was taken and also the settings that were involved. I will also put a bit of back...
  • album
  • landscape
  • abstract
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Vanilla and Red Cabbage by Aimee_Sy
Vanilla and Red Cabbageby Aimee Sy
"He is everything that I am not. He is the absence of me. I despise him. Yet he is in love with me." The Antagonist and the Protagonist live just a few blocks...
  • fiction
  • abstract
  • featured
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Sketches of my Messes: Art book by AlmaCoraimy
Sketches of my Messes: Art bookby AlmaCoraimy
These are some random sketches, colorings from this year. They can be a bit unusual, but then again, a mess is a mess. You can find more on my instagram: alma93fluffz Do...
  • flowergirl
  • watercolor
  • questions
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2 AM Thoughts by sg_writing
2 AM Thoughtsby sam
this is my escape room. where's yours?
  • poet
  • captions
  • literature
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Art by cheesy_cake_lemon
Artby ραιgє
A book of all the art I've ever drawn, painted or sculpted in my life. Most of the art in this book are probably really bad to be honest, but oh well.
  • abstractart
  • watercolor
  • paint
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My Art! by darkchocolatepanda
My Art!by Shireen Sidhu
Just a person who loves to doodle, doodle and doodle!
  • details
  • sketches
  • ink
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CONCEPTUAL by wutavad
IN PROGRESS A collection of poems that consists of transforming words into teenage interests. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. - :(: (paris morgan)
  • teenwritten
  • poem
  • mindless
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Thoughts Of The World by EmIsInTheHouse
Thoughts Of The Worldby WiseSoulKindHeart
thought: [noun] 1. an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. 2. the action or process of thinking
  • love
  • haiku
  • whoiam
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Melancholia by mateuszslowik
Melancholiaby mateuszslowik
A story of a troubled town, and even more troubled people.
  • reality
  • fiction
  • general
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Abstract World by HORROREXPLORE
Abstract Worldby RAMINESH R SHETTY
"This Abstract World is a world, Though it's in your world. But different from your world. " Take a peak into this World, and I believe that the conditions her...
  • relief
  • downs
  • universe
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D  (half moon) by MaknaeJackson
D (half moon)by MJM
Wholesome romance between a boy and a girl, with music appreciation.
  • dominic
  • romance
  • matt
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The Manuscript by frankiekendall
The Manuscriptby F.T.Kendall
This is all my own poetry, I write this with my imagination and the inspiration from whatever song I am listening to at the time. I hope you like reading this as much as...
  • thriller
  • imagination
  • mystery
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Poems by Dashhood
Poemsby PeterPanInWonderland
Just my mind being my mind late at night
  • random
  • poetry
  • poems
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