Breaking Ben by Escapethepeace
Breaking Benby Escapethepeace
(Daily Updates) Freya West didn't expect to meet Ben Harrow again. After eight years apart, Football Champion Ben, has returned to his hometown. Who can fathom what he...
  • brothersbestfriend
  • england
  • secondchance
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The Verdant Mark by dracollavenore
The Verdant Markby Daniel Walsh
Mikyla is your average slum Drow. Having been culturally enslaved by the Elven nobles for millennia and the dilution of the ancestor-genome to create the blood elves, ev...
  • sciencefiction
  • historicalfiction
  • justwriteit
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Space Shot into Love by jozie15
Space Shot into Loveby Gwendolyn Thompson
❝SO, YOU THOUGHT I WAS YOUR MOM.❞ ❝IT'S NOT REALLY MY FAULT. YOU HELD MY HAND.❞ | In which you add a lovesick girl, a looping-nauseous best friend and a sometimes-height...
  • friendship
  • valentinesday
  • teenfiction
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Strangers in Swenson Manor  by MidNight_WriteR360
Strangers in Swenson Manor by A.J.
First book of my Re-Vamp Trilogy, a series of three books written with the intention of returning the vampire back to its terrifying, Horror roots. Strangers in Swenson...
  • justwriteit
  • gothichorror
  • openmonth
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The Adventure Never Dies by inmune
The Adventure Never Diesby 💜kam💜
"You're my new favorite adventure." - Audriella Dyer and her best friend Charlotte had an abundance of things that they planned on doing before they graduated...
  • rebel
  • school
  • hope
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The Princess Entourage [Book 1 of "The Princess" series] by Blissful_Butterfly
The Princess Entourage [Book 1 Avalon Greene
What happens when music comes face to face with sorcery? It is the early 21st Century and young Bethy Rodgers, music-lover, cares nothing about her royal ancestery...
  • vampires
  • witches
  • fairypricess
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Lost Angels by Kythrala
Lost Angelsby Joscelyn Roxanne Green
Good and evil are never as black and white as we think. When nightmares come true, what would you do? Tya Swart is an average college student with the desire to get good...
  • hunted
  • angels
  • demons
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Before You Go #JustWriteIt by Unsinkableanchor
Before You Go #JustWriteItby Malika
Tessa Rudell didnt expect to fall in love with William Campbell. He was a dying man. A friend. Someone who was in need of something worth living for. And yet, a few mont...
  • lovestory
  • justwriteit
  • romance
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To Catch A Wave (A Companion Novel to "Silent Love") by JessicaCMadden
To Catch A Wave (A Companion Jessica Madden
Rydel is expected to be a pro surfer, just like her father Tyler Sharland. Only there is just one problem: She is terrified of the water. Nothing can get her in the wate...
  • surfing
  • justwriteit
  • youngadultreads
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Split Minds by CordeliaLethe
Split Mindsby Cordelia Lethe
This story is about chemical imbalance in a brain and acting for living. Every home has its own smell. Most of them are very sweet and they reminded you of a newborn ba...
  • sadstory
  • acting
  • openmonth
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Things I can't say out aloud. ✔ #JustWriteBits by sugar_rushin
Things I can't say out aloud. ✔ 👑 A 👑
An entry from the diary of a 10 year old. ~*~ How would you feel if you had to live in a prison of a house with no one to talk to? Only a monster.
  • girl
  • justwritebits
  • child
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Just Keep Writing by Juliette_Aurora
Just Keep Writingby j u l e s
In which a hopeless romantic stretches her writing potential and goes the distance - started: 11/30/17
  • love
  • reflection
  • relationship
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Start of Elysium & Purgatory (Prequel) by Vishu4life
Start of Elysium & Purgatory ( Vishaka
The rulers of the underworld had a baby. Krista and Hayden had lived in the underworld for centuries. All those myths about Persephone and Hades have come from them. Th...
  • mythical
  • romance
  • justwriteit
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Alaska Wolfie Baker. A Love story. by GFBTFRFangirl99
Alaska Wolfie Baker. A Love GlacierFeyaBaker99
This is about Glacier's twin sister Alaska. It is based on her and Glacier's childhood and later life. This is for the Just Write It challenge. I hope you will like it.
  • justwriteit
  • glacier
  • openmonth
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Reaper's Edge  by Cherybear13
Reaper's Edge by Cherine Olivier
Seriva has been a reaper for centuries, killing at the command of the ruler of the the dead himself, Death. Reapers have one job and that is to collect the souls of the...
  • reaper
  • darkness
  • gore
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The Journeys of a Lost Soul by morbid_romance
The Journeys of a Lost Soulby Ըονԑᴅ & Ꜧᴀтԑᴅ
The journeys of a lost soul through time and space. As it tries to move on to Higher, will it find its purpose in the bodies of others who wish to be fixed?
  • whatloveis
  • morrom
  • justwriteit
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leave the right , do the wrong by WontTell12
leave the right , do the wrongby reading-fan
taken revenge wasn't that hard after all , all i needed is 10 year hard studying ,working , waiting , waiting ,and waiting. now no one will know that it was me.
  • mystery
  • openmonth
  • romance
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Matters of The Heart by Nonamaewa
Matters of The Heartby Hazel
A collection of short narrative story.
  • secrets
  • nonfiction
  • oneshot
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What if it comes true? [new chapters weekly!] by Jayla_1313
What if it comes true? [new Jayla
"What if it could come true" Fae is an 8th grade writer with ideas constantly flowing in her mind. She thinks of stories constantly, wether she tries to or not...
  • lol
  • openmonth
  • cute
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Revenge (Dogboy Reborn, 2) by JoeRover2
Revenge (Dogboy Reborn, 2)by Joe Rover
An entry for the #JustWriteIt prompt #OpenMonth (March 2018). After an emergency in space, Dogboy is thrown into a mystery that hits close to home. His friend, Brain, is...
  • vengeance
  • superhero
  • justwriteit
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