Nostalgia by lullabells
Nostalgia by ⭐ h a z e l Poetry
Highest Achievement - #7 in poetry [Oct 3, 2016] ~Nostalgia~ It's delicate, but potent. The pain from an old wound. A twinge in your heart.. Far more powerful than memor...
Tracking Logan Foster (Worth It, #1) by juliannav135
Tracking Logan Foster (Worth It, #... by Julianna Short Story
IRIS JOHNSON never could have guessed that a single walk in the middle of a frigid winter night could change her life forever. She had been on one of her frequent natur...
Keep The Beat ((Book #2)) by CailinSpraoi
Keep The Beat ((Book #2)) by Cailín™ Humor
#2 IN THE BEAT SERIES: May Riley was still trouble. Everyone knew it, and everyone expected it. After her summer at Camp Step Up The Beat, May learned to embrace h...
nine days by dreahmr
nine days by M. Short Story
❝ Give me nine days ❞ a boy trying to stop a girl from committing suicide by showing her how beautiful life is in nine days. + #697 ; short-story ...
Unlocking McKinley Carter (Worth It, #2) by juliannav135
Unlocking McKinley Carter (Worth I... by Julianna Short Story
McKINLEY CARTER was never the same after her father abused her, threatening terrible things if she were to ever tell anyone. Her mother is a therapist, yet fails to bre...
The Wild Orchid by Spark187
The Wild Orchid by Allison Jae Historical Fiction
Takes place in the 1920s The story Zorell Dupree, a young twenty year old nurse who moves to the city working for a prestigious hospital, is a small time girl thrown i...
Letters Kept Hidden [SLOW UPDATES] by BeYourself101xx
Letters Kept Hidden [SLOW UPDATES] by Revekah Teen Fiction
Endlessly she suffered. Everyday she hurt. She was in continuous pain. The ongoing cycle was slowly causing her to fade away - to fall apart. Both within her past and in...
The Songs by midnightnettle
The Songs by Madhushree Kulkarni Poetry
To read a poem is to hear it with our eyes; To hear it is to see it with our ears. - Octavio Paz A Book Of Poetry. All poems mirror experiences. [#16 in Poetry 20.2.17] ...
Fading Away Slowly by ThePsychoMadHatter
Fading Away Slowly by ☆ Shiwii ☆ Short Story
When you're in pain, you sometimes forget that there are still people out these, who see your existence as a blessing. When we take a wrong step, we don't even realize t...
The Dying Letters 📝 by carmelitadentlinger
The Dying Letters 📝 by carmelitadentlinger Random
What is the last thing you wanted to say if you could to someone? A collection of letters to and from those who passed on.
The life of Violet Adams by Engel-tjie
The life of Violet Adams by Angela Teen Fiction
Violet is an only child living with her father in New Jersey. She loves her life and friends just like it is, she hates change. But after a tragic accident one summer ti...
Glow Sticks by CamdenStuart
| Equine Rescue Showcase | by rue2you
| Equine Rescue Showcase | by Rue Random
"You can't save the world. But for those you do save, you are the world." -Unknown I've always thought that "rescues" aren't really the ones being re...
Diary of a Bipolar Artist [Wattys2016] by REPaige
Diary of a Bipolar Artist [Wattys2... by Rachel E. Paige Non-Fiction
Follows the real life situations of a struggling artist who suffers from Bipolar (Manic Depressive) Disorder, as she traverses the confusion of being in her 20s, learni...
Friendship Therapy by bullets_myg
Friendship Therapy by yoongles Short Story
Because who needs a Prince Charming? // in which someone tries to be a friend. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed
The Boy From Ballarat - JORDAN ROUGHEAD/ANNELISE BOYD SPINOFF  by JordanWebbSmith_
The Boy From Ballarat - JORDAN ROU... by H+R+L 💘 Fanfiction
SPINOFF OF ANNELISE BOYD/SEVEN DAYS - ALL IN JORDAN'S POV. When everyone's busy secretly or verbally judging Jordan for not showing up to school on time or at all, cutti...
All Alone by semianne20
All Alone by Hannah kay General Fiction
A girl's story through hard ships and suffering. Her fight against her only fear -death 💀 Her struggle to see the light. Desolate winds will she succeed? will she...
Poems and Paragraphs for an Artist. by bountybeatz
Poems and Paragraphs for an Artist. by Ashley Fredlender Poetry
Poems I've been writing since I was around 14.
Bitter by April_1403
Bitter by Valerie Romance
"It may be true," he murmured feeling defeated. "Oh please," she said slightly offended "You should know not to listen to school gossip consid...
The Heartless Bad Girl by xThatGirlOverTherex
The Heartless Bad Girl by xThatGirlOverTherex Teen Fiction
Anna Darwell was -notice how I said was- just a human being, just like everybody else. However, she and her best friend Elise Hart, were always bullied. They were always...