Wardens of Elysia by LykaCandelario
Wardens of Elysiaby Lyka Candelario
What if, at 14, you and every teen your age, are called to enter the Warden Academy to learn the basics of warriorhood, wizardry, and watchery? Would you go for it? T...
  • royalblood
  • royalty
  • fantasy
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Words of introvert by anam_imaan
Words of introvertby anam imaan
Louse stuff has darconian effect, Might words of introvert soothe the fact.
  • friendship
  • projectindia
  • feels
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My life... by Karainspirit
My life...by Kara
Year 2012. It's a new year at school once again. Barely knowing anyone and having fallen out with her best friend, who had been allocated to a different class from her...
  • teabubblescontest2016
  • teen
  • struggles
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It's No Fairy Tale (#Wattys2016) by X_TheEpicWriter_X
It's No Fairy Tale (#Wattys2016)by ~Lady_Sagittarius~
***UNDER EDITING*** ~ It's been 10 years since then, I'm a child no more, and I had read all those storybooks out of boredom. But after all those years, only one thing...
  • nerdy
  • romance
  • ex-lovers
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#WeAreTheIntroverts by WeAreTheIntroverts
#WeAreTheIntrovertsby #WeAreTheIntroverts
Learn more about introversion and why the #WeAreTheIntroverts campaign was created in the first place.
  • opinion
  • thoughts
  • introverts
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Green Eyes by little77epiphany
Green Eyesby a l y s s a
He might have lived an ordinary life. If his family hadn't died in an accident due to a military-based experiment when he was four, he might have had a normal childhood...
  • love
  • friends
  • counseling
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