14 Surv1v0rs  by aus2503
14 Surv1v0rs by aus2503
A spaceship crashes on a deserted planet. Fourteen survivors. An alien virus that transforms humans into homicidal alien beings. As banal as that sounds, Jack isn't a...
  • sciencefiction
  • 14
  • crash
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secretly dating my brothers bestfriend by OjibwePrincess
secretly dating my brothers bestfr...by ♡
"I don't date." "Why not?" He asked, and I looked down.. "Because I'm scared.."
  • kimberly
  • weed
  • 16
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Final Fantasy 14 Remastered by FFXIV_Fem_Americ
Final Fantasy 14 Remasteredby Fem Americ
It all started when the first Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn came on in 2013. Then in 2015, Heavensward came out. In 2017 Stormblood came out. Fans from all over the w...
  • ffxiv
  • são
  • arealmreborn
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14 and Pregnant  by Babii_Kodak
14 and Pregnant by Babii_Kodak
Allie is the Sweetest 14 year old girl you could meet...Until She meets Jacob then things go wrong!!!
  • goodgirl
  • decisions
  • smart
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Дневник видеоблогера by kamilla_17
Дневник видеоблогераby kamilla_17
  • блогер
  • настя
  • видео
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by ㅤ
  • 16
  • 18
  • 20
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14 Days - Junhoe iKON - by yeriwolff
14 Days - Junhoe iKON -by yeriwolff
Spending your 14 days with your ex-boyfriend. I hate my life. - Song Hyemi.
  • yunhyeong
  • fanfic
  • chanwoo
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Kik→Trippie redd by fadedbitch
Kik→Trippie reddby x̾a̾n̾s̾&u̾z̾i̾s̾
Will trippie fall in love for Luna? Read the story to found out! ♡
  • 14
  • fanfiction
  • michaelwhite
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Adopted by K&J by KnJlover414
Adopted by K&Jby KnJlover414
Alexis is a 14 year old girl. She lives in an orphanage and has since she was 10. What will happen when two of her favorite YouTubers adopt her?
  • jc
  • family
  • kianandjcfanfic
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roses ; j.b by -justindrew
roses ; j.bby ana
two young individuals and one love.
  • 14
  • justinbieber
  • 16
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SYTYCD prompt by shapingsoundco
SYTYCD promptby Shaping Sounds
Short stories of SYTYCD 14
  • koine
  • lex
  • tylor
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14 day LGBT challenge! by Shanedjh
14 day LGBT challenge!by Shane_is_dead_now
I am taking this challenge!
  • 14
  • challenge
  • lgbt
Young Love || Original Story (On Pause) by HarleyDaytona
Young Love || Original Story (On P...by HarleyDaytona
Leah Adams is a regular 14 year old. Her mom works all day at the clinic doesn't spend much time with her, she often feels lonely and sad at times. She gets bullied by t...
  • asheah
  • lasher
  • leah
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Actor 🎬  // Lincoln Melcher x reader by WheezyMemeMachine
Actor 🎬 // Lincoln Melcher x rea...by Wheezy
You're a 14 year old actress struggling to find a show that you can relate to. You land the role of Tiffany in the show Bunk'd and you start falling for someone. And his...
  • actor
  • melcher
  • 14
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Million Reasons (JhoBea) by aysehaysi
Million Reasons (JhoBea)by bdl x jlm
It's too late.
  • bea
  • jho
  • 15
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Together by Bratayleysummerall
Togetherby Bratayleysummerall
We were always together I love her and I will always love her Sure most people fall in love in high school or in college or In their Twenties..But I fell in love when I...
  • 14
  • fanfiction
  • haydensummerall
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Living Together[JUNG YEIN of Lovelyz] by TheLoverStar
Living Together[JUNG YEIN of Lovel...by Sahly Tuan
Jung Yein was the only child on their family.Despite for being alone since her mom was busy on their business and her dad was already left them.She have this attitude th...
  • loveteam
  • ioi
  • jinji
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Mama by rarayagmur
Mamaby Y.
Just a story. Just read.
  • helpme
  • bad
  • ani
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14&pregnant by a thug by KendallPoulin2
14&pregnant by a thugby Kendall Poulin
this book is about a girl name are who is 12 in 8th grade who go to a party and lies about her age and her drugged see what her mom and dad says
  • thug
  • preganant
  • 14
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The Life of 14 by 21singere
The Life of 14by 21singere
Breath in, Breath out, and Begin: Hi my name is Liz. I am 14, just starting high school, and I have no idea what to do with my life. I'm socially awkward and frankly jus...
  • highschool
  • thelifeof14
  • liz
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