Shot on Goal by winx1348
Shot on Goalby emma rose
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky Working as a bartender was never what Joelle Morrow envisioned herself doing at 24. She thought sh...
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Instagram • c.h by OndreaJane
Instagram • c.hby ♡
•CalumHood replied to your message•
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The Strategy To Become Good At Magic by freakishreader987
The Strategy To Become Good At Mag...by Dreamer
Sue Lin, the protagonist, gets teleported to the online gaming world she's playing in, reverting back to 4 years old. Watch her cause mayhem in that world! (This is a ca...
  • transmigration
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  • reincarnation
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incubus by trevortni
incubusby Omega
Again I felt those soft lips on my own and does deep dark blue stormy eyes staring at me " Iris you know I love you right" the man with the stormy eyes and lon...
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When I Fall in Love Again... ||#Watty's2017|| (ON-GOING) by Queen_Of_Dreamer
When I Fall in Love Again... ||#Wa...by Lady_dreamer✨
Paano kung lagi kang nasasaktan? Paano kung lagi kang sinasaktan? Paano kung sawa kana? Paano kung NAGSASAWA KANA? Eto pa... Paano kung umasa ka? Hind...
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dreamer ☾phan by constellaphans
dreamer ☾phanby suɐɥdɐllǝʇsuoɔ 🌷
❝ is this the real life? is this just fantasy? ❞ - in which dans reality is falling out of place and phil is trying to put it back into place. dan is depressed and has...
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Dreamer //Max and Harvey by MaryamAhmed333
Dreamer //Max and Harveyby Riley Winterelle
"I love you Courtney Adams." He smiled, his eyes glistening up at me. I smirked back and squinted through the sunlight. "Prove it. Tell the whole world yo...
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Beyond The Stars | Ongoing ✍🏻 by BluePandawrites
Beyond The Stars | Ongoing ✍🏻by ⭐️ Ryzza ⭐️
Everyone has a dream, I think and truth that I seek. I am a believer, the one that goes to achieve and acts one who stands and make their dream come true. Love and passi...
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Kiss it all better // jylan by Tobythewritter
Kiss it all better // jylanby Toby Johnson
it's not easy to come to grip when someone you love dies so when Jackson moved to Dylan's school he doesn't adjust very well. But when he sees Dylan he is confused.
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The Last Librarian  by Octopus_Uprising
The Last Librarian by m i r a n d a
In a world where imagination isn't only frowned upon, but illegal, someone must safeguard the very thing that keeps dreams alive: books. For over 60 years Constance has...
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Cross Entertainment [ OPEN ]  by artsandmusic6
Cross Entertainment [ OPEN ] by boss
Cross Entertainment (Hangul: 크로스 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company that was founded by CEO Kim Min-Seo. the label is said to near the top three in ranking...
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18: Lauren's Dream Team by StoryDreamer98
18: Lauren's Dream Teamby ストーリードリーマ98
Lauren has always been a dreamer. She daydreams whenever she can, and is always using her imagination. One night, she gets transported to Dreamscape Enterprises, an inte...
  • adventure
  • team
  • whimsy
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Chaotic Darkness • A. S. |THE GIFTED|  •   by gabymoyetonez
Chaotic Darkness • A. S. |THE GIFT...by Stepford Cuckoo's
"I'll cut your balls off, John Proudstar." "Hey, please don't! I'll listen to you more often, I swear; just please don't do it." "Too late, bitc...
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Alphabetical Death(REVISING) by JajaxJMA
Alphabetical Death(REVISING)by JMA
A,B,C,D,E,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y And Zena. Alphabet of Death yung dati nyang name but i change kasi may ka title. /troll
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Dreamer//Daniel Seavey *COMPLETED* ✓ by kweenbagels
Dreamer//Daniel Seavey *COMPLETED*...by Flamingos Eat Carrots Too
[dreamer: (noun) A person who visions their ambitions to plant the seeds of the future; Dreams are realities in waiting] ★♛★ Created: 19/3/2018 Text copyright© 2018
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Heartless Husband - English Version by hitamips
Heartless Husband - English Versionby Dalerian
In general, everyone must be has a mistake in life. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, because of others or because of yourself. No man escapes that mistake, p...
  • mrskhan
  • bestcouple
  • kajol
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Diary ng NBSB by xolovesRizza
Diary ng NBSBby xolovesRizza
"walang Forever" sabi ng mga bitter diyan "No is not over" sabi ng mga manloloko diyan "Don't love if you know you get hurt" yan ang sabi k...
  • owwsic
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Impulse × The Gifted by wickedbish
Impulse × The Giftedby Bitch-Craft
❝Mutant and proud.❞ MARVELS THE GIFTED | SEASON ONE [All rights reserved © 2018 Wickedbish]
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"الطريق الصعب" by Ak_62145
"الطريق الصعب"by Amina Khan
{Altariq alsaeb} Mushkil Rasta" Hala'k humare paas Sirat al mustaqim Ik seedha rasta hai lekin jise shyd hum khud apny lie mushkil raasta bna dety hain, kbhi rasta...
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DARK LOVE by AnishaMeena
DARK LOVEby Dreamer_love
As you both fell.... There stood Clarissa at the door. You both staring at eachother while Clarissa glared at both of you. She claps and yell,"you said you have no...
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