With Love (BoyXBoy) [COMPLETE]

With Love (BoyXBoy) [COMPLETE]

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Sean :D By SeanLang Completed

This is a much - darker - take on a crazy love story.  Oliver White and Jacob Andrews have been friends since elementary school, isn't it so cliché?

Let's add the twist. Jacob has an obsessive... quality... towards our helpless Oliver. Meaning Jake has always been in control of him, everyday, every moment, every second. But when Oliver accidentally comes out of the closet to Jake, a whole different side of his friend opens up. A dangerous one.     Please, without further spoiling... take a moment to start reading my new work, With Love.

Step into Oliver's shoes for just an hour and try to keep up with his wild ride as he is torn between what's right and wrong in this fast paced story. Good luck. It's a quick read. :)

(currently undergoing revision, but is still quality!)

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My thoughts would be: "Did this motherfucker take off his shoes before junping on my bed??"
DrizzlingWaffleCum DrizzlingWaffleCum Dec 11, 2016
And nothing clicked for you to be like, "Umm... my friend is being creepy and overly possessive..."
blxckIIbxtch blxckIIbxtch Jun 25, 2016
I'm 5'9 toooooooo❤❤ apparently if i was a boy i would be a "dwarf"...so untrue
calstoes calstoes Jun 04, 2016
Logan Lerman as Ryan Meyers? I hurt myself imagining my shy and awkward baby doing just that. But then again.. Logan Lerman is "casted" in 70% gay story I read. I'm starting to doubt his sexuality 😜😜
LoveMiaMia LoveMiaMia Jul 25, 2016
Ok but the only reason I'm here is because his name is freaking Oli White!! (YouTube anyone)
I was just playing left for dead 2. I know its old, but that game holds a special place in my heart ❤