My Baby Daddy Is A Badboy

My Baby Daddy Is A Badboy

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Lianna A💋 By Forever_aloneVEVO Updated May 25, 2017

Turning my head, my eyes locked with the school's bad boy ' Cayden Grey'. Everything about him was so beautiful but mysterious. He had strong sharp features, his eyes were sensuous and radiant like pure diamond with a hint of sky blue, which captured every nerve in my mind. 

His body was firmly built like a knight waiting to rescue me in his strong arms. His cheeks were chiseled like a finely carved Michelangalo statue, his nose was perfectly symmetrical and his lips were slightly full, the kind that end in cute little smirks at the corners...  He  broke hearts, slept with many girls and left them just like that. He dated and cheated on hundreds of girls, breaking their hearts and filling their ears with pure utter lies. 

He didn't care about anyone but himself. He trapped many girls, making them fall for him and making love to them, but he didn't care, he just left them the very next day. This guy can make you feel like the most beautiful girl with his enchanting words and false promises, but they were all lies. This is my story of how I got pregnant by a bad boy..

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xCalixx_ xCalixx_ Jul 20, 2017
Ur were a virgin he's slept with so many girls so ur not one
HollyRRoberts7 HollyRRoberts7 Jul 17, 2017
well if he was using the charming words that she said he used i would think it was love. but you know how guys are now a day nothing but heartless
sarahh_parkeer8797 sarahh_parkeer8797 Aug 11, 2017
Nice story! Would you like to get more readers? :) Then visit this website!
Shanna-Kaye Shanna-Kaye Jun 28, 2017
No matter how naive you are, you should've known where that was going 🤦🏾‍♀️ and y'all ain't "make love" that's just sex
Ok so people make mistakes and this happens to be one made on the daily but if you can't say sex you shouldn't have sex if you don't know the difference between 'making love' and having a one night stand you can't as she put it 'Do the deed' because your not ready
delena0707 delena0707 Aug 12, 2017
*to || lol i have a thing called Grammar (or Grammatical) Pedantry Syndrome. It's a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in which sufferers have the need to correct every grammatical error.