Behind Hotel Doors by fadedreign
Behind Hotel Doorsby fadedreign
"Lock it." he says clearly annoyed. I stare at one of the broken vases lying near his desk for a second then I turn and lock the door. "Who is he?&quot...
  • possessive
  • anger-issues
  • boss
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My Three Boyfriends✔[Editing] by TSReaper697
My Three Boyfriends✔[Editing]by TSReaper697
Carter Rich is Pandora's box waiting to be opened. Jason Will is as complicated as the word can get. Nathan Cloud Lynn is everything but a bully. Jennifer Lynn is anythi...
  • friendship
  • chicklit
  • awesome
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When the ice melt (girlxgirl) by caradele1
When the ice melt (girlxgirl)by caradele1
Meet Samantha Mett, Ice queen and Queen Bee of most popular private high school in New York. She have power to scare all people around her, she has never had any feeling...
  • ice
  • lesbianromance
  • highschool
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My Babygirl Chloe  by YoFavEdrica
My Babygirl Chloe by Papi Dri👅
"When I seen her I just knew she was the ONE" -Xander Moretti King Chloe Banks That's all everyone talks about. Her looks, her status, and the way s...
  • mine
  • barbarapalvin
  • dominant
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The Gangster's Mary Jane  by Meraki_Wolfie
The Gangster's Mary Jane by Mari
"Mary Jane," I growled in her ear, but she wasn't affected by it. Her tongue was slightly poked out as she continued to knit a scarf for me. "Mama, turn a...
  • danger
  • leader
  • romance
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The Gang Leaders Angel by QueenKeely
The Gang Leaders Angelby QueenKeely
He was bad. He smoked, he broke the law, he drove too fast for his own good. He didn't care because no one taught him how to. But when it came to her, he wanted to be th...
  • humor
  • romance
  • innocent
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The Alpha Stole My Heart by naomi-st
The Alpha Stole My Heartby naomi-st
Abbey is a cute, innocent 17 year old girl who has to live in a tiny town located somewhere in Alaska. She's always had to be prepared for anything seeing as she was bul...
  • cute
  • hot
  • mine
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OBSESSION by imsoamazin
OBSESSIONby imsoamazin
Obsses əbˈsɛs/ verb Definition : Preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually and to a troubling extent. Aaron Kingston the notorious gangleader of America's big...
  • highschool
  • jealousy
  • romance
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Bad Boys Love Good Girls by SecretIdenity
Bad Boys Love Good Girlsby TheUnknownGirl
She just wanted to give her uncle some lunch But everything has to be difficult doesn't it You see her uncles a cop And well Cade he's the bad boy And we all know the...
  • kay
  • fiction
  • mine
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My Chocolate Covered Woman by Brianavouge2016
My Chocolate Covered Womanby Lala
WARNING🚧🚨this book is rated pg- 95 This book contains a girl and a boy. It depicts gang, sex, whore-moans and severe mad authors disease. You have been warned
  • mine
  • bwwm
  • protective
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Mine by novelty_na
Mineby novelty_na
I never thought that he would find me. After high school I spent the next 4 years getting my degree while on the run from him. Maybe if he hadn't lied, if I would have l...
  • rough
  • cheating
  • running
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Dominantly His by SecretIdenity
Dominantly Hisby TheUnknownGirl
I was a simple girl With a simple life Wrong that doesn't even come close to how my life works. Normally I start and end my day with beatings that break me even more...
  • alpha
  • dominate
  • cruel
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His Possession[BWWM Interracial] by Lei-Bear
His Possession[BWWM Interracial]by Lei-Bear
I quickly ran into a random room and locked the door behind me. Breathing heavy Sweating Scared "Jasmine........ Where are you?......" Damon said out in the o...
  • wattpad
  • shy
  • scared
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My Mate is a Monster by alyxxstar
My Mate is a Monsterby alyxxstar
The black wolf looked towards me after I gasped and his piercing green eyes stared into my bright blue ones. It felt as if time had stopped, and that the only people in...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • mate
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Falling for the Gangleader by cassidy__maee
Falling for the Gangleaderby Cassidy Huggins
"The first time I met you, I knew you were mine. You HAD to be mine. And if you weren't, I don't think I could've stayed alive." "Aaron? You really feel...
  • gangleader
  • badboy
  • lovestory
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The Gang Leader Wants Me(Still Editing) by jezzabelle50
The Gang Leader Wants Me(Still Edi...by jezzabelle50
If you ever met Jezzabelle Lemana you'd think she was a nice, sweet, loving person with the perfect life. But some things are not what they seem. This 17 year old is tr...
  • gangleader
  • badboy
  • possessive
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Only His by Lyn_Stars
Only Hisby Lyn_Stars
Meet Sarah Hunter a 17 year old straight A student. She's quiet and reserved. On her 18th birthday her best friend Arianna takes her out to a club to celebrate. What hap...
  • gangleader
  • possessive
  • dangerous
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Betrayal Love by rainalori
Betrayal Loveby Raina Lori
A journey of love after betrayal. She loved him with all her hearts. She sacrifice her everything to make him happy. She was happy for having him in her life. She can d...
  • lost
  • love
  • destiny
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Possessive alpha claimed me as his being edit by possessiveloverfever
Possessive alpha claimed me as his...by Moon_possessive_
You belong to me and only me. You are mine and only mine. He growled as he pushed me up against the wall. I don't belong to you I belong to myself. I told him.MINE. He y...
  • werewolf
  • grey
  • wattys2017
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The mafia is after me {not edited} by princess1284
The mafia is after me {not edited}by princess1284
"Watch yourself , babe. Your swimming in the deep end now" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meet Aaliyah Desamparada a 19 year old girl who moved to Italy with her...
  • drugs
  • romance
  • druglord
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