Wish Upon A Demon by echoyourname_
Wish Upon A Demon by K A R A
Book 1 in the 'Demon' duology. "I wish to become beautiful, inside and outside." For eighteen-year-old Faye Martin, becoming beautiful was the only w...
  • fiction
  • youngadult
  • projectwomanup
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Sirens in Seattle by Forever_young325
Sirens in Seattle by Bree
When pre-med student Mia gets pulled over on her way to school, she doesn't think that the rude Officer Phoenix Adams is anything more than a factor of a bad day. She d...
  • hotguy
  • youngadultreads
  • phoenix
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Devil for a husband by Mercy198
Devil for a husband by Mercy kalu
"You can't force me to marry you! " I said firmly, making sure there is no trace of fear in my voice but it was pretty much hard to read this guy's expression...
  • lovestories
  • arrangedmarriage
  • love
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Rusty Flowers by Juliax24
Rusty Flowers by Julia
I write things in a different light. | Highest Ranking- #23 | Cover art by Len-Yan
  • damaged
  • breaking
  • relationships
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Lost Girls by twelvewonderingstars
Lost Girls by aurora 🎄
Evangeline Macbeth doesn't believe in love anymore. The last time she did, she fell for her best friend just like any other cliche love story, but it didn't turn out we...
  • myyouth
  • projectbadassgirls
  • girls
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The Bully Next Door {REWRITING} by thedisasterempress
The Bully Next Door {REWRITING} by Raniaღ
THE STORY IS CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN bul·ly; (bool′ē) n. pl. bul·lies 1- A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker peopl...
  • sorrow
  • hate
  • mysteries
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random minds by wardaaaa___
random minds by | Warda |
'some of us are common, when some are extraordinary, and there are some that are witty, all the while a few of us are random' - Warda a collection of short poems, though...
  • thoughts
  • random
  • featured
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Three and a Half Good Legs by -southampton
Three and a Half Good Legs by m.g.
**A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY** **Promoted by Wonder** Jonas is a bitter amputee who wants nothing more than to start over when he goes off to college. If she could, Brenna...
  • youngadultfiction
  • harrypotter
  • physicaldisability
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Big Boys Cry (boyxboy) by trxyesniffmyarse
Big Boys Cry (boyxboy) by goodcrapsonly
❝I think that everyone has scars. Maybe not on their wrists or their inner thighs or on their knees, but on their hearts, souls, and between the cracks and crevices of t...
  • insecurity
  • lgbt
  • freetheboy
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Risk and Rebel by concussive
Risk and Rebel by Megan
Mickey Davidson and Jason Thomas have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Growing up together in the same town, with neighboring houses, they were insepa...
  • risk
  • projectwomanup
  • mystery
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If Only  ✔  by ReadsbyAB
If Only ✔ by ReadsbyAB
To him, she is his best friend To her, he is the love of her life If Only he felt the same way... ////////////////////////////////////////////////// DISCRIPTION IS TERR...
  • myyouth
  • quiet
  • love
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Between Me & You  by bookqirl
Between Me & You by sadie
Jade Cameron is an average teenage tomboy. She hasn't had her first kiss and is friends with the boy's soccer team. Christopher King is the new guy in town. He's a badb...
  • humor
  • friendship
  • completed
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Hermione The Deatheater by slytheringirl6350
Hermione The Deatheater by slytheringirl6350
When Hermione is betrayed by her friends and the order she has no where else to go but to the people she thought were her enemies. But when she gets there she realizes n...
  • myyouth
  • narcissamalfoy
  • blaisezabini
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My Monster Mate by Mbalii
My Monster Mate by al.
"Look at me." He demands. "No." I whisper. "Look at me or I swear, I will do it! " He shouts. I slowly remove my hands from my face and...
  • projectafricanculture
  • power
  • talkthepoc
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Born From Chaos by spite-
Born From Chaos by ♛
BOOK ONE || COMPLETED || EDITING || In the old times, all there was were the Necromancers and the Reapers. Perfect opposites. Perfect enemies. One, a race that ripped th...
  • fantasy
  • ghost
  • reaper
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Flower Boy by ghostlines-
Flower Boy by zenta claus
Growing up, learning everything that comes along with it, including the varying perspectives in life, death and everything in between. A story told by two boys trying...
  • story
  • teenfiction
  • projectelevate
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Psychopath. by wildteletubie
Psychopath. by Crybaby.
The boy who has Good accent, Hazel eyes, Manly voice and Plays the piano Knows how to play On my heart, too I'm obsessed, Ugh no way reality has distracted my daydrea...
  • sys
  • forever
  • youngadult
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The Blonde Cheerleader by yourstrulytrina
The Blonde Cheerleader by Trina
In every stupid and cliché teen fiction story, there's always the blonde cheerleader that people think is a complete bitch and acts as the sinister antagonist of the sto...
  • blonde
  • bad
  • trailblazers
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Saving Wyatt Blake by tavanalee
Saving Wyatt Blake by Tavana Whamond
"Do you really think I need your help?" he asked, his arms caging me against the lockers. "Y-yes" I stuttered, not looking up. His mouth turned up i...
  • teen
  • projectgiggle
  • jealousy
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Regret The Rejection by christinelovedale
Regret The Rejection by ©
"When life knocks you down, stand up and strike back." A girl whose past overshadows the present. A boy who loves, but knows not how to show it. A girl who is...
  • writeforyou
  • safelove
  • rejection
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