The sword and shield of humanity. A Spartan reader x rwby. story.  by SpartanII25
The sword and shield of humanity...by Spartan II commando
The real defenders of humanity are the legendary Spartans that fought during the human covenant war and now a new battle awaits for 2 Spartans as these are known as the...
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Spartans Never Die (Halo based) by Spartan_Steele
Spartans Never Die (Halo based)by Spartan Steele 118
Senior Chief 118 has just saved their planet Atrius, barely escaping from death via Nuclear bomb that Petty officer Kyle detonated. They nearly lost 118, and Kyle was pr...
  • spartans
  • game
  • sci-fi
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Halo: Deathsquads  by chris_hartley
Halo: Deathsquads by Symn
A battle hardened ODST veteran recalls his career against the Insurrection and the alien race now known as the Covenant (NOTE: Although this is technically fanfiction be...
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