Gutta2: Redemption  by Qveen_Keylaa
Gutta2: Redemption by KEYLAAA
This is the sequel to Gutta this will mainly be about the Kids Karmen and Lucas outcome on life.
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JUST A BOOK FOR OCs by -Lil_Sinner-
ehh- Just facts about OCs, OCs... ShOrt sTorIes
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  • shortstory
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Black Widow- Stan Uris by RemyCarter666
Black Widow- Stan Urisby RemyCarter666
IDK The title explains this all...I'm supposed to be doing homework... Your Eddie's twin sister... you like Stan... I don't know just read it
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Fifty Shades of Kerem by mitchcouza
Fifty Shades of Keremby mitchcouza
A young adult named Kerem works in Lidl, everything was going well until his co-worker began to flirt with him. Kerem can't resist the offers that she is giving him.
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Cover Up// Grethan by grethanbby
Cover Up// Grethanby grethanbby
In which Ethan Dolan gets a girlfriend to cover up the fact that he has feelings for his twin brother, Grayson Dolan. Warning: there will be smut but not much unless I...
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yes, this is a book dedicated to our boi, Phichit Chulanont <3 ~ Sorry but not really, I love him too much ~ This will have daily-weekly updates centered around this...
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Ride or die🔐💸🔪 by sexinpaddizde
Ride or die🔐💸🔪by sexinpaddizde
Violence,shooting,bad language and skimming bones and stuff like that🤞💙
  • vilence
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updates & other crap! by FlamingFandom
updates & other crap!by *sips smoothie*
the same loser who brought you girls/girls
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Low - Key Hoe by Emperia_101
Low - Key Hoeby Idk
There's this girl, she's my best friend but she dates almost every guy she sees. She's beautiful and she knows it. She has shoulder length brown hair, beautiful blue eye...
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Lyrics that I want to learn by ShailynWilliams
Lyrics that I want to learnby JustANobody
Just some lyrics that you might wonder about.
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Trapped by Sk8erGirl04
Trappedby Sk8erGirl04
Have you ever been trapped? Well here its different ways of being trapped Ps excuse me for anything you dont like because its my first story ever im only 14
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A Gift For Demi Lovato by snag97
A Gift For Demi Lovatoby snag97
Hey Lovatics, On June 16th I will be meeting Demi Lovato and I want to do something special, something from all of us. I have decided to create a scrapbook; full of our...
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Everything Happens for a Reason... by MerissaHerron28
Everything Happens for a Merissa W
Emma was normal girl with and identical twin (Jenna) until her father dies in a horrible "Accident" then her mother moves them to Cali.. and life turns upside...
  • hurt
  • drama
  • lovetheenemy
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Just as Guilty by TheFlowerToRemember
Just as Guiltyby Lei Castro
If I had just said something. If I had just done something. ANYTHING. This wouldn't be happening. "Hey." "I'm just as guilty."
  • angst
  • guilttrip
  • realisticfiction
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She's Back by PURPLEALLY
She's Backby PurpleBunchies
"You're wrong she was not strong. She didn't take it. She Died" but what more unexpected happen is that, years have passes.... She came back, the girl they hur...
  • sharing
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A Normal Life, Not by NightShadowtheRuler
A Normal Life, Notby Shadow the Ruler
***Read Description!!!!*** This story is about a little boy whose kind died out before he was even ten years old. Shado....... He's a creature of the night, what they ca...
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The Spirit and the Princess by slytherxinrainbows
The Spirit and the Princessby Blake
The new Twilight Princess, Ciarran is the daughter of Midna who died in the recent war. She doesn't stay in the palace much alas. She tends to go around the realm and vi...
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Four Idiots by Quincey13
Four Idiotsby Quincey13
A mean alcoholic, A kind extrovert, A flirty band member and A shy barista? how will they all live in the same house together for more than one week. This is my first bo...
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Reap the Tears You Fought by FcDragneel
Reap the Tears You Foughtby Jo
I know it's another Soul Eater FanFic but I just felt like writing something fun and silly. So if enough people want it I'll continue uploading, if not I write it for my...
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Hater (phan AU) by hiimcarolyn
Hater (phan AU)by Carolyn K
A story in which Phil Lester, the YouTuber that everyone loves, has a hater
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