Tracking Logan Foster (Worth It, #1) by juliannav135
Tracking Logan Foster (Worth It, #... by Julianna
IRIS JOHNSON never could have guessed that a single walk in the middle of a frigid winter night could change her life forever. She had been on one of her frequent natur...
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Unlocking McKinley Carter (Worth It, #2) by juliannav135
Unlocking McKinley Carter (Worth I... by Julianna
McKINLEY CARTER was never the same after her father abused her, threatening terrible things if she were to ever tell anyone. Her mother is a therapist, yet fails to bre...
  • abuse
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Keep The Beat ((Book #2)) by CailinSpraoi
Keep The Beat ((Book #2)) by Cailín™
#2 IN THE BEAT SERIES: May Riley was still trouble. Everyone knew it, and everyone expected it. After her summer at Camp Step Up The Beat, May learned to embrace h...
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Suicide letters from a Dead Girl by bjohnson914
Suicide letters from a Dead Girl by 🤞
"If you could turn back time, to become alive again, would you do it?" x x x x "I don't know.."
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nine days by dreahmr
nine days by M.
❝ Give me nine days ❞ a boy trying to stop a girl from committing suicide by showing her how beautiful life is in nine days. + #697 ; short-story ...
  • depression
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Only For You (Boy×boy) by CaitlynFournier
Only For You (Boy×boy) by Caitlyn Fournier
Sebastian has been through a lot after realizing that he was gay. His parents took it in stride but his school and town were less than friendly about it. Danny and...
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Suicide isn't a Joke by Hi_im_depressed
Suicide isn't a Joke by music is life
We all know what suicide is, we all know it takes live, but do we really know what it is.
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my saving grace by gidget33
my saving grace by gidget33
Grace is the younger sister of Colby Lopez aka Seth Rollins, she gets mixed up in a feud between her brother and his friends and the Wyatt family when she gets taken by...
  • fanfiction
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  • heartbreak
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Nostalgia by lullabells
Nostalgia by ⭐ h a z e l
Highest Achievement - #7 in poetry [Oct 3, 2016] ~Nostalgia~ It's delicate, but potent. The pain from an old wound. A twinge in your heart.. Far more powerful than memor...
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Letters Kept Hidden [SLOW UPDATES] by BeYourself101xx
Letters Kept Hidden [SLOW UPDATES] by Revekah
Endlessly she suffered. Everyday she hurt. She was in continuous pain. The ongoing cycle was slowly causing her to fade away - to fall apart. Both within her past and in...
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Will You Be My Dark Love??? (Slow Update) by ipsita_roy
Will You Be My Dark Love??? (Slow... by I Love Moon
Warning!!! BASED ON A TRUE STORY!!! Cover by: Crystalchrysalis19 When a crush turns into obsession, Rati, a 18 years old girl drives herself into the darkness of a dark...
  • student
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Trapped in thought by snewton104
Trapped in thought by snewton104
The animal doesn't harm unless the harm fall thing harms it!
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How to save a life  ||PHAN|| by talinof
How to save a life ||PHAN|| by The Amazing Lin is not on fire
Dan Howell is one of the popular guys in school, and it seems like he has it all. However, he has lost a dear friend, but is afraid to show his friends that he cares. T...
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Poems and Paragraphs for an Artist. by bountybeatz
Poems and Paragraphs for an Artist. by Ashley Fredlender
Poems I've been writing since I was around 14.
  • deep
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These Fractured Wings (Aka The Gift of Stars)  by IzYoneyama
These Fractured Wings (Aka The Gif... by IzYoneyama
[COMPLETED] (Marked as Mature) -Previously Titled as The Gift of Stars- Winner of Best Cover Award in The Best Book Awards 2017 Inspired by the Greek myth of Eros & Ps...
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Psychotic  by BlurryBlueFace
Psychotic by BlurryBlueFace
Her father was killed by a gang in front of her eyes,she couldn't understand what happened but,then she did and then hearing her sister's strange and scary death. She co...
  • bully
  • memory
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Girl You Know Nothing About by whereworldscollide
Girl You Know Nothing About by z u z y
"Who's that?" "Who's who?" "That girl up there?" "Up where?" "That one up there who looks like she's about to jump off our...
  • friendship
  • heartbreak
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PROTECTION SQUAD by Yaoi-life-shipping
@Hasensexual Is currently That I've heard of is going through rough times So I'm heere to protect them Same for @Theinsanelycoolms Now, @georgestomatos is hurting we ne...
  • handsen
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Hold On by codebreakerr
Hold On by J E W E L
| Slow Updates | "Why do you want to help me?" "I'll tell you when I succeed in changing your mind." **** In which a girl saves a life. [SECOND PLACE...
  • dontgiveup
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Bitter by April_1403
Bitter by Valerie
"It may be true," he murmured feeling defeated. "Oh please," she said slightly offended "You should know not to listen to school gossip consid...
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