Mon passé... Je ne m'en souviens pas.... by WhaatTheeFuuck
Mon passé... Je ne m'en souviens p... by Manga-ScanYaoi
Mo Guan Shan à eu un accident quand il était au collège, il y a perdu son père mais aussi quelque souvenir de son passé. Au lycée c'est un peu comme le roi qui fait resp...
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Pregnant at 19 by jenzie_4life
Pregnant at 19 by jenzie_4life
Kenzie and Annie gets pregnant when there 19 . They find it hard to tell there boyfriends and parents! Will their parents understand ? Will their boyfriends leave them...
  • 19
  • mfz
  • annieleblanc
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Mi Amor ;Dillion Juarez  by flavored_writer
Mi Amor ;Dillion Juarez by flavored_writer
She saw him and knew she was drawn to him and he wanted her in every little aspect.....
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  • juarez
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unstoppable » paul abrahamian []ON HOLD[] by PurpleHoundour
unstoppable » paul abrahamian []ON... by purple
Bree Kennedy, a 22 year old girl with a YouTube Channel of over a million subscribers, a dog, a weird personality, and huge passion for the TV show Big Brother. After ye...
  • bb
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roses ↠ s.mendes | ✔︎ by ohmanmendes
roses ↠ s.mendes | ✔︎ by jolly ass hoe 🎅🏼
there he was, laying on his death bed. ❝open the note.❞ he says weakly. i open it, and read it while i have tears streaming down my face. ↯ short story copyright 2017 |...
  • roses
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《Acosador》「19 Days - Mo Guan x He Tian」 by Flirtux
《Acosador》「19 Days - Mo Guan x He... by ♕ Flirtux ♕
Momentos incómodos donde He Tian se comporta como un acosador compulsivo, pero, ¿Como culparlo, si es el mismo Mo, quien lo provoca? ------------------------------ •His...
  • tian
  • hetian
  • moguanshan
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22:19 (#Wattys2017) by abdiel_25
22:19 (#Wattys2017) by abdiel_25
#Wattys2017 •-•-•-• A heavy little conversation. A big weirder. A stranger. A hard whole Conversation. 10:19 Pm strangers. 22:19 Inspired by:The XL Beauty and 23:11 -- S...
  • comedy
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Skater Boy [Park Jihoon] by jieunaaa07
Skater Boy [Park Jihoon] by JubulieYang
"what's your name??" he asked. "jieun, how about you skater boy?" I asked back. "jihoon," "come to the skate park tomorrow, again.&quo...
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Legendární milenci by SoScandalouS34
Legendární milenci by SoScandalouS34
19. století v Itálii nebylo plné pouze válek, bylo plné i lásky. Takové lásky, která byla pro tuto dobu dost neobvyklá a pro některé dokonce i zvrácená. Cover od D...
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insanity  by MYDICC
insanity by ㅤ
  • gaspapa
  • ii
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Happy Birthday Shawn  by mendes_stories01
Happy Birthday Shawn by @mendes_stories01
A Shawn Mendes birthday special ❤️ - Happy 19th birthday Shawn. You're amazing. - @mendes_stories01
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Bad at being good•min yoongi by sugasteaspoon
Bad at being good•min yoongi by sugasteaspoon
•ongoing• Just an art student , doing arty stuff And maybe some other stuff Hmm
  • smuttyfanfic
  • yoongi
  • notholy
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CHANBAEK • My Little Boy +19  by Baek3nini
CHANBAEK • My Little Boy +19 by MinoDaddyGirl💕🍼👅
الاسم : تشانبيك • فتاي الصغير 💗 the name : chanbaek • my little boy 🔥 النوع :bxb ~ +19 ~ لطيف ~ عمل ~ واقعي ~ حب 🌸 عدد الچابترز : حسب التفاعل 🍭 - ملاحظـ ـة :- ما تحب...
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They Don't Know About Us (Big Brother 19) (Paul Abrahamain) by ChloeWeirdness
They Don't Know About Us (Big Brot... by Chloe Weirdness
Courtney Williams, a 23 year old Youtuber, Dancer and Actress that hangs out with David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and Adam Hicks. She loves Big Brother and her dream is to be...
  • bigbrother18
  • paul
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Craving ;Shawn Mendes by flavored_writer
Craving ;Shawn Mendes by flavored_writer
He saved me. Shawn Mendes. He saved me.
  • shawn
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The Blog of Lin!! :D by linmedlain19
The Blog of Lin!! :D by ✦❄❤ⓛⓘⓝ❤❄✦
Hola!! Este es mi hermosho Blog :D Pasa pasa!! Toma tus papitas, tu Coca cola y tu Nutella!! aqui veras estupideces, Momos, Canciones, imagenes, datos, gatos y sobre to...
  • medlain
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Russian Mafia Leader by enunnelly1
Russian Mafia Leader by enunnelly1
•Completed• •Russian Mafia Leader• Malibu Sanchez is a young, 19 year old, Californian girl exploring life. She lives with her Hispanic mother and her 7 year old...
  • mafia
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19 {ModestCube} by theelegantwalrus
19 {ModestCube} by Ellie
Leila Minet had planned a simple life for herself. Leave high school, go to college, becoming world renowned for her documentaries. A single simple - but, nonetheless...
  • realpersonfic
  • mrjoeextreme
  • modestcube
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The Ocean Man!!! /L.S./ by RebeccaMikealson
The Ocean Man!!! /L.S./ by RebeccaMikealson
Louis Tomlinson -mladý modrooký snílek, který věří v tajemná mořská stvoření. Harry Styles - mořská panna sledující modrookého mladíka.
  • nickgrimshaw
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Honey by flavored_writer
Honey by flavored_writer
When I saw you I knew in that instance that you were put on this Earth to fall in love with me and I was put on this earth to fall in love with you........
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