M I N E ( jungkook ambw) by ktatum4
M I N E ( jungkook ambw)by Khyla
"W-Why did you kill him, WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU!" I said "Because you're mine and M I N E O N L Y" he replied
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  • ambw
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Colourless by z0ned0ut
Colourlessby ☾MaRy ⋆
Black And White. It's all she sees, all she can see; all she'll ever see. Yet; she is the most vibrant and purest soul to ever exist. Estella is an angel, trapped to l...
  • colourless
  • darkness
  • heartbreak
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Obsessed (SwaSan Story)  by SilentReder
Obsessed (SwaSan Story) by SilenceReader
Obsessed (SwaSan Love-Story) they all thought he was insane Little did they knew, he was just in love ❤ ... Peep into read more ;) Cover by:- @Shrew_Zeenia 💞
  • swara
  • love
  • mad
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Leonardo's slave by SyntheticOrchids
Leonardo's slaveby Uncharted
"A little girl like you shouldn't be out this late" the heat of his breath landed on my neck raking goosebumps up my spine partially freezing me in place, my p...
  • leonardo
  • olderman
  • ddlg
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bad boy imagines by youngscribbler03
bad boy imaginesby sharkles
Imagines to mess with you bad boy wanting heart ❤️❤️ {requests open} Info inside
  • hug
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  • heart
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Glee Next Generation RP by WorseThingICouldDo
Glee Next Generation RPby Child_Of_Aphrodite
  • quinns
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  • kid
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Dear daddy♥︎ by -wxggle-
Dear daddy♥︎by ♥︎Bean♥︎
This book is for Joshua I love him so much I can never express what i feel for him with words But I'll try ❤️
  • daddy
  • love
  • joshua
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Aesthetics by city_of_angels98
Aestheticsby Legendás Lelkesedő
Saját aestheticjeim tárháza.
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  • aesthetics
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His Angel by Mancuja
His Angelby Lilly
Mia is an 16 year old girl, who loves her family and friends over everything. She's funny, caring and really sassy. Don't try to challenge her... You will loose. What ha...
  • maturelanguage
  • mate
  • bestfriends
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So Overprotective... by LamaHunieni
So Overprotective...by Mrs.Emo👻
"But Cole-"I was cut of by Cole's hand on my mouth. "But nothing Rose.I already told you not to talk to him,and you did and dad warned you not to because...
  • possesive
  • future-alpha
  • secret-boyfriend
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To Worse - Book 2 by horsemad11
To Worse - Book 2by MythCreatures
Continue of Turned Bad Rachel has now been turned into a vampire fledgeling. And she's come back meaner then ever, and she will not stop until she gets to go back to he...
  • family
  • small
  • voice
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sangfroid ;; cold blood by to-chase-tomorrow
sangfroid ;; cold bloodby ☾ ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ ☾
sometimes i write poems and edit them into lyrics because it's therapeutic. aka// my pathetic attempts of making words sound nice with chords alongside them ~~ sang-froi...
  • loneliness
  • help
  • cutting
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♥ MY DRAWINGS ♥ by 1piecelvr
♥ MY DRAWINGS ♥by 🎨Ange🎨
These are just some random piles of drawings I've done over the past year and will create further on in my life. I don't think my art is the best in the world, but pleas...
  • sketches
  • drawings
  • color
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She's My Girl by Brooklyn35533
She's My Girlby Brooklyn35533
Elle Smith comes from a small family in a small town. She's meets Tony Green and her life changes. For the better? Maybe.
  • girlfriend
  • boyfriend
  • hers
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~♡Your Mine♡~ (Tom x Tord) by Naomi_The_Fire_Fox
~♡Your Mine♡~ (Tom x Tord)by ~🧡Naomi🧡~
After Tord lost his arm and then came back to apologize to Edd, Matt and Tom. Edd and Matt accepted it, Tom on the other hand, not so much. Tom still hated Tord, at leas...
  • eddsworld
  • yaoi
  • mine
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Random poetry.. by guptamuskan
Random poetry..by Broken angel
A messed mixture of everything!! Random thoughts and feelings!!
  • sayings
  • love
  • anger
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Will you be mine? by Cutekittyheart14
Will you be mine?by Cutekittyheart14
Dustin is a werewolf and goes to a school were there are other kinds like him but one day a human teenager girl came his school. Her name was Trinity and Dustin little b...
  • mine
ArT bOoK by i_do_art
ArT bOoKby ~ SHeLaH ~
Just some of my drawings! I'll be taking requests!
  • requests
  • mine
  • fanart
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My Art Book ♂ S U C K Y  A R T by Soft_Hearted_Bxtch
My Art Book ♂ S U C K Y A R Tby Squïd Wärd
Welp, the title says it all :-p I'm sorry if this makes you lose your eyesight XO
  • book
  • suck
  • ugly
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"teardrop babies" •individual rp/oc book • by teardropsqueenn
"teardrop babies" •individual rp/o...by teardrop
my sweet babies
  • babies
  • mine
  • roleplay