My Boyfriend Is My Amo by Andeuleablue_
My Boyfriend Is My Amoby Hoseok♥
Finished✔ Yung amo mong masungit pero na fall naman sayo kahit ang pangit pangit ko this is my happy thought -Gwenny ❤
  • romance
  • bts
  • jimin
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The Boy I Admire From Afar by sweetdreamer33
The Boy I Admire From Afarby Neilani Alejandrino
Claire Olsen had a great crush on Zion Petrakis since the first time she laid eyes on him. But Zion had his eyes glued at the school's 'It girl' Maddie Jennings. Claire...
  • zion
  • claire
  • teenager
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60 Days With Damien Black by gracetiamate
60 Days With Damien Blackby Grace Tia
"I don't belong to you Damien." "Oh but that's where you're wrong Amber. You belong to me for 60 days. Get that into your thick head." **************...
  • jealous
  • wattpad
  • badboy
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Wattpad Clichés by JaneConquestBackup
Wattpad Clichésby JCB
Clichés I see around Wattpad! *** (Not directed at any particular account, book, or person.) Please be advised this story contains swearing and mature themes! *** I am l...
  • wattpad
  • cliche
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Cheater. Faker. Troublemaker. & Love Her, Leave Her (#Wattys Winner 2016) by jr0127
Cheater. Faker. Troublemaker. & Lo...by Jenny
  • teen
  • betrayal
  • player
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My Mate's A Stripper?! ✔️ by ItsYoGurlCassy
My Mate's A Stripper?! ✔️by Cassy Leporati
"You're fucking mental." I breathed, watching him with wide-eyes. He froze and stiffened up after those words left my mouth, his eyes going a shade darker and...
  • kidnapped
  • werewolf
  • sad
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gynecologist ;; hs  by IfYoureReadinggThis
gynecologist ;; hs by B 🔪
"I mean this in the most non-sexual way possible; you're going to have to spread your legs." he's in her house. he's in her window. he's in her bed. he's betwe...
  • styles
  • gynecologist
  • heartbreak
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daddy • Lil Xan by xanarchyqueen
daddy • Lil Xanby baby girl 💔
she was supposed to be nothing more than a one night stand. but that changed quickly once diego started to catch feelings for Madeline Rose.
  • wattpad
  • sexy
  • diego
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The billionaire's ex wife  by KuiQueeny
The billionaire's ex wife by KuiQueeny
"You're pregnant congratulations" the doctor said with a smile on her face "What," I am so happy that I am finally pregnant me and Tristan have bee...
  • billionaire
  • romance
  • wattpad
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Waffle Cones (#1) by evethespy
Waffle Cones (#1)by уιℓєι
"Hello?" "Um, hey?" "Wait, you don't sound like my Aunt Kathy." "Unless I was miraculously converted into a member of the opposi...
  • romance
  • friend
  • call
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The Nerd Is A Player ✔ by EVanessaMary
The Nerd Is A Player ✔by En
"First one to fall in love, loses their title." *** Tia Frederick, she is beautiful, seductive and is famous for being, 'Miss Player'. When Tia and her older b...
  • romance
  • badgirl
  • teenfiction
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Worth Fighting For (Book #1) by Liliarose_
Worth Fighting For (Book #1)by ❃ ❋ Lilia Rose ✾ ✿
"I don't want you to get hurt again," I finally confessed, not realising what I was saying to him, "I can't keep seeing you like this," I shouted to...
  • friendship
  • school
  • girl
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Niall Horan Imagines by divya_d
Niall Horan Imaginesby Divya
Some cute, romantic,cheesy,sad,funny and many more Niall Horan Imagines for you guys!! So enjoy and please vote
  • fanfiction
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Runaway Fiancée by sweetdreamer33
Runaway Fiancéeby Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Lily. A smokin' hot bikini model with a sexy Colombian accent. Lily is engaged to a famous Telenovela actor, Dylan Cooper. But how come another man, Xander Valient...
  • sweetdreamer33
  • love
  • billionaire
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You and Me ⇝Jenzie by jenzieheart_
You and Me ⇝Jenzieby Hannie!
Mackenzie Ziegler is the most popular girl of her class. She has the money, the best friends, the followers on social media as well as her in her real life, and a perfec...
  • jayden
  • book
  • drama
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Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books | ✓by ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ
A book filled with Wattpad's best werewolf books. - ∘ category: random ∘ status: completed ∘ ranking: #1 ∘ cover credit: @achillies
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BLS #4 : Stabbed By Rose by beyondlocks
BLS #4 : Stabbed By Roseby Janice Martana
BLS #4 Maximillion Cesantio A Billionare who likes to change girls like changing clothes. The playboy of the group , he only need to smile and girls fall to his feet beg...
  • gold
  • love
  • max
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BLS #5 : Beautiful Nightmare by beyondlocks
BLS #5 : Beautiful Nightmareby Janice Martana
BLS #5 Luke Hastington A Billionare that really loves work more than anything. Call him workaholic because he loves to sit on his office for hours without getting tired...
  • series
  • princess
  • chicklit
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DEDICATION | Book II by UrbanistSociety
DEDICATION | Book IIby البرعم🌹
Works #2 : Ahmad Hassan Sinclair, 29, finally met his goal in becoming happy and finally letting someone into that cold heart of his and fell in love deeply. But of cour...
  • urban
  • addiction
  • drugs
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BLSC #9 : His Cold Heart by beyondlocks
BLSC #9 : His Cold Heartby Janice Martana
BLSC #9 Axel Cesborn A good guy , if he's in a hero movie. He's always be the good guy. He has a good control of temper , calm and can take care everything without panic...
  • couple
  • book
  • cute
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