Secrets Volume 3 by xxakanexx
Secrets Volume 3 by Cher
Deepest. Darkest. Juiciest.
  • emilio
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(8) Soft Slave [END] by chansooexolife
(8) Soft Slave [END] by chansoo exo 🔞
-Chansoo- SEMUA PART DI PRIVATE (21++) , AKAN MUNCUL DAN DAPAT DIBACA JIKA KALIAN FOLLOW AKUN INI..... in this room in this bed just as long as im feeling this way i can...
  • love
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Cara by AliciaMarino
Cara by Alicia
Sophie Marin is finally free. Living under a false identity, she's fled to Madrid, to live out the rest of her life on her own terms. Everything should be perfect. And...
  • steamy
  • spain
  • love
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Potterphilia | Sirius Black by kmbell92
Potterphilia | Sirius Black by K.M. Bell
"Never saw one without the other" was the perfect saying to describe the relationship between James Potter and his best friend, Sirius Black. "He loved...
  • peterpettigrew
  • deaf
  • boyxboy
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Southside Baddie by sweetpeasbabygirl
Southside Baddie by sweetpeasbabygirl
In which a Southside serpent named Sweet Pea falls for the new bad ass Southside Serpent. { Riverdale Season 2 - } { Sweet Pea X OC }
  • riverdale
  • southside
  • sweetpea
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Ta đến từ thế giới song song - Tây Tây Đặc by xavienconvert
Ta đến từ thế giới song song - Tây... by Xà Viện
Tấn giang kim bài đề cử VIP2017-11-19 kết thúc Văn vẻ tích phân: 829,461,440 Hiện đại - Phá án - 1×1 - HE Văn án Cao Nhiên nịch thủy bỏ mình, từ song song thế giới trong...
  • s-hiện-đại
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Through Luna Eyes by deformedheart
Through Luna Eyes by deformedheart
~~**BOOK 2**~~ Koran is fatally wounded and Angelius is gone. Trivium now faces the biggest challenge yet. What happened? Where is she? Will they be reunited?
  • throughalphaeyes
  • luna
  • alpha
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Arshi SS - His Mistake by -Zesty-
Arshi SS - His Mistake by Z
Wounded by Arnav's hurtful words, Khushi takes a drastic step. Will Arnav get a chance to fix his mistake, or is it too late?
  • ipkknd
  • arshi
  • isspyaarkokyanaamdoon
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Lowkey  by issaminaj
Lowkey by irene 🌻
Everything you told me...was a lie. How am i supposed to trust you?
  • lifeofastar
  • troubleinparadise
  • nickiminaj
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Sex with my Brother  by charinglot
Sex with my Brother by charlot
bawal bata dito pero dahil malibog ka sige basahin mo pero wag mong pagsisisihan na binasa mo to
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • spg
Mỗi ngày nhân vật chính thổ huyết tam thăng - Thiên Kiều Đế Hạ Thuyết Thư Đích by xavienconvert
Mỗi ngày nhân vật chính thổ huyết... by Xà Viện
Tấn giang VIP2017. 11. 19 kết thúc Văn vẻ tích phân: 185,277,616 Cổ đại - Tu tiên - 1×1 - HE Văn án Lý Tu Viễn chính là tại xếp hàng chờ đầu thai, ai ngờ lại đỉnh lịch k...
  • s-cổ-đại
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almighty || aquaman  by pigeonseb
almighty || aquaman by pigeonseb
based on || justice league in which a metahuman meets an atlantean disclaimer || i do not own the DCEU and it's cast, however I do own my original character and her plot
  • aquaman
  • justiceleague
  • jasonmomoa
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Brothers Best Friend 🙊 by jonahsjawline
Brothers Best Friend 🙊 by 💜🙏
Your big brother Jonah Marais is in a band called Why Don't We. Ever since you were younger you've always wanted to be a professional photographer. Jonah said while they...
  • zachherron
  • corbynbesson
  • whydontwe
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Unless You Love Me by HiddenWriter1973
Unless You Love Me by HIDDEN
Mir Na normal hayatta fazlasıyla uslu bir kız olmasına rağmen, içten içe abisinin en yakın arkadaşı Yoongi'ye aşıktır. Gizliden gizliye ona mesaj atar ve duygularını aça...
  • bts
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Problem List by kpgcatlover
Problem List by kpgcatlover
"I don't chase many girls, at least, not more than one at a time," he says mysteriously, only heightening my curiosity. "But when I do have a girl to chas...
  • novel
  • romance
  • teen
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Genesis | BWWM by maizedup
Genesis | BWWM by -NEWRULES-
Being a high school student is very stressful. Struggling to keep a roof over your head or helping your sick little brother out is not what a teenager wants to do but Am...
  • whiteguy
  • wmbw
  • bwwm
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Arttastic World 13 by Lartspoon
Arttastic World 13 by heck
cheers ill drink to that, bro
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Bowers gang preferences  by castaway_banshee
Bowers gang preferences by ♡ Z ♡
pretty much what the title says :)
  • imagines
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  • loganthompson
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Camila Jauregui (kidfic)  by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Camila Jauregui (kidfic) by ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️
Sequel to 'Miss Jauregui'
  • fifthharmomykidfic
  • camilaandlauren
  • kidfic
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you're a jerk ➙ jenzie by lenzieisreal
you're a jerk ➙ jenzie by kie <3
•completed• i fell in love with my enemy.
  • jenzie
  • dancemoms
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