Jared Leto fanfiction♡ by bebleto
Social Media ♬J.Leto  by FifteyShadesofDylan
Social Media ♬J.Leto by FifteyShadesofDylan Fanfiction
pissychrissy: @parkxdiamonds was drooling over the joker in all of his scenes parkxdiamond: @pissychrissy shut up! No I wasn't! princessnia: Please @parkxdiamond you kep...
Bullet From A Gun (Criminal Minds) by SunStorm
Bullet From A Gun (Criminal Minds) by Connie Fanfiction
Six years ago, the BAU team watched their youngest member fall apart, and now as he grows secretive and distant again, they start to think the worse. Their suspicions ge...
Roadies  by Perfect_read21
Roadies by Shirlcrow Fanfiction
I let out a frustrated growl, punching the wall. How dare he!? "Are you alright?" I look over, stunned to hear another voice. "Jared?" I sigh, my ang...
the kill // will graham by madsisdaddy_
the kill // will graham by MADS IS DADDY Fanfiction
come break me down bury me bury me i am finished with you. 'i thought i was okay, i thought that if i was to ignore....this' will said pointing up to his mind. 'if i w...
Home for Christmas • {Shannon Leto} by elijah-mikaelsons
Home for Christmas • {Shannon Leto} by •b r i t t a n y• Fanfiction
Zane Weston reluctantly comes home for Christmas. Accidentally, she ends up reconnecting with the person she hated the most in high school. To her surprise, he seems t...
Jared Leto One Shots // {REQUESTS OPEN} by mrscloe2579
JARED Leto Imagines  by falleR5
JARED Leto Imagines by FalleR5 Fanfiction
My Jared Leto Imagines. I'll just post once in a while when I have random ideas. You can read my Jared Fanfiction, it's on my profile and it's called: "Valentina&qu...
Livre Fictif // Jared Leto by maggotzombie
Livre Fictif // Jared Leto by homicidal queen Fanfiction
Compilation of stories from requests and disconnected ideas of fanfictions. It will not be updated frequently and may or may not have smut, therefore each chapter will h...
Bedtime Stories by Scaramouche_Leto
Bedtime Stories by Scaramouche_Leto Fanfiction
Little bedtime stories about 30 Seconds To Mars members, Jared, Shannon and Tomo. I started to make them for Instagram, then, I decided to post here too. Just fantasy an...
Jared leto Imagines by Xox_Cat_xoX
Jared leto Imagines by 💗Cat💗 Fanfiction
I'm a Jared fangirl so why not create some imagines that we all can enjoy
Hurricane • {Shannon Leto} by elijah-mikaelsons
Hurricane • {Shannon Leto} by •b r i t t a n y• Fanfiction
There isn't anything better than the first few hits of the drums at a rock show. That shit's basically scientific fact. Nothing will make you feel more alive, more empow...
Jared Leto Fanfic♡ by weluvz
Jared Leto Fanfic♡ by Fanfics & Imagines ♡ Fanfiction
Reader + Jared Leto Love story WARNING- Possibly Smut - Definitely Cute ♡
Into the Light  •  [Jared Leto] by JohannaTheFanGirl
Into the Light • [Jared Leto] by Leia Starkiller Fanfiction
Inspired by the delusional daydreams of a teenage girl. Meant to be short and sweet. Cliché, full of fluff and unrealistic. Written with heart and soul. Enjoy! Story by...
Closer to the Edge • {Shannon & Jared Leto} by elijah-mikaelsons
Closer to the Edge • {Shannon & Ja... by •b r i t t a n y• Fanfiction
Natalia Evans is Thirty Seconds to Mars' new tour manager. Going into it, she has no idea who they even are. The longer she's around the wonderful funny Leto brothers, t...
Hotline Fling || Jargot  #Wattys2017 by artfuhlly
Hotline Fling || Jargot #Wattys20... by J Fanfiction
【 A Jargot Fanfiction 】A.U Original story by artfuhlly It was Just a typical & Boring day at work on a call center for Queenie Miller, until David made a call that chan...
30 seconds to mars imagines/preferences  by NiWolfie
30 seconds to mars imagines/prefer... by Cutiepie Ni Fanfiction
the name say all soo yeah imagines about tomo Shannon and Jared enjoy 💜
PROVEHITO IN ALTUM by trippygroupie
PROVEHITO IN ALTUM by ✺ luna stardust ✺ Random
Somehow, Raena managed to get stuck on tour with one of her favorite bands, 30 Seconds To Mars. As they get to know each other better, she is able to see different aspec...
A WARM HEART by Ldgobssesive
A WARM HEART by Lisa Fanfiction
A Jared Leto story.
Double Take ~Jared Leto Fanfiction~BREAK  by FREAKGIRLMIXZ
Double Take ~Jared Leto Fanfiction... by KATIE ROSE 🖤 Fanfiction
Alice Cadwell moved to L. A with her best friend Cece and Derek, after Alice got physically hurt. One day, on the job as a waitress, She took the order of the three amaz...