Goosebumps: A Champ × Reader Fanfic.  \\completed// by 5SecondsofDippyfresh
Goosebumps: A Champ × Reader 5SecondsOfDippyfresh
•book one• Y/n just moved from New York with her mom and brother Zach to Madison Delaware. There, y/n makes a new friend who is a bit of a nerd. Zach and her new neighbo...
  • scary
  • xreader
  • slappy
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Goosebumps 2 by juggiejonessss
Goosebumps 2by river vixen 💋
Zach and Hannah thought they could live together forever in peace. Champ thought he could already go around with all the girl her wants in peace. R.L. Stine thought he c...
  • stine
  • monsters
  • goosebumpsmovie
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Welcome to Goosebumps High by DanielDaponte
Welcome to Goosebumps Highby Danny Aponte
Prologue: R.L.Stine and his creations had made a deal: the monsters would leave freely in the human world under two conditions. One, they cannot make any harm to the hu...
  • horror
  • werewolf
  • monsterblood
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Hate & Love (Slappy X R.L Stine) by PearlStoneWalker
Hate & Love (Slappy X R.L Stine)by PearlStoneWalker
A slappy x R.I Stine story
  • goosebumpsmovie
  • slappythedummy
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Slappy X Reader by changalio
Slappy X Readerby changalio
The Goosebumps Movie Slappy x Reader! Enjoy or to not to! You being a Big Goosebumps fan was glad you moved...One reason why.. R.L.Stine is a teacher at your new school...
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The Invisible Boy's Revenge. *ON HOLD* by 5SecondsofDippyfresh
The Invisible Boy's Revenge. *ON 5SecondsOfDippyfresh
•book two• ▪slow updates▪ "I thought we trapped all of the monsters?" "I did too..." Y/n and Zach thought it was over. Everyone did, but when the to...
  • zach
  • funny
  • champ
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Goosebumps 2 by KQuin17
Goosebumps 2by Katherine Quinn
Goosebumps 2 is the sequel to The Goosebumps Movie, and takes place a year after the monster outbreak in Madison, Delaware. Zach, Hannah, Champ, and R.L. Stine find th...
  • goosebumpsmovie
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What Scared You As A Child? by GoosebumpsMovie
What Scared You As A Child?by Slappy Takes Over Wattpad
The Goosebumps Movie is now available on Blu-ray! To celebrate, we asked some of Wattpad's creepiest creators what scared them most as a child! Was it monsters under the...
  • highschool
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