dolan twin imagines by grvnts
dolan twin imaginesby ‏ً
if you've ever heard the term "you don't have a chance with them" well fuck whoever said that, they're wrong. you're dating them in this book. @grvnts 2016©
  • graysonbaileydolan
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Fireflies // Daniel Seavey by StoriesToTellx
Fireflies // Daniel Seaveyby StoriesToTellx
Time flies and you grow older, drifting apart from your best friend. But when you suddenly bump into each other many years later, do sparks fly? Or is it just all in yo...
  • fandom
  • adventure
  • limelight
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Prisoner ➳ ethan dolan by dolanethxn
Prisoner ➳ ethan dolanby ツ
re-upload of prisoner. written out. • all rights and credits to original owner ( oreolovinq ) •
  • fanfiction
  • oreolovinq
  • dolans
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One Direction Preferences by CaitlinNicoleee
One Direction Preferencesby Caitlin
A collection of 1D Preferences :))))
  • 1dlove
  • fandom
  • 1dfandom
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Reader Imagines by Kara_Song
Reader Imaginesby Kara
A bunch of Character x Reader oneshots. Doesn't have to be characters, though. Want YouTubers or celebrities? You got it! [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED]
  • xreader
  • characterxreader
  • fandom
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Loath and Love ~Philip Hamilton X Reader~ by BarneyAintADinosaur
Loath and Love ~Philip Hamilton Cringe Writer
An arranged marriage between a Burr and a Hamilton as a peace treaty between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. What could go wrong? Many things. Y/N Burr does not like...
  • fandom
  • hamiltontheamericanmusical
  • xreader
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words I didn't say - daniel seavey by sentyouflowers
words I didn't say - daniel seaveyby becca luvs ashton
SEQUEL TO 'SOMETHING DIFFERENT' - 'there is no me without you and you don't realize what you're missing'
  • daniel
  • fan
  • cute
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Richie Tozier Imagines And Preferences  by BobNewbySuperhero
Richie Tozier Imagines And @l3x@
Highest Rank- #96 in fanfiction ~Trigger Warning ~No smut (that's gross) ~Swearing ~TYPICAL TOZIER STUFF <3 enjoy
  • chosenjacobs
  • romance
  • jaedenlieberher
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Adopted Without a Sin by GoldenWingchester
Adopted Without a Sinby Echo Win(g)chester
Lafayette is a 12 year old girl who spent most of her life in an orphanage. Her mom, a single mom of 4 children, including herself the youngest, struggled in a small, 3...
  • friendship
  • fanfiction
  • cuteness
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Thomas Sangster/ Newt Imagines by theywillburnwithus
Thomas Sangster/ Newt Imaginesby cara x
THOMAS SANGSTER/NEWT X READER IMAGINES, SHORT FANFICS AND PREFRENCES Warning: Contains Violence, Trigger Warnings, Swearing, Smut, etc. And is not advised for young chil...
  • dylanobrien
  • thomasbrodiesangster
  • tmr
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Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus) by ThePearlOfTheSea
Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus)by ThePearlOfTheSea
Everyone gets a tattoo on their upper arm, right below their shoulder. It just appears there one day, and doesn't go away. Each person's tattoo has symbols that represen...
  • hoo
  • tratie
  • percyjackson
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Hot & Bothered (Jared Leto Fanfiction) by JustAnotherSmut
Hot & Bothered (Jared Leto JustAnotherSmut
[MATURE WARNING 18+] You are hired as a camerawoman to capture Jared Leto's life for a new documentary, and things get out of hand very quickly when emotions and lust ar...
  • jaredletofanfiction
  • 30secondstomars
  • smuttyfanfic
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Mr Mendes by Simpleshawnm
Mr Mendesby Simpleshawnm
❤️❤️❤️ There's always this opportunity to fall in love with your teacher, but nobody wouldn't. Because most of the teachers are old and ugly, but then you have this smal...
  • fanfiction
  • mendesarmy
  • shawn
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Book Quotes by plusdanshiii
Book Quotesby zzz
The best quotes from the best books. [I don't own the quotes or the books. Copyrights go to the authors.] [May contain spoilers] Cover: by Ekaterina Panikanova
  • booknerd
  • nerdfighter
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roommates / f.wolfhard + reader ♡ by -nesquickbbboy
roommates / f.wolfhard + reader ♡by dip-shit!
Y/N shares a dorm with her ex Started ~ 11/27/17 Ended ~ 12/29/17 Highest Rank: 98 in Random
  • finnwolfhardofficial
  • calebmclaughlin
  • fandom
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The Maze Runner: One-Shots by Bahugalabug
The Maze Runner: One-Shotsby Bahugalabug
One-shots for characters in the Maze Runner series. Most will be of Newt as per request. Some of Thomas, Minho, and Gally. I don't do smut, but feel free to request a cl...
  • romance
  • love
  • newtxreader
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Why Don't We imagines  by wdwcookiies
Why Don't We imagines by Mia 🖤
Why Don't We imagines Just a bunch of imagines a girl can only dream of
  • jonahmarais
  • wdw
  • fanfiction
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DEH PICS by foxylover1234567890
DEH PICSby Squipy🏳️‍🌈
  • pictures
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percabeth at goode ; pjo/hoo by violetharmcn
percabeth at goode ; pjo/hooby agnes
❝Myself and Mr D have decided to send you to High School. Specifically Goode High School. Percy's High School.❞ ❝We're going to Goode?❞ ❝Yes.❞ ©violetharmcn 2015
  • demigod
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usernames | ideas by cosmicbaek
usernames | ideasby c & b
username ideas by yours truly. requests are closed. i'm catching up. ▬▬▬▬▬ COPYRIGHT © 2016, 02MILK ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  • ideas
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