Ex- husband and babies by saiamrutha77
Ex- husband and babies by Amrutha
She could easily recognize that touch. Sharon knew it was him. She could feel him against her body. His hands still on her wrists. He smells different though. The ally w...
  • bestfriend
  • babies
  • wattys2016
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My Twin Mates by Speech_error
My Twin Mates by Speech_error
Flicker never wanted a mate, especially an alpha one. She strongly believes that with an alpha mate, she would lose all her freedom and independence, two things that she...
  • werewolves
  • possessive
  • mate
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Dawn's Cowboy by tamlaura1
Dawn's Cowboy by Heather Teston
COVER BY ANGIE8177 THANKS FOR MAKING MY COVER. When Calvin Fisher, a wealthy cattle rancher hear's that Dawn Haworth was coming back to town he felt the rage building...
  • birth
  • babies
  • secrets
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Our Weekend Affair by tamlaura1
Our Weekend Affair by Heather Teston
COVER BY DREAMERIG In order to save her grandmother's home, Francesca Spencer must find a way of getting her hands on twenty-five thousand dollars. When billionai...
  • romance
  • afterdark
  • pain
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The Alpha's Ballerina (#Wattys2016) by DauntlessScorpio
The Alpha's Ballerina (#Wattys2016) by Aryel
The shy, quiet girl who sits in back of class is the last person you would think to be a werewolf right? Well, Abigail Mason is just that. She wants to just blend in and...
  • werewolf
  • ballerina
  • dance
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Marrying The CEO by coinikee
Marrying The CEO by Kimi L. Davis
Without thinking twice, I removed the cap of the pen and signed. I signed my life away. I signed myself away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice Gardner was a hardworking wo...
  • pain
  • baby
  • love
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roommates » jack gilinsky (#wattys2016) by natemaloley
roommates » jack gilinsky (#wattys... by (rih)anna
living with a male during my college career was the last thing on my list. + lowercase intended highest rank: fanfiction #8
  • roommates
  • maloley
  • wattys2016
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Her Cruel Mate  by MissieA
Her Cruel Mate by Cutie4life
Annabel Hastings never paid any attention to the topic of mates. So imagine her surprise when the cruel Alpha of the Dark Moons pack, Alpha Thaddeus, turns out to be her...
  • cruel
  • werewolves
  • war
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The vampire's maid by melmizore
The vampire's maid by Mely Anz
I bite my lip in order to prevent any noises from slipping out and pull one last time. The rope falls off of my wrists and I am finally free. I stand up and run. I run a...
  • creatures
  • amanda
  • dangerous
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Things I Could Never Tell You by invisiblilly
Things I Could Never Tell You by jas deroubaix
Some things stay as they are, but others? They fall apart. And once upon a time, Stephanie Olsen and Tyler Scott were the best of friends. Once inseparable, now driftin...
  • secret
  • bestfriends
  • wattys2016
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Running From The Billionaire by coinikee
Running From The Billionaire by Kimi L. Davis
I ran. Ran as fast as my legs could go. Away. Away from him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hailey Pritchett loved her job as the secretary of Henry Caldwell, the CEO of the Ca...
  • hailey
  • wattys2016
  • dominating
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The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓ by diickbicycles
The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓ by ♕ ملاك ♕
"You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the...
  • mommamoo
  • marco
  • trailblazers
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His Queen ✔ by jinwen2509
His Queen ✔ by Amelia Wang [inactive]
Highest ranking : #1 in Werewolf (26/12/2015) Note : Please refer inside for the full summary. ❝Every king needs his queen.❞ Every pack has its own tradition. For the Go...
  • multimedia
  • mate
  • pack
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The Alpha King by VioletSantiago
The Alpha King by Violet Santiago
HIGHEST RANK - #40 IN WEREWOLF Matthew Reynolds is a Alpha. Not just any Alpha but the Alpha of all Alphas. Everyone fears him not only because of his dark past, but als...
  • alpha
  • broken
  • mate
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The Dare by KaylaBooBear
The Dare by Stressed asf
Being the best friend of a player is hard. The constant flirting. The constant pick up lines. It gets annoying. Libby Alanis and Luke Hunt have been best friends for ye...
  • love
  • teenfiction
  • wattys2016
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My Teacher Boyfriend by TeeToTrendy
My Teacher Boyfriend by Zen.zele
"We shouldn't be doing this" i say as he plants small kisses down my neck. "You don't sound sure about that" he says. "You cant be my teacher an...
  • school
  • mature
  • fiction
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Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️  by Midika
Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️ by Evoke;
*Mature Content* (First installment of the Trial Series) *English Version* Juliette Kerson does not want to fall for the Alpha Kings scheme of luring in Wolves, forcing...
  • mate
  • king
  • trailblazers
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Daddy (James Dalgoskey) (ON HOLD)  by Writer_4ever_reader
Daddy (James Dalgoskey) (ON HOLD) by Writer_4ever_reader
"Daddy?" I asked. He asked me to call him daddy? Did I hear that right? "Yes. And if you break any of those rules, you'll have to get punished. Remember...
  • depression
  • father
  • 50shadesofgrey
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Late Night Conversations ✔ [COMPLETED]  by JasminAMiller
Late Night Conversations ✔ [COMPLE... by JasminAMiller
{Highest Ranking: #2 in Short Story} One collision. Two strangers. One unorthodox way to pay off her debt. Three weeks of late night conversations. One Date.
  • texting
  • youngadult
  • love
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The Girl He Never Noticed by sweetdreamer33
The Girl He Never Noticed by Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Jade. The girl who wore a black wig, black-rimmed big eyeglasses and braces. She was dressed in her worn-out knitted coat and shapeless vintage clothes. Everyone t...
  • boss
  • romance
  • completed
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