Goosebumps: A Champ × Reader Fanfic.  \\completed// by 5SecondsofDippyfresh
Goosebumps: A Champ × Reader Fanfi... by 5SecondsOfDippyfresh Fanfiction
//completed\\ Y/n just moved from New York with your mom and brother Zach to Madison Delaware. There, y/n makes a new friend who is a bit of a nerd. Zach and your new ne...
Slappy X Reader by changalio
Slappy X Reader by changalio Fanfiction
The Goosebumps Movie Slappy x Reader! Enjoy or to not to! You being a Big Goosebumps fan was glad you moved...One reason why.. R.L.Stine is a teacher at your new school...
What Scared You As A Child? by GoosebumpsMovie
What Scared You As A Child? by Slappy Takes Over Wattpad Random
The Goosebumps Movie is now available on Blu-ray! To celebrate, we asked some of Wattpad's creepiest creators what scared them most as a child! Was it monsters under the...
Goosebumps 3: Apocalypse  by MariahsMonsters
Goosebumps 3: Apocalypse by Mariah Fanfiction
The Invisible Boy is gone. The Horrors are gone. Annabelle has been freed and reunited with her father once again. Things should be normal now, right? Wrong. When the re...
The InkMaster by ArtMunz
The InkMaster by ArtMunz Fanfiction
R.L. Stine, Zach, Hannah and Champ thought their troubles were over when the book had closed; but the real terrors and dangers were only just getting started. A year had...
Slappy's Master Plan by GoosebumpsMovie
Slappy's Master Plan by Slappy Takes Over Wattpad Teen Fiction
Hey Wattpad, So you all know Goosebumps, right? And R.L Stine? Well I’m Slappy. I am the real mastermind, and on October 16th, it will be my turn to tell a story. It’s...
Goosebumps Trivia by GoosebumpsMovie
Goosebumps Trivia by Slappy Takes Over Wattpad Non-Fiction
Greetings Wattpad, Think you're the ultimate Goosebumps fan? Come play a game with me. I'll be posting some TERRIFYING trivia everyday leading up to The Goosebumps Mov...
Ask/Dare Slappy and The Goosebumps Crew! by KQuin17
Ask/Dare Slappy and The Goosebumps... by Katherine Quinn Random
Hey everybody,it's Katherine! I've got the Goosebumps Movie cast here, and they decided to let you ask/dare them...ANYTHING you want! Have fuun! :3
Wally's Revenge by SardonyxGem123
Wally's Revenge by Sards Fanfiction
Ever since Slappy's plans for revenge against Stine failed, his older brother, Wally Wood, has laughed at him saying that he could do better than his brother. Slappy dar...