A Priestess for the Blind God by authorsophiawhitte
A Priestess for the Blind God by Sophia Whittemore Fantasy
"Female Robin Hood meets One Thousand and One Nights". Ode Ngayoh is the only child of a bloodthirsty desert warlord. When the Blind God chooses her as champi...
Planet Aphrodite 🌹(Alien Fairy Tales) ✔️ by KDCampbell
Planet Aphrodite 🌹(Alien Fairy Ta... by KD Campbell Science Fiction
(Shortlisted for the Wattys!) What if the Beast was an alien, his planet was his Curse, and our Beauty was an up and coming spacecraft engineer, with a fear of flying? ...
Vishkanya{Lesbian}[Futanari] by chaotic_mist
Vishkanya{Lesbian}[Futanari] by chaotic_mist Fantasy
What do you do when your job requires you to go back in time just to save an experiment that you know is already a flop? How'd you feel when the girl you fall in love w...
The Gods of Harlem 🥃 | NaNoWriMo 2017 by KDCampbell
The Gods of Harlem 🥃 | NaNoWriMo... by KD Campbell Paranormal
A project for NaNoWriMo. The streets of Harlem are alive with the sound of jazz music. The liquor is strong, but the allure of the hidden speakeasies in New York is even...
Icarus by MadelineSane
Icarus by Mad Romance
❝A boy and a girl, feathers and flames. A tragic love story, and a life that came to an end❞ ➳ The body dies but the soul survives; Punished by the gods, Icarus is curs...
Heart of Stone by sugarcrystals
Heart of Stone by P H O E B E Adventure
❝Our stone hearts can always be carved into the emblems of our enemies.❞ Reincarnated as Medusa, she has no idea what her past life held, and she'd lost the trail of sho...
Rational Delusions 💫 (Dreams & Nightmares Book 2)✔️ by KDCampbell
Rational Delusions 💫 (Dreams & Ni... by KD Campbell Fantasy
(Highest rank, #268 in Fantasy) ----- "Mortals, always so obsessed with taking a life. It's always about living as if being dead is so insignificant. How is it tha...
RUINATION | ✓ by calloipe
RUINATION | ✓ by — LEXIS Poetry
prologue; iv; [ - and you will wish that time will crush you like it crushes them. ]
Anubis by Toxic_Wonderland
Anubis by M. K a n e Paranormal
A tale in which an angry god brings a teenage girl back from the dead. ⁂ "And at the crack of dawn, they rose from their ashes, abandoning their graves to wreck h...
The Wind and the Flower by EXAlexander
The Wind and the Flower by E.X. Alexander Romance
Zephyrus is the Greek god of the West Wind. One moment of jealousy has forever scarred him, leaving him forever bound in the service of Eros, the primordial god of love...
The Divine Thief  by godavariflowsby
The Divine Thief by ❇ g o d a v a r i ❇ Historical Fiction
He was hated, despised and feared by all. She was loved, admired and respected by everyone. Thus began Her story when He decided to make Her village His home. Full syn...
Mother of Dragons by Amy991517
Mother of Dragons by Amy Romance
Eve has always been the picture perfect girl that every parent dreams of raising. She's beautiful, brainy and spends much of her time volunteering and making her small t...
Aftertaste by dustychalks
Aftertaste by jhalak Romance
The Y axis hated the graph that life had put before him. Whenever he used to eye the X axis, he used to find himself spending hours thinking about how things would have...
Crossing Illusion: Reflection (Book 1) #Wattys2017 by Crimson_Scythe
Crossing Illusion: Reflection (Boo... by Crimson (Crim) the little nek... Fantasy
When night falls, they wake up upon the world as sunlight dies. The vengeful one curses the land for decades, and also for decades, lineage of humanity fights them with...
Discord ✔ (Contest Entry) by breaktheocean
Discord ✔ (Contest Entry) by Dr. Acula Fantasy
Told in a storyteller format, Discord is the story of Eris, goddess of chaos and rifts. If you are a goddess, you ought to be respected, right? Well, not all goddesses g...
Myths & Legends - Podcast Transcripts by VladaMatveeva
Myths & Legends - Podcast Transcri... by Vlada Matveeva Random
This is a weekly podcast telling legendary stories as closely to the originals as possible. Some are incredibly popular stories you think you know, but with surprising o...
Formidable by metalstars
Formidable by ora grey Action
"They are, perhaps, the only mortals ever feared by Gods."
Tyrannical ✔ (Contest Entry) by breaktheocean
Tyrannical ✔ (Contest Entry) by Dr. Acula Adventure
Written in a storyteller format, Tyrannical is the story of Theseus, the hero that freed Athens from the horror of the Minotaur, that too at a terrible price. If you are...
Gold Blooded by halimalfoy
Gold Blooded by halima/ham Fantasy
❝I bleed gold and you bleed nothing.❞ In an alternate universe where bored Roman gods, charming vampires, insane werewolves, rogue demons and rebellious humans coexist...
Among the Fallen by thesongist
Among the Fallen by Makena マケナ Fantasy
Lucian Roux is a youth cursed as the reincarnation of the infamous Morpheus: the god that destroyed the pathway between heaven and earth. Labeled as an outcast, he remai...