Instagram | A.I by skatesgucci
Instagram | A.I by femke Fanfiction
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Instagram 2 | A.I by skatesgucci
Instagram 2 | A.I by femke Fanfiction
ashtonirwin send you a dm. ashtonirwin: i miss you sequel to instagram | a.i
dentist ⇒ luke hemmings by theaesthete
dentist ⇒ luke hemmings by #7 Fanfiction
❝I asked you to open your mouth, love. Not your legs.❞ - In which Blue gets driven into a sexually intimate relationship with her new orthodontist.
Shawn Mendes Imagines by --riverphoenix
Shawn Mendes Imagines by ˗ˏˋ lo ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
Imagines for the one and only Shawn Mendes. ♡ ------ All rights reserved @-Schistad 2015 [Number #90 in fanfiction 12-25-16]
muke one shots: vol. 2 by blackveilmuke
muke one shots: vol. 2 by bvm Fanfiction
my second book of muke one shots
Control The Beat ((Book #1)) by CailinSpraoi
Control The Beat ((Book #1)) by Cailín™ Humor
[A Wattpad Featured Story] May Riley was trouble. Her parents knew it, her friends knew it, hell even she knew it! They all said she cared about nothing. That she...
99 skinny (rewritten) // adopted by 5sos by mrcalibu
99 skinny (rewritten) // adopted b... by love yourself 🌷 Fanfiction
In which a young girl finds the love and support she never had in a group of young boys. warning: involves serious topics like suicide, eating disorders & self harm !! r...
Princess - lrh by illicitluke
Princess - lrh by elle Fanfiction
hailey dawson has a problem. a major problem. she can't stop fantasizing about a man. a man she can't have, ever. her stepfather. ♡ ♡ ♡ - Warning: Slight age gap, daddy...
Snapchat & Instagram//l.r.h. by blakehjones
Snapchat & Instagram//l.r.h. by 🖤Blake Jones🖤 Fanfiction
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5 Seconds of Summer Preferences 2.0 by Bananashemmo
5 Seconds of Summer Preferences 2.0 by (• ◡•) Fanfiction
This is my second preferences book! A collection of all the preferences I've written about the lovely fellas from 5 Seconds Of Summer ツ Enjoy and happy reading x Best...
instagram | c.h. by rockyscactus
instagram | c.h. by e 🍑 Fanfiction
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20 Ways To Kill Yourself ➳ Bullied By 5SOS by livinthemomentx
20 Ways To Kill Yourself ➳ Bullied... by 👌 Fanfiction
"Why don't you just do everyone a favour and go kill yourself?" "You know what, I think I will." Tonight everyone will get their wish beca...
choose | luke hemmings by abstractstyles
choose | luke hemmings by cass Fanfiction
"It's you, May. You're what I want forever." achievements: #1 in fanfiction
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Awards {CLOSED- JUDGING} by SmuttyPariah
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Award... by Smutty Pariah Random
{Closed to new entries; judges always welcome to apply.} Do you write real person fiction? These are the awards for you! Musicians, actors, youtubers, athletes- all...
Cuidándolos Por Accidente © by CrazzyNutellaaa
Cuidándolos Por Accidente © by — My Pack🐺 Fanfiction
| En proceso, pero esta bajo edición | ¿Qué puede salir mal al cuidarlos? ❝¡Ay, no! -exclamó, caminando de un lado a otro.❞ ❝No es para tanto -los chicos le restaron im...
Celebrity Transformations by Impeached
Celebrity Transformations by Online ツ Random
Before and after photos of your favorite celebrities |A multimedia book|
instagram • mgc  by laurenaulds
instagram • mgc by laur Fanfiction
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Skirts ♧ L.H by guccidluke
Skirts ♧ L.H by Alo🦄 Fanfiction
"Thank you Daddy" *In which a 21 year old man is interested with a girl that works at the diner he visits everyday* WARNING: Age-gap, Daddy kink, smut Thanks t...
wrong number - 5sos by suhbee
wrong number - 5sos by isabella♡ Fanfiction
'ashton; you absolute cockwank that's not dave' - in which the wrong number is added to the groupchat which holds four very goofy boys.
Agree or Disagree: 5sos by homosos
Agree or Disagree: 5sos by ans Random
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