Halloween Fairy Tail Style by kyutie_potato
Halloween Fairy Tail Style by Aliana Guevara 💕
Okay, I have 3 books that I'm writing. This one is IMPORTANT. Halloween is coming so here is a Halloween based Fairy Tail Story. I <3 Halloween and Fairy Tail. NaLu...
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Short Horror Story's by astheworldfalls
Short Horror Story's by allie
A list of short horror stories for Halloween! Enjoy!
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NECROCITY TIMES - Issue #1 - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL by ParanormalCommunity
NECROCITY TIMES - Issue #1 - HALLO... by Paranormal and Supernatural
ParanormalCommunity is hosting a magazine for Halloween! ...or do I mean #WATTOWEEN . Come read stories and poems gathered from the Collective of the Wattpad Paranormal...
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Halloween Eve by Calumsbabe84
Halloween Eve by Ava
It's halloween! It's supposed to be fun.
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Demigod Halloween by lizcfung
Demigod Halloween by Liz
The demigods are celebrating Halloween! See what scares they have in store for you. I'm horrible at summaries.
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Games to Play on Halloween by MaxxLava
Games to Play on Halloween by MaxxLava
Some fun and creepy games, but there are also a few for younger kids. The stuff you need and how to play each. Creep out yourself and your friends this Halloween!
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Halloweek 2016 (5 One Shots) by FanficIsNotOnFire03
Halloweek 2016 (5 One Shots) by do you even exist
It's that time of the year again, so whip out your pumpkins and put Spooky Scary Skeletons on repeat, because it's Halloween! (That was terrible and I apologise XD). Any...
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Happy Halloween! (CYOA) by Emmiie
Happy Halloween! (CYOA) by Emma Lowe
Want to read a spooky short story? This story will offer you a trick or a treat, depending on what you choose. You'll either have chills racing up your spine or be chuck...
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Scary Halloween Stories 2016 by OCSpring
Scary Halloween Stories 2016 by Spring
Boo! Happy Halloween. I beilieve I am one scary person so here's some scary short stories. These stories will contain death blood ghost demons and other Halloween relate...
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Miraculous Pictures ~ Holiday Edition by Death_Despair
Miraculous Pictures ~ Holiday Edit... by Silent_Scream
Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines! Here is a collection of Miraculous Pictures in the holiday spirit!
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Happy Halloween!!! It's how they spent their Halloween Sorry it's late
  • daigo
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NANBAKA Halloween  by Zero-1307
NANBAKA Halloween by Zero-1307
basically a one-shot of all the inmates having a fun and hilarious HALLOWEEN!!
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🎃Halloween special: Halloween party🎃 (Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V) by Tsukiko05
🎃Halloween special: Halloween par... by Sora's fianceé ❤
Happy Halloween!!! 🎃👻🎃 So, there's a Halloween party and y/n must choose with who will go? * Yuya * Yuto * Yugo * Yuri * Zarc
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Halloween! by Meeperz1
Halloween! by The_Meep_Lordess
The gang on Halloween for the first time! Plus they're humans! Keeping my OTP in this book cause why not!?
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Undertale Halloween Sans X (female) Reader COMPLETED by sapphiremoon86
Undertale Halloween Sans X (female... by sapphiremoon86
It Halloween time and you convinced the monsters to celebrate that odd human holiday Halloween. What sort of Adventure will you get into with Sans and the Undertale gang...
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Cisco's Halloween by King-Narwhal
Cisco's Halloween by King-Narwhal
This is a two part Halloween Special as my first story for Watt Pad. Cisco needs candy for Halloween but messes up and gets the wrong thing. (This is a DC Fanic With the...
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Halloween! Loki x reader by izabooty
Halloween! Loki x reader by Iggy Wiggy
It's the day of Halloween, and you wanna get Loki into the spirits of It! He complains and such, but you get him to go along and do it with you anyways because it's.. We...
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Halloween  by HarleyNearLevi
Halloween by HarleyNearLevi
Boys and girls of every age Wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see This, our town of Halloween This is Halloween, this is Halloween Pu...
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Death Note Characters At Halloween  by Lawlightislife
Death Note Characters At Halloween by 🍫Nikki Keehl🍫
Just some stories/imagines about our beloved Death Note characters in the spooky season that is Halloween and L's birthday (candy season yay)
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I Am Not The One ( KidXCrona One-shot) by 1213NR
I Am Not The One ( KidXCrona One-s... by BadassOtaku
Today is Halloween, and the Soul Eater gang is getting ready for their big costume party. Everyone is excited except for Crona, she's nervous because everyone ask Crona...
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