Forever Young → 80s & 90s gif series  by EddiesKaspbraks
Forever Young → 80s & 90s gif seri... by ❝Gabby❞ Fanfiction
❝forever young, I want to be forever young❞
It Imagines by badboycarl
It Imagines by you'll float too🎈 Fanfiction
Welcome to the Losers Club, asshole🎈 Richie Tozier👓 "Do you need to be a virgin to see this fucking clown?" Henry Bowers🔪 "I'll kill you, you little fu...
80s/90s Face Claims by timidlila
80s/90s Face Claims by lila Random
In which I give you face claims for your stories. [highest ranking: #660 in random]
80s/90s Preferences & Imagines by timidlila
80s/90s Preferences & Imagines by lila Fanfiction
In which I write preferences and imagines for the eighties and nineties.
au revoir. (         stranger things        ) by wonderfuls-
au revoir. ( stranger thin... by aly! Fanfiction
"she's fire and ice you'll fear the cold and crave the burn." in which a small town gets thrown into the world of the supernatural. ( mike wheeler x oc ) ( str...
Forever (Michael Jackson) by izziebe123
Forever (Michael Jackson) by izzie Fanfiction
Michael Jackson and Madeline Winters met one summer day in 1970, instantly beginning a lifetime of friendship. As children, they became inseparable, and they soon establ...
1979 ◊ 80s Imagines by motelshrimp
1979 ◊ 80s Imagines by ‹ meagan › Fanfiction
ayye 80s imagines [Imagines are open]
Hold On ➢Johnny Cade by -hotcheetoss
Hold On ➢Johnny Cade by beep beep Fanfiction
❛❛ sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. ❜❜ ➼➼➼ in which a boy is a girl's very reason to hold onto dear life.
"The one question stayin on my mind; why you keep playing with my heart" [Richie Tozier 2017]
80S AND 90S PLOT SHOP by coreyhaim
80S AND 90S PLOT SHOP by -ˏˋblakeˎˊ- Random
a book filled with story ideas & helpful tips!
When You Get Back by Thugnificent632
When You Get Back by Stinkmeaner Romance
star-crossed lovers definition Lovers whose relationship is doomed to fail are said to be "star-crossed" (frustrated by the stars). New cover by @jcdeci Go fo...
The Outsiders Imagines by OkayGrethan
The Outsiders Imagines by Hellloooo <3 Fanfiction
Imagines with all of the boys from The Outsiders.
Into The Woods » Stranger Things (m.w) (ON HIATUS) by pastelxchild
Into The Woods » Stranger Things (... by o Fanfiction
"The feeling of warmth and shakiness and emptiness fluttering all at the same time. It was so... odd." Grace Knightwood never liked to follow rules. Especially...
80's and 90's Imagines  by kiefxr
80's and 90's Imagines by Rider☁ Fanfiction
80's/90's imagines with a few other decades and characters thrown in :)
Look After You // River Phoenix by riverific
Look After You // River Phoenix by — dan ღ Teen Fiction
❝I came back to save your life, but it seems as if you're the one who saved mine.❞ In which a girl goes back in time to save a very famous icon of a generation & ends up...
80s Imagines by SweetlyVintage
80s Imagines by Livi Fanfiction
Just a bunch of stories of your favorite 80s heartthrobs. Some are of just the actor, others are of their roles. I'll happily take requests and I hope you enjoy♡
That's What I Said • 80s & 90s by fredisawsome
That's What I Said • 80s & 90s by LEO Random
[GIF SERIES] • A collection of gifs from the 80's and 90's • "Goonies never say die!" I do not own any of the gifs not my template
Thorn • Scott Summers by nietzschesandcream
Thorn • Scott Summers by rooney Fanfiction
"I almost killed a guy and destroyed the ceiling in my school bathroom once." "I punched a boy in the face when I was eight because he was talking to me...
HOW TO FANFICTION. by babydrivers
HOW TO FANFICTION. by chloe! Fanfiction
"the dos and donts of fanfiction"
MBFB3: Dear Diary (Bill Skarsgard) by AlekasBae
MBFB3: Dear Diary (Bill Skarsgard) by Lana P. Bottom Fanfiction
Book #3 (( ft. River Phoenix)) Sol's point of view. Life on famous parents, her high school crush, and life as it is now.