Patrick Stump Imagines by ayeyoungblood
Patrick Stump Imaginesby lia
book one • 101 dramatic, fluffy, happy, or weird imagines about the one and only patrick vaughn stump. because patrick is an angel and everybody loves him. continued in...
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stiles stilinski  ► imagines by nerdstiles
stiles stilinski ► imaginesby ˗ˏˋ ruby ˎˊ˗
❝I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense.❞ ↓ REQUESTS ARE OPEN from my tumblr, @starparker
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L O V E L Y 아름다운 »» finn wolfhard imagines  by sw33tart
L O V E L Y 아름다운 »» finn sugar
finn wolfhard imagines
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Why Don't We imagines  by nicole_chicken
Why Don't We imagines by Nicole :)
Title says it all :) Enjoy! Requests are open! DM me Or comment on one of the chapters for one! - no boyxboy - no smut [All rights reserved]
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  • zachherron
  • danielseavey
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Dean Winchester • Imagines by -stiilinski
Dean Winchester • Imaginesby ❇ A L Y S S A ❇
"Son of a bitch." In which I, Alyssa, write imagines about our bitch-swearing badass hunter, Dean Winchester. Book started; July 18, 2017. Completed; -
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Les Twins Imagine Book  by LesTwins_Stories
Les Twins Imagine Book by bipolarbourgeois
Taking Request 💛 Short & Long Imagines This Is Also A BXB One Shot Book
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Ringo's Gal? (Ringo Starr x Reader (Imagine)) by RingoIsABimbo
Ringo's Gal? (Ringo Starr x StarkeyNight
It's 1964, you're a 22 year old girl on your way to England to see your best friend who you haven't seen since highschool graduation. But on the plane ride you got a sea...
  • reader
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Interracial Imagine book by Unique_High
Interracial Imagine bookby SORRY
Request are open
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  • fluff
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Imagines and Smuts [Requests Open] by nrtherndwnpr
Imagines and Smuts [Requests Open]by FTWWW
hey, come and request some smuts. I'll need a person and a situation, then I'll write it :)
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Brad Simpson Imagines by CupcakeMelovin
Brad Simpson Imaginesby Laura
This is basically gonna be an imagines book of Brad Simpson! Feel free to message me and ask for one stating; -What you want (i.e. First date, first kiss , meeting for t...
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Mindless Behavior Imagines by AuggieBear143
Mindless Behavior Imaginesby Cammy D!
This is my first imagine book Enjoy the story!! ©All Rights Reserved AuggieBear143
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Jeffrey dean morgan // Negan imagines by reedusbby
Jeffrey dean morgan // Negan reedusbby
its pretty self explanatory.
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The 100 imagines  by B00KOVERLORD
The 100 imagines by BOOK OVERLORD
I'll also take requests whether it's an existing ship, Y/N or an OC. Some Imagines will also feature my own OC's.
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Bill Skarsgård imagines by secret_insxnity
Bill Skarsgård imaginesby Kaylie
Just another imagine book dedicated to the man himself. Also includes a fav.... Roman Godfrey Most of this is probably too suggestive for youngsters.
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🏵 Imagines Book 🏵 by LadyNygma_
🏵 Imagines Book 🏵by Ms Northman
A collection of random reader inserts with your favorite characters. REQUESTS ARE OPEN
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  • harrypotter
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WONDER WOMEN. ( MULTIFANDOM sister mind powers!
❛ men are fools ❜ multifandom imagines. copyright WONDERTWlNS ( MMXVII )
  • starwars
  • sw
  • doctorwho
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Several Fandoms, Several Imagines by AllUsersAreTakenYep
Several Fandoms, Several Imaginesby AllUsersAreTakenYep
I take requests!!!! Includes: Narnia Harry Potter Percy Jackson Hunger Games Vampire Academy Maze Runner The 5th Wave Any others that you want me to do, as long as I kno...
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