Apex Predator (Chronicle Fan fiction) by ghostreader123
Apex Predator (Chronicle Fan ghostreader123
Andrew lives... A Chronicle Fanfiction
  • movie
  • telekinesis
  • powers
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We Got trapped in Area-51 [Starco] by Fan-of-Svtfoe
We Got trapped in Area-51 [Starco]by Fan-of-Svtfoe
[COMPLETED] Star & Marco and their class mates went to Nevada for a field trip, they got trapped/or manage to get stuck in Area-51. The "boss" wanted to make a...
  • starco
  • trapped
  • starxmarco
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Conspiracy Theories [COMPLETED] Watty's 2016 by aaveryelizabeth
Conspiracy Theories [COMPLETED] ♡•Avery Who?•♡
By no means are these real, they could be completely false, but I found them fascinating, and a little creepy. Some are scarier than others, but they all are weird in th...
  • illuminati
  • theparenttrap
  • berensteinbears
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Area 51 by nickeynospaces
Area 51by Nickey
Alexis and Mark have been best friends since they started investigating the disappearance of Mark's neighbor, Terry and his family. But in the small town of Lilery, Neva...
  • time
  • area51
  • unfinished
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WHO ARE WE? Dragons or People? (Genesis) by diamondback3
WHO ARE WE? Dragons or People? ( Alex
We all know the Government keeps secrets, and most of them have a reason to be just that, secrets. I am part of a military unit, but not your average run of the mill sol...
  • assassination
  • military
  • teen
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One in A Thousand by TheStrangerIAm
One in A Thousandby TheStrangerIAm
There's one in a thousand around the world.... So there's is a lot of them but there's a few of them! Some are hidden, Some are found, And some are shining... They are n...
  • neptune
  • powers
  • jupiter
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The Inevitable Half [ON HOLD] by zilahsina
The Inevitable Half [ON HOLD]by Anisha Liz Thomas
"Violators will vanish without a trace." I never thought I'd catch myself reading those words. And never had I ever considered coming here on my own... as a bu...
  • starchild
  • theotherhalfofus
  • mystery
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Area Fifty..Something.. by bruhitsL2346
Area bruhitsL2346
A story about a 18 year old boy who gets stuck into a place he's never seen or heard of before...he's never gonna escape on his own with monsters lurking around the area...
  • anotheruniverse
  • endofworld
  • killer
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Alien Abduction by SipherS
Alien Abductionby SipherS
will i survive? why am i here? where am i? what will happen to me? read to find out, HELP ME NOW!!!.....Please
  • extratresteral
  • firststory
  • alien
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SECRET Project: X0-7 by Antarctica04
SECRET Project: X0-7by Night walkers
when a undead experiment created in area 51 escapes to a small town SWAT will try to get him before he... gets a new life? hey this is fake why would they not let him ge...
  • highschool
  • ranoutoftags
  • newlife
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I'm a spy......... But now I'm a cheerleader by livlovlavender
I'm a spy......... But now I'm a livlovlavender
Kennedy Sparks is a secret agent for Area 51, and also has the power to store energy and use it in power bursts. And now she's on her lastest mission- protecting Iris Ca...
  • spy
  • cheerleader
  • girly
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Area 51 by WritingNerd13
Area 51by Morgan
Alexandra Henson goes walking on an 'adventure' and gets pulled into the biggest adventure of her galaxy. Caleb has been locked up in a cell for years. He's pretended n...
  • sciencefiction
  • planets
  • galaxy
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Area-51  by AlexMarker2
Area-51 by Alien-theory
these are my opinions and theory's on the on going mystery of Area 51...
  • aliens
  • area51
  • sciencefiction
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Area 51 And More...  by AndyYee_emotrash
Area 51 And More... by Andy Edgar Jane Clarke
Razer has lived a nice life with her gang in the Zoo, nothing super extraordinary has happened, and that's the way they like it. But when the annual Gangery comes around...
  • aliens
  • gangs
  • creatures
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Area 51 by BlytheShelton
Area 51by Blythe Lily Shelton
Tamara Holcomb never had the ordinary childhood she always wanted, being raised in the undercover cult known as GSI or Government Secret Inquirers. The life her parents...
  • secret
  • spy
  • cult
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Earth by xXOrchaDorkXx
Earthby xXOrchaDorkXx
We thought we were alone in this galaxy We weren't this whole time. There were people before us. They aren't the aliens we are. They're called the Porriemms (Poręę.umms...
  • romance
  • earth
  • area51
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The End Is Here by latnok
The End Is Hereby Paapa
"Oh shit."Major screamed at aide. "Get me the freakin' president. The Russians, Chinese,... They've all launched their nukes." The Russians, Chinese...
  • destiny
  • adventure
  • electromagnetism
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Moon Secrets by Awesomeness900075
Moon Secretsby Awesomness900075
There is more behind the werewolf legend than meets the eye... Maia Brooks had normal life. Great school, great friend, and the best mom in the universe. But that all ch...
  • hunters
  • area51
  • werewolf
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Lies by ellie_hi
Liesby ellie_hi
Kat Morgan's father was murdered when she was only six years old. Now she is 15, she wants to learn more about him. Except, on the anniversary of his death, she discover...
  • thriller
  • area51
  • lies
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