The Unwanted Realm by DeeMonaco
The Unwanted Realmby Spice Break
The story follows Dee and Furin and tells about their journey as they walk through a path to a new crazy life with their allies and unknown foes. With a destiny to be f...
  • adventure
  • magic
  • dee
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I'm the Gangleader's Possesion by etheralflower
I'm the Gangleader's Possesionby :)
"You what!" I scream at Daddy. He looks a little uncomfortable due to the fact that he just- well, you know. Sold me to the gangleader. **********************...
  • item
  • heart
  • grayson
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Aylen Elite by AnnieBeauTy
Aylen Eliteby AnnieBeauTy
My name is Aurelia Hunter. My whole life has been about hiding myself and my "gift." I see things that shouldn't be there. Entities that haunt us and feed off...
  • atlenelite
  • wolfgod
  • item
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Mech's best day ever😁😁😁 by Nick_Uzamaki1241
Mech's best day ever😁😁😁by Nick_Uzamaki1241
This what happens after mech is humiliated in front of chocho
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  • enjoy
  • item
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Voices of Our Past (YGOTAS Yami Bakura x Me) by H31ayn4
Voices of Our Past (YGOTAS Yami H31ayn4
This is a story I came up with out of the blue. The personalities are from YuGiOh The Abridged Series by LittleKuriboh, and I'm doing my best to stay mostly true to that...
  • bakura
  • evil
  • ryou
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In the life of A by Streetfighter14
In the life of Aby Streetfighter14
This book is about what it would be like as a item we use like a pencil or a pencil case or any more item
  • stuff
  • feel
  • comedy
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My Inner Demons by OladipoShalamatr
My Inner Demonsby Oladipo Shalamatr
Read for yourself and you'll find out.
  • fantasy
  • demons
  • item
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Future Card Buddyfight 100: The Shattered Mirror by Kaiko_Rimen
Future Card Buddyfight 100: The Kaiko Rimen
Hello, My Name Is Vincent Divin And My Friend, Eian Salut Freed Me From The Grasp Of The Dark Core And Now It's Been 6 Months And Things Have Just Gotten Weird, Frozen M...
  • chaosforce
  • hundreddemons
  • shadowtroopers
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TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE by sumathipushparaj
TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGEby sumathi pushparaj
Motivational thoughts from class room
  • item
  • class
  • speak
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Góc Share - Share item photoshop ( chia sẻ phụ kiên ) by bellexinhhihi
Góc Share - Share item photoshop ( _Belle_
Àn nhongg =))) xin chào các cậu Topic này là để chia sẻ cho các cậu các phụ kiện dùng pts 👍🏻dùng được cả trong điện thoại nhaaa
  • by
  • share
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KRUVENDAby Muhammedemir Ömür
  • güç
  • item
  • zombi
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Warriors: Clockwise by CloudtailGrandmas
Warriors: Clockwiseby The Most Awesome People You W...
Hero pretty much has this whole life thing figured out. Ever since he was a kit, he has had the astounding ability to find any object, item, or creature that he sets h...
  • fanfiction
  • clans
  • item
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Bendy and the ink machine by bendy_books
Bendy and the ink machineby bendy_books
will Henry and his freind make it alive or dead read to find out chapter 2 coming out soon
  • fred
  • item
  • bendy
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Undertale: The New Tales by Blueselot
Undertale: The New Talesby Hanging Around..
Elliot Makoto, dubbed as Suicide. He is part of Pacifist and Genocide, but keeps his Genocide intact for all times. He is like a brother to Sans and Papyrus and his affe...
  • mercy
  • monsters
  • action
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Chorisk Undertal fanfic by Mysterious_Killer_
Chorisk Undertal fanficby Trinity
Cory was Insane but Frisk was always there to calm him down... one day they were climbing up a mountain.Mount Ebbot.They fell down a very deep hall thus falling into The...
  • chorisk
  • cory
  • papyrus
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GILbert's Hall of Fame [Prompts] by OfficialBooksGalore
GILbert's Hall of Fame [Prompts]by Books Galore
Every week, OfficialBooksGalore will hold a small message board contest involving our lovely friend: GILbert. Continue reading for more information!
  • contest
  • prompts
  • genre
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Random Facts I Know by half-blood101
Random Facts I Knowby The Director
This is just a book of random facts I know and I really don't know how I know some of them.
  • item
  • details
  • point
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Undertale: Custom Battles and Dates by humans-n-monsters
Undertale: Custom Battles and Datesby humans-n-monsters
IM BORED :P Have fun battling Undertale characters. Have fun dating Undertale characters (even Papyrus and Alphys) This is Pacifist. Genocide is only for battling.
  • date
  • monsters
  • pacifist
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