Searching For My Heart

Searching For My Heart

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shalaka sawant By weaver_of_tales Updated 3 days ago

'I don't know how to forget you. I know that you are dangerous. That you are not good for me. But, I can't do anything now. Because now I am in love with a monster. With you.' - Alex 

'Waiting is so hard. But I'll spend as much as time alone as I have to, If that means getting to spend the rest of my life with you.' - Blake 

She was afraid of falling in love. 

He was waiting for his mate. A mate To hold and  to love. He was waiting for a long time and now he was losing hope. 

The moment they met, both of their lives changed. For better or for worse? Time will tell for sure.

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ElliaHartlace ElliaHartlace Nov 06, 2017
This chapter is very interesting. What is a Blake looking for in hos mate
weaver_of_tales weaver_of_tales Aug 31, 2017
                              Thanks for pointing it out.
                              I will correct it in the editing.
earthfirewindwater earthfirewindwater Sep 01, 2017
Hey, this is a really great start! I love how you included both perspectives, but maybe in editing add like "Blake's POV" or something, but other than that it's really good!
IcxnicPrxncess IcxnicPrxncess Nov 19, 2017
                              I think the chapter is a little short. Maybe work on that.
                              When you skipped to the Alpha meeting I found it very confusing. I'd like it if you clarified you're going to the Alpha meeting.
parooxysm parooxysm Aug 30, 2017
again one more error .. its undited  i guess ..  good start tho :)
_animeemo84_ _animeemo84_ Oct 26, 2017
More like a description than a prologue, and it reminds me of Twilight a bit. Not that it's bad though.