Habits by gleelyfe
Habitsby gleelyfe
Best friends, Cory and Lea both have dangerous pasts. When feelings start to develop for each other and new problems begin to arise, can they manage to stay in love or e...
  • lea
  • michele
  • cory
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The Boxer and I by thefreakoffreaks
The Boxer and Iby Indie
"You save yourself or you remain unsaved." - Alice Sebold. °°° Florence Rosa Brine - this is her story. It's a sad one, to be honest. After all, no one has...
  • cigarettes
  • lily
  • collins
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A Cartel Affair by LindaCCherry
A Cartel Affairby Christie
** Special Note ** This story will be unpublished in January 2017 to be rewritten and will be republished once it is completed. Highest Ranking -- # 1 in General Fic...
  • stephensorganization
  • humor
  • trust
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In Another Life(IG posts) by Kenddyyy_
In Another Life(IG posts)by Killa Kendo
In another life,they're madly deeply inlove with each other and they're very vocal about it on social media especially on instagram. --Some chaps are connected to each o...
  • aga
  • inanotherlife
  • teambabes
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Imperfectly Perfect by leaxxaga
Imperfectly Perfectby abbey
What would you do if the one you love so dearly takes you for granted and doesn't seem to see your worth? Would you stay or would you walk away?
  • teambabes
  • babes
  • agamuhlach
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 انْــتِــقَــام || Z.M by shaimaa_21
انْــتِــقَــام || Z.Mby شٰ
"أنا أَغبَىٰ شَخصٌ بِهذَا العَالَمُ اللَعِين." قَالَ مُطَأطِأً رَأسَهُ بِألمٍ و ندمٍ. "أنتَ لمْ تُذنِبْ! هي كَانَتْ تعلَمُ تَمامَ العِلمِ أَنَّكَ صَدِيقُ...
  • harrystyles
  • dylan
  • seydoux
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ruins➽kylo ren|1| by lostgirl928
ruins➽kylo ren|1|by ::aria sparrows::
zayla shook her head breathing hard, ❝ you are wrong. ❞ she whispered, ❝ this, this is just the beginning of the ruins of you, kylo ren. ❞ [2015-2016] cover credit goes...
  • solo
  • force
  • luke
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Sacrifice Of Love by babesdejaxx
Sacrifice Of Loveby LDJC
This is a story of true love with the right person at the wrong time... #SOLLeAga
  • babes
  • lea
  • bestfriend
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Kingdom Hearts: Book of Oneshots by Lok_the_Nobody
Kingdom Hearts: Book of Oneshotsby Hungry and Tired
Simply a book of oneshots
  • kh
  • readerinsert
  • ventus
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Tres Marias by Kenddyyy_
Tres Mariasby Killa Kendo
Dawn,Vice and Lea are the 'Tres Marias'.They have been bestfriends ever since.They have many ups and downs,they been through pros and cons together and they even live in...
  • marias
  • friendship
  • bestfriend
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Server Girl by partnersin_crime
Server Girlby partnersin_crime
Lea, a not so normal girl with a not so normal life. Her mom is always at work trying to help with bills. Her dad is never around. Lea tries the best she can to take car...
  • home
  • lea
  • problems
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Begin Again by ethereaurora
Begin Againby nova
In which a girl watches a conversation with a complete stranger begin again.
  • texts
  • funny
  • wattys2017
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Instagram (edited) - flamingeos by cdyhbinko
Instagram (edited) - flamingeosby •
basically my other story instagram edited and less cringe!
  • leaelui
  • musically
  • maggielindemann
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Our little secret  by downbeatDylan
Our little secret by Dylan O’Brien🐺❤️
Rachel berry walks into school with her friends only to find out that she has a new history teacher called Mr.Hudson. He's absolutely gorgeous and pretty much every girl...
  • lea
  • gleek
  • finnhudson
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Lea Honor - Ilustrace by LenkaLB
Lea Honor - Ilustraceby LenkaLB
Ilustrace k příběhu Lea Honor: Třpytící se město.
  • ilustrace
  • lea
  • art
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LeAga One Shot Stories by Kenddyyy_
LeAga One Shot Storiesby Killa Kendo
Random LeAga stories that pops out of my head. This is my first try creating a one shot book!Good luck to me.Hope ya'll enjoy.
  • muhlonga
  • babes1995
  • babes
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Mencari tujuan hidup,tetapi siapa prioritas yang Rhahiya butuh kan ?
  • keyra
  • lea
  • sal
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A Daughter's Feeling ( LeAga ) by Glitzyyy_Piggy
A Daughter's Feeling ( LeAga )by cath ?
It's hurt the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today - Allison A Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach Fanfiction. Made b...
  • leaga
  • lea
  • leasalonga
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Beautiful nightmare by chippss
Beautiful nightmareby Loisie
She's fragile yet strong, innocent yet tainted. She is sensitive yet callous, sweet yet stern. "We all do things we thought we can't and we won't. Nothing can stop...
  • agamuhlach
  • beautifulnightmare
  • lea
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Home by LadyAria_
Homeby Aria Stark
Patuloy kong hahanapin ang tahanan na aking hinahanap. Mahanap ko kaya ito? Samahan nyo akong hanapin ang daan tungo sa tahanan na inaasam asam ko. Sabay sabay tayong um...
  • lea
  • isabela
  • muhlach
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