Change (Ashton centric/Lashton fanfiction) by yellowsprinklesontop
Change (Ashton centric/Lashton Yellow Sprinkles on Top
Once Ashton discovers he is fat, he wants to change, but changing one thing ultimately leads to other changes. His attitude changes. His outlook on life changes. His nee...
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sugar daddy ❃ lashton by teenagehemmings
sugar daddy ❃ lashtonby coffin kid.
' do you need the money? ' ' yes. ' ' yes what? ' ' yes, daddy. ' highest ranking ; 104 in fanfiction / © teenagehemmings | wattpad 2015
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Baby | OT4  by spaceboy-irwin
Baby | OT4 by shannon.exe
From the back of the class, three boys, all squished into one desk, eye him over. The one in the middle, a pale boy with dyed hair, grins flirtatiously. "Hey, b...
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Priorities | Malum by prettyboymalum
Priorities | Malumby autumn ➴
"You're always my first priority, baby." Calum Hood is in the military and hasn't been able to see his high school lover, Michael Clifford, for four and a half...
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Good Boy (Lashton) by lashtongiggles
Good Boy (Lashton)by kaetlyn
Luke is a nerdy straight A student by day, but when night comes he looses the nerd act and turns into his real self. *Completed!*
  • lashtonhemwin
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  • 5sos
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Bruises // Lashton a.u. boyxboy by ImaoIashton
Bruises // Lashton a.u. boyxboyby .
Ashton was abused by his previous boyfriend. One night Ashton was beaten then kicked out. Finally luke found ashton and helped him through this rough time. bottom!ashton...
  • love
  • gay
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erotic // lashton by umlashton
erotic // lashtonby kris
luke makes erotic home videos and post them on tumblr ashton just so happens to stumble upon them, every night - a smutty love story - (smut! graphic description of sexu...
  • fluff
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5SOS SMUTTby Not Original
Okay... So, here's a book of imagines of smuts, random names, and maybe a few ships of the boys, too. Though, it's mainly straight smut. (Also... FYI: I know that I spel...
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|Black-Eyed Vampires|✔️ by Olivia5Hemmings
|Black-Eyed Vampires|✔️by Lashton's Love Child
>>Ashton Centric<< I think it's time that I tell my story. I mean I've spent countless hours and nights just trying to figure out if this is real or if I'm i...
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Don't Look [Lashton AU (boyXboy)] by Call_Me_A_Pumpkin
Don't Look [Lashton AU (boyXboy)]by Andy
"Close your eyes." Luke whispers. "I want to see you." Ashton whimpers and bites his lip when Luke hits him. "what did you say?" ...
  • ashton
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Babysitter »kellic« (boyxboy) by zcl1122
Babysitter »kellic« (boyxboy)by liana
Kellin Quinn is a sophomore in high school. One night when his parents go out for dinner, leaving him alone with his little sister, he accidentally starts a fire in the...
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18 † lashton  by aestheticlashton_
18 † lashton by ♌︎
〝 why is he mad all the time? 〞 in today's society, you are assigned soulmates and it's up for you to find them. the only way to find out is by the ink that's on your wr...
  • soulmates
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Best Friend's Father by sparklehaze
Best Friend's Fatherby sparklehaze
Ashton Irwin never expected to fall in love with his son's best friend Luke Hemmings, but that's the funny thing about life. or the one where Luke falls helplessly in lo...
  • calumhood
  • malum
  • romance
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Club Of Misfits ✏ Lashton & Malum by Larry_Lashton
Club Of Misfits ✏ Lashton & Malumby baby
❝Everyone has flaws. You me, Michael and Ashton - we're all just a club of misfits.❞ A club for those who need a friend created by two best friends. © 2014, Angie (larry...
  • lashton
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fatherhood // lashton by umlashton
fatherhood // lashtonby kris
"you named your son after a band" "you named your daughter after a fruit" "touché"
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Let Me Just Double Check (Lashton AU) by Larry_Lashton
Let Me Just Double Check ( baby
❝No, it needs to be perfect.❞ ❝I have to wash my hands again, one more time.❞ ❝Let me just double check.❞ These are things Ashton says on a daily basis, having an extrem...
  • lashton
Rags Meets Riches (Lashton AU) by Larry_Lashton
Rags Meets Riches (Lashton AU)by baby
Ashton is a Rich boy who just wants to have fun in his life. So, when he moves and explores the city of Sydney, only to meet Luke, the rebellious punk of the town, his w...
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Tell Me I'm Pretty [Lashton] by Larry_Lashton
Tell Me I'm Pretty [Lashton]by baby
"Wearing skirts and putting make up on doesn't make me a girl. I have a dick and I can very well show you it. Just tell me I'm pretty, Luke." Ashton likes to...
  • lashton
Coming Up For Air  by wonderfulsause
Coming Up For Air by ⠁⠙⠑⠇⠈⠊⠙⠑
What happens when one boy shatters everything you thought you knew about yourself? "I don't like boys. But I like you. Does that make sense?" "No."...
  • popfiction
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5SOS Preferences by youreaverage
5SOS Preferencesby no one special
this book is full of preferences and some other thing, but I hope you enjoy everything I have written regardless. I am honoured to be so popular and have so many reads...
  • luke
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  • muke
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