Signature-STYDIA AU by stydia524
Signature-STYDIA AU by Rose :) Fanfiction
Rope Point is a new television show that was created by Cora, Derek, and Peter Hale. Heartthrob, Stiles Stilinski received the role of one of the characters in the show...
HUNTRESS » SCOTT MCCALL by «r» Fanfiction
'oh scott mccall, how come you always fall for the hunters?' [season four] [I DO NOT OWN TEEN WOLF]
Percy Jackson in Beacon Hills: The Deadpool. by EllimaiFreeman
Percy Jackson in Beacon Hills: The... by E.M.Freeman Fanfiction
After the war, Percy and Annabeth just want to leave the world of gods behind and have quiet life. When Percy suggests going to California, Annabeth jumps at the chance...
Bitten [Werewolf!Stiles] by pyrodaggers
Bitten [Werewolf!Stiles] by Rina Fanfiction
(STEREK IS IN THIS STORY) (EDIT: 2017 -- I wrote this story 3/4 years ago so I apologize for everything you're about to read) Stiles' life was normal. Except that his be...
effervescent ❦ pennig by 90shennig
effervescent ❦ pennig by homie tejannaaa Romance
shelley hennig and tyler posey ❧ unknown number: HOLLAND DOES EFFERVESCENT MEAN LOVE IN A FANCY WAY? shelley: im not holland but no it means bubbles in a liquid ...
Not exactly planned by stydiaHAShappened
Not exactly planned by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
It was safe to say that after everything they'd been through the past couple of months that everyone felt closer. Some, surprisingly closer than others. One of Jacksons...
1 | Maka • Stiles Stilinski  by Uncharted_TLOU_13
1 | Maka • Stiles Stilinski by Estrela Stilinski Fanfiction
"There is no death...Only a change of worlds." ~~~ Maka Redsky, the girl you probably ignored in school, The girl you most likely overlooked, And t...
My best friends brother by Fandom_Happiness
My best friends brother by Gigi Fanfiction
Stiles has had a crush on his best friends Scott brother since he can remember.But now that he's a senior in high school and Derek Scott's brother is a sophomore in coll...
You're the Light That Guides Me Out (Scallison) by lexim325
You're the Light That Guides Me Ou... by Lexi M. Fanfiction
After the death of her Aunt Kate, Allison slips into a deep depression. In one week, her entire life had gone to hell. She'd lost her aunt. Her boyfriend had cheated on...
GOLDEN ▻ O'BRIEN by camilacabellas
GOLDEN ▻ O'BRIEN by -ˏˋ em ˎˊ- Fanfiction
❝hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.❞ in which danni anderson finds herself utterly in love with a mets-loving actor. [social media] [i only...
The banshee and the beta by stydiaislifetw
The banshee and the beta by stydiaislifetw Fanfiction
Caitlin Martin is as ordinary as any other girl. Or at least that's what she thinks. When she is about to start her sophomore year a tragic event puts het life on hold...
Teen Wolves | Stiles Stilinski by twstorylover
Teen Wolves | Stiles Stilinski by divineoverseer Fanfiction
Stiles dragged Scott into the woods to look for a body but were separated. He just managed to avoid being caught and found his friend getting attacked and bitten by a gi...
Who's he? by Vanshmiver_
Who's he? by VanShmiver_ Fanfiction
The packs lives was like normal making plans hunting down the enemy and disarming them. Until a boy shows up, a genius really. The pack doesn't see him more than a human...
Don't Let Me Go by jessicaDLMG
Don't Let Me Go by Jessica Fanfiction
Read Scott's POV of Don't Let Me Go here: ~ You will need a tub of cookie dough for this... Trust me.
Burn It Down || Stilinski  by LexiePresta
Burn It Down || Stilinski by Lex💜 Fanfiction
"You have me, okay?" Stiles told her seriously, and then dropped his voice into a whisper. "You'll always have me." ----- Normal people struggle to...
Lydia's Shy (completed) by stydiaHAShappened
Lydia's Shy (completed) by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
She'd been providing for herself since the age of fourteen when her parents had died tragically in a car accident. But now, two years late at the age of sixteen, she fin...
Teen Wolf One Shots by hoodxhemmings_4
Teen Wolf One Shots by A Fanfiction
*includes boyxboy* friendships & relationships request :)
Scallison Oneshots by Lindseydiangelo27
Scallison Oneshots by Lindsey Argent Fanfiction
A range of different Scallison oneshots. Cute, fluffy, hurt/comfort, and all that other OTP stuff. Requests open, send them to my Inbox please.
The Return by JessisUniverse
The Return by Jessica Fanfiction
After the fight with the Oni and void Stiles, the pack lost Allison. And with Allison's death came sadness and anger. But that soon would fade...because Allison is back...